Do you feel lucky in your business? A Mindset Matters Post

Do you feel lucky in your business? Do you feel lucky in life? Well, do you?

Without thinking too much about this, write down your answer before reading on.

Do you feel lucky in your business and life? Tips to

Let’s talk about beliefs

Throughout our life, we all pick up all kinds of beliefs – Some of these beliefs will support you and some will block you from achieving the life you want.

I’ve asked this question to so many people – Do you feel lucky in your business (and life)?

And today I want to share a few of the responses and my thoughts on each.

Do you feel lucky in your business?  Yes

Yes – This definitely where I am.  I do feel incredibly lucky in my business and my life in general.  I feel that this is a really positive way of thinking.

My life and business are not perfect.  I don’t float through life on a golden cloud of happiness.  But, yes, I feel incredibly lucky.

I choose to focus on what’s going well in my life and in my business and when I do that I think “Wow, I’m so lucky.”

Do you feel lucky in your business? No

This belief is likely to be keeping you stuck.  If you already have your ideal business.  Just carry on the way you are, although I would encourage you to really acknowledge that you do have your ideal business.

If you have this belief that you’re not lucky and you don’t have your ideal business, I encourage you to shift this belief.

Try EFT, Affirmations and focus on gratitude (more on this later)

Do you feel lucky in your business? There’s no such thing as luck, it’s just about hard work (or setting good goals, or being focused…)

Now, this belief has to sides – It could be a positive belief that supports you or it could be a negative belief that could be blocking you from achieving your ideal business.

If you feel really happy about your current business success, then it’s probably supporting you.  If you’re happy with things, keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re not so happy with your current business success, it’s definitely worth shifting this belief.

Which of these beliefs are the closest to your own?

With the thoughts I’ve shared with you above, are you happy with your current belief?  Or would you like to change that belief to support you more?

I want to share a few ideas that will help you shift your beliefs to support you.

We’ll look at Affirmations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and focusing on gratitude.

Affirmations to help you feel lucky in your business

  • I am lucky
  • I’m a lucky person
  • I’m lucky in my business
  • I’m lucky in all areas of my life
  • I’m a naturally lucky person
  • Luck is on my side

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to shift from feeling that you are not lucky to feeling lucky

If you’re new to EFT – it’s worth watching a few of my EFT videos

The Tapping points we will use today are… (touch and tap gently on each point)

  • Side of the hand
  • Top of the head
  • Forehead
  • Start of the eyebrow (thick part near eye)
  • Side of the eye
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • Chin
  • Collar bone
  • Thumb (tap on side)
  • Index finger (side)
  • Middle finger (side)
  • Ring finger (side)
  • Little finger (side)

Have a drink of water – Take a few nice slow deep breaths in and out.

Let’s tap out feeling unlucky

  • Side of the hand – Even though I sometimes feel unlucky, I’m choosing to shift this belief
  • Top of the head – I sometimes feel unlucky
  • Forehead – I don’t feel lucky
  • Start of the eyebrow (thick part near eye) – I don’t feel like luck is on my side
  • Side of the eye – I sometimes feel like I’m really unlucky
  • Under the eye – I sometimes feel like I attract bad luck
  • Under the nose – When things go wrong I often think “That’s just my luck”
  • Chin – Maybe all I need to do is shift my belief
  • Collar bone – Maybe I need to focus on the luck that comes to me instead
  • Thumb (tap on side) – Maybe I can let go of this belief that I’m not lucky
  • Index finger (side) – Maybe I can choose to focus on being lucky
  • Middle finger (side) – Let go of old limiting beliefs
  • Ring finger (side) – Let go of any beliefs that are not serving me well
  • Little finger (side) – Let go of any beliefs that no longer support me

Now let’s tap in those positive beliefs.

Have a sip of water, take a nice deep breath in and out.

  • Side of the hand – I choose to focus on being lucky now
  • Top of the head – I invite good luck into my life 
  • Forehead – I invite good luck into my business
  • Start of the eyebrow (thick part near eye) – I am a naturally lucky person now
  • Side of the eye – Luck is now on my side
  • Under the eye – I attract good luck
  • Under the nose – Every day I feel more and more lucky
  • Chin – I make a point to notice all the good luck that comes my way
  • Collar bone – I feel lucky
  • Thumb (tap on side) – I welcome more and more good luck
  • Index finger (side) –  I’m a really lucky person now
  • Middle finger (side) – I’m lucky in my business
  • Ring finger (side) – I’m lucky in all areas of my life
  • Little finger (side) – I am a power magnet for good luck

Take a nice deep breath in and out.  Have a sip of water, shake your hands (and body if you want) and go about your day with the knowledge that you are a match for attracting good luck into your life and business.

Focus on gratitude

I always call gratitude our super power –  When we focus on gratitude and really allow ourselves to FEEL grateful for what we already have, we become a perfect match for attracting more and more to feel grateful for.

What I’d encourage you to do is make a list of everything that you feel is going well for you in your life and business already.  It doesn’t have to be perfect just going in the right direction.

Then get into the habit of spotting everything that you can be grateful for.

Now what you can do is start mixing your affirmations in with what shows up.

So, let’s imagine that you make a sale, AFFIRM that you are lucky and get that feeling of gratitude and luck.

This is a powerful combination.

Give it a go and just see what happens.

One final note to help you feel lucky in business and life.

Make this an ongoing habit.  It’s not something you do once and then forget about.  If you’ve been used to feeling unlucky, it will take some time.  You need to shift those beliefs and build in new beliefs until they become natural for you.

And if ever you catch yourself feeling, thinking or saying that you’re unlucky, SPOT IT and try one of the techniques I shared earlier to make that positive shift.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

And if you want to give your business even more of a positive boost.  Grab the Law of Attraction Business Planning Pack below.


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