Law of Attraction Business Planning Workbook

Are you ready to start manifesting your ideal business?  This law of attraction business planning workbook is business planning like you’ve never seen before.  It’s time to really get the law of attraction working effectively in your business to create the business you desire.

I’m delighted to bring you the LOA Business Planning pack specifically designed to help you use the law of attraction deliberately in your day to day business to attract the business you really want.

I’ve packed so many worksheets in there along with really useful tips.  All designed to help you use the power of the law of attraction to attract/achieve your ideal business.#

I’ve been teaching the law of attraction since 2010 and using in in my own business and life.  This is super powerful stuff.  The law of attraction works for everyone, in all areas of your life and every second of every day.

Most people have the law of attraction on a kind of default setting – These worksheets set you on a course to attract what you want.  This is deliberate manifesting.

The LOA business planning pack is a worksheet based power pack.

So what is the law of attraction?

In a nutshell, it’s a universal law that draws to you whatever you are a vibrational match for wanted or not.

It’s definitely powerful stuff, but I don’t believe it’s the magic wand that some people claim it to be.  I recommend thinking of the law of attraction as a powerful helping hand.

As a qualified law of attraction practitioner, I teach a 3 step law of attraction process – Clarity, raising your vibrations and allowing.

In my new LOA Business Planning Pack, I provide a collection of worksheets that will really help you to understand and use the law of attraction in your business.

I believe the law of attraction is something that we need to be working with deliberately all of the time.  It’s not something we can pick up and put down when we feel like it because it’s always working.

LOA Business Planning Pack - Use the new LOA Business planning pack to create your ideal business. Law of attraction worksheets pack.
Use the LOA business planning pack to help you create your ideal business.

Most people attract things by default because they’re unaware of how the law of attraction works.

The worksheets I’ve designed give you a practical way to benefit from the power of the law of attraction starting immediately.  They’re designed to help you build strong and powerful habits that will continue to help you create your ideal business.

What’s included in the LOA Business Planning Pack?

I’ve included a basic law of attraction introduction, my style – Keeping it clear and simple.

Then you’ve got a worksheet for where you are right now in your business.  I believe this is essential as it’s your starting point. From this point, you can measure your ongoing success over the coming months and years in your business.

Then we get on to the core Law of attraction worksheets which include…

-Your ideal business

-Your ideal client/customer

-Ideal business day

-Raising your vibrations for business success

-Allowing your ideal business

-Your law of attraction business success action plan

I’ve also included 11 extra bonus worksheets in the LOA Business Planning Pack that include things like your ideal business income, your ideal business team, various trackers…

Who is the LOA business planning pack for?

Although the law of attraction certainly works in any business, I created this pack with the small business owner in mind from self-employed work from home business owners to business owners with a small team.

A different kind of business planning

We’ve all seen the advice on how to create a business plan.  I have to tell you this is not like a traditional business plan, this plan is designed to get the law of attraction working for you in your business so that you can use this power to help you create your ideal business.

The law of attraction is always working and the purpose of these worksheets is to focus on your business and it’s future in a specific way that helps you deliberately use the power of the law of attraction.

If you have any question, please ask in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Business Planning Workbook

  1. This is creative. Incorporating LOA into a product sounds interesting. I have seen the documentary of The Secret and I’d have to say I’m a believer because I have experience it work many times in my life. Good luck with this. 🙂

  2. Thanks Heidi. I’ve been creating LOA courses, books etc, for a good few years now and of course coaching. These kinds of worksheets have proved really effective.

  3. Thanks Annie. I certainly wouldn’t claim to know it all. But my training, working with my coaching clients and of course using it in my own life and business certainly goes a long way.

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