5 steps to get the law of attraction working in your business

Did you know that we can all use the law of attraction to succeed in business and attract a business we love?

Today I want to share some tips with you to get the law of attraction working in your business.

First the law of attraction basics

The general rule of thumb is that whatever you give your attention to is what you attract into your life WANTED or NOT.

In my experience in my own life and through working with many clients over the years, I would like to encourage you to think of the law of attraction as a helping hand rather than a magic wand.

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So how can you get the law of attraction working in your business?

Well, the truth is, the law of attraction is already working in your business.  Now whether it’s doing what you want it to do or not is a different matter.

The only thing the law of attraction does, it attract to you, that which you are a vibrational match for.

Let’s talk vibes.

Every single moment of your life you are vibrating energy and sending those vibrations (vibes) out into the world and Universe.

Imagine for a moment throwing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples spread across the pond.  

This is pretty much what happens with vibes, but you can’t see them.  You can, however, feel them and so can the people around you.

Have you ever said, or heard “The vibes in this place are amazing!” Maybe when you’ve been at a party or attending a live show.

At that time you would feel fantastic and your own vibes would be really positive (High Vibes)

On the other hand, you might remember a time when you attended a party or a meeting and the vibes were negative (Low).  

Maybe, a party where tensions were running high and there was a sense of danger.  You might say “I don’t like the vibes in here.

Sometimes you may not even be able to describe to anyone else what is making you feel that something is not right.  This is simply because you’re picking up negative vibes.

The way you can monitor your own vibes is by the way you feel (Your emotions)

The more positive you feel, the higher your vibes.  The higher your vibes, the easier it becomes for you to attract the things you want.

The law of attraction responds to 5 things

Over the years I’ve heard many people teach the law of attraction in many different ways.  If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I like to keep things simple and tolerate no fluff.

What I’m going to share with you next is not rocket science.  It’s very simple and when things are simple, there is a tendency for people to think it’s not important or isn’t going to work.

My advice to you is to put importance on this and give it a go.  Make it a part of your life and stick with it.

Small changes taken consistently add up to huge changes.

So what are the 5 things that the law of attraction responds to?

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.

Let’s take a closer look at each in relation to your business.

Your thoughts about your business

Mike Dooley is one of the speakers on the hit movie “The Secret” and a law of attraction teacher.  He is famously known for the saying “Thoughts become things.”

You’re thoughts definitely do play a part in what you attract to you.

Many people have asked me if the law of attraction is simply positive thinking.  It’s not, but it’s a big and important part of it.

If our thoughts are negative, then we feel negative and we start sending out negative vibes.

Now think back to that pebble in the pool that I got you to imagine earlier. Imagine that pebble is a thought, either negative or positive.  

The pebble hits the water and the ripples spread out across the pond, getting bigger and bigger.  

Now imagine as they hit the edge, that energy turns around and comes back to you POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. This is exactly how the law of attraction works.

If you send out negative energy, you set the wheels in motion for negative energy to come back to you in some way.

So let me give you a few examples.

Negative thoughts attached to emails

Have you ever done this?  You need more sales, more clients… and you put out an email with a special offer included.  

10 minutes later, you check your emails and you’ve got negative mind chatter going on even before your inbox shows on the screen.  

Nobody wants your stupid offer.  Nobody wants anything from you.  You’re not good enough…

Yours might not be these words, but just do a check and listen out for what that mind chatter is saying next time you open up your emails.

Facebook failure syndrome

I wonder if that’s a real syndrome.  I bet it is you know.  Anyway, real or not this is what people with Facebook failure syndrome do (according to me).

They go onto Facebook (or any other social media site) and look at what their competitors are doing, then that mind chatter starts up…

Why are they all doing so much better than me?  I’m such a failure.

Listen up – Facebook isn’t always the truth or the reality.  People only share what they want you to know.  

That’s not to say your competitors are lying.  I’m simply saying they’re not going to tell you if they are struggling to get enough sales or they’ve just spent an hour on the phone with the most demanding client in the world, or been in tears for the past hour because of a techie issue.

TIP: Know what you want to achieve/attract, set your own plan of action and aim to consistently improve yourself and your own business without comparing it to others.

Bank Balance BLUES

Pay attention to your thoughts when you’re checking your business bank account (and personal account).  

If your thoughts are along the lines of “I’m dreading looking at my bank balance… There’s never enough money coming in… That’s pathetic, I should be making more than this..”. The energy that you put into your bank account is negative.

Turn around tips for positive thinking about your business

Whenever you spot yourself negative thinking about your business, SWAP IT for something better feeling.

Surround your business with positive thoughts and positive vibes.

Let’s say you’ve had a quiet week and haven’t made as many sales as you needed to make or wanted to make.  You might then think…

It’s been a really slow week (or slightly more dramatic wording)

I haven’t made enough sales.

There’s not enough money coming in…

This although subtle, is negative thinking and can quickly escalate to “What am I going to do?  I’ll have to give up the business… I’ll be living on the streets… I’m such a massive failure.

Okay, I know I’m being a little dramatic but you get the idea.


As soon as you spot the negative thing, swap it.  Remember I said, swap it to something better feeling, I also recommend something believable for you too.

Let’s take the above thoughts…

It’s been a slow week and I haven’t made enough sales.

Instead of letting this spiral, swap it for something like… “Okay, what went well this week?”

“What can I do to increase sales next week?”

“Let’s take a look at my schedule and make sure I’m marketing the business effectively.”

“Do I need to get help from someone?”

Your situation hasn’t immediately changed, but your vibes are already starting to rise because you’re focusing on something positive.

Affirmations are another powerful way to help deliberately swap negative thoughts as well as actively place these positive statements in your mind to start with.

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FEELINGS and the law of attraction for business success

Your feelings, as you’ve probably already gathered are massive when it comes to the law of attraction.

Positive feelings create positive vibes.  

Positive vibes attract positive things to you.

If you feel negative about your business and your own abilities within your business, success at any level will always be difficult.  

Also, be aware of how you feel about different aspects of your business and your clients/customers.

I’m just going to jump right in and give you remedies for feeling negative in your business.

Gratitude is the powerhouse emotion 

I’ve talked a lot about Gratitude on this blog and I’ll keep talking about it because it really is your own superpower.  

It’s a high-level emotion that will really help you shift your energy from negative to positive and learn to keep it there.

I recommend you keep a gratitude journal or at least spend time every day focusing on gratitude in your business.

Also, you can move from feeling really negative to feeling grateful very, very quickly, so always keep this in your LOA toolbox.

Read Gratitude in Business

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) 

EFT helps to shift negative energy in the body and it’s also the most powerful way I know of releasing negative beliefs.

Check out my EFT – How to tap guide. It’s super easy to learn and you can then use it yourself any time you need it.

My advice with EFT is to start with STRESS.  Simply tap several times a day to make sure you’re not holding any stress in your body, then work on anything that’s negative in your business.

Check out my EFT Video collection on YouTube and please do ask if you have any questions.

Hypnosis Downloads

I’ve been using hypnosis downloads for many years now and love them.  They really help me to feel positive and they’re so relaxing.

Check out my blog post for more information and ideas Hypnosis Downloads for Business Success

Your beliefs about your business and yourself matter

I see people in business who are seemingly doing everything right but really struggle to make a living.  

And I see people who don’t seem to do that much who are successful.  So what’s going on?  Why is it that some people just seem lucky in business whilst others seem destined to struggle no matter how hard they work.

One of the big things at play here is beliefs.

If your beliefs don’t support you then you’re always going to feel like your business is an uphill struggle.

Here are a few examples of negative beliefs that I hear a lot from clients.

“I’m not…(fill in the blank)”

I’m not good at sales.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not consistent enough.

I’m not ENOUGH.

Other negative beliefs might be… People haven’t got money to spend on my services… People who are successful always suffer in other areas of their life… People who are successful are ruthless.

Most people who have ever come to me and said “The law of attraction doesn’t work for me” have not worked on their limiting/negative beliefs.

Your beliefs shape your reality.

The things you say about your business

How do you talk about your business?  Is it 100% positive?  Just think back over the last month or so.  Have all of your conversations about your business been positive?

Also, how do you say what you say?

What I mean is, do you sound enthusiastic and positive when you talk about your business or do you sound dull, uninteresting and as if your business is a bit of a drag?  

A lot of people are doing the later without even realizing it. Please make sure you’re not.

If someone asks you how your business is going and at the moment it’s not doing as well as you’d like, try saying.  

I’m really enjoying my business and I’m hoping to gain a couple more clients this month, or Thanks for asking, it’s going well and I’m learning more and more all the time.  I’m working with some wonderful clients and have space for 2-3 more.

You’re not lying and saying “Business is brilliant, I’m rolling in money and it couldn’t be better.”  You’re simply telling the truth in a positive way. Focusing on the positives.

What are you doing?  Your actions send a strong message

Have you heard the story about the lady who kept complaining to God that she didn’t win the lottery?  Every week she’d ask to win the lottery.  Every week she complained to God when she didn’t win.

Eventually, God shouted “If you want to win the lottery, go and buy a ticket.

The same applies to the law of attraction for business.

I’ve had people tell me what they want to attract is being a published author.  On enquiring about the book, I’ve then been told.  Oh, I haven’t started it yet.  “GET STARTED!”

Again I want to say, think of the law of attraction as a helping hand.  You do your bit and the law of attraction will do its bit.

If you want a huge mailing list but fail to set one up or take the time to learn how to get people onto your list, then the law of attraction won’t miraculously give you 1000’s of people who want to be on your list.

Here’s another example where a person’s actions are not a match with what they want.

Jen teaches people how to eat healthily.  Business is quite slow.  She’s had a few clients, but not as many as she needs.  She’s feeling stressed about the situation and when she goes out to do the week’s shopping, she sticks a load of unhealthy things in her basket to cheer herself up.

Now it really doesn’t matter whether anyone actually sees her food shop. What matters is that the action Jen takes impacts her feelings (she feels negative because she feels like a failure and she’s not taking her own advice that she gives to clients), Her thoughts almost certainly won’t support her and her beliefs are likely to be something along the lines of, “If I can’t eat healthy why would anyone pay me to help them be healthy!”

Another thing to be aware of is that when you say things like “I haven’t got around to doing that yet (let’s say, setting up an opt-in for your mailing list) and you want to attract a big mailing list.  The message you send out is “It’s not important enough.  I don’t really want it.!”

Summary of how to use the law of attraction in your business

  1. Keep your thoughts about your business, your clients and your ability to be successful in business positive.  If you catch negative thoughts creeping in, swap for a better feeling thought.
  2. Aim to FEEL positive about all aspects of your business.  My number one tip is to focus on gratitude in your business.
  3. Work on changing any limiting or negative beliefs you have about yourself or your business.  Try using EFT and Hypnosis Downloads.
  4. Watch what you say about your business and keep it positive.
  5. Match your actions to what you want to attract.

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  3. Wow, Wendy. This is REALLY thorough. I am going to reread this again later and more slowly because there is so much meat! Thank you for taking the time to put tis together.

  4. Wow, Wendy. This is REALLY thorough. I am going to reread this again later and more slowly because there is so much meat! Thank you for taking the time to put tis together.

  5. I’ve been teaching LOA for many years now and as you will know it works in all areas of our life, so we may as well get it working in our business. Thanks for your coomment.

  6. I’ve been teaching LOA for many years now and as you will know it works in all areas of our life, so we may as well get it working in our business. Thanks for your coomment.

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