30-day law of attraction business success challenge

Are you up for my 30-day law of attraction business success challenge?  The next 30-days could totally transform your business and your life.

The law of attraction is working right now in all areas of your life and business.  I want you to deliberately use it to create a life and business you absolutely love.

This 30-day challenge is focusing on using the law of attraction in your business.

Are you in?

Free 30-Day law of attraction Business Success challenge. Use the law of attraction to create your ideal business #LOA #Business

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Try out this FREE 30-day law of attraction business success challenge.

Let’s get the Universe supporting you in attracting your ideal business.

I’ve been teaching people how to use the law of attraction since 2011 and I’ve been using it in my own life and business for longer.  Today I want to share some of the basics of the law of attraction so that you can see how it works for you.

Law of attraction basics

The law of attraction works for everyone.  We can’t choose to use it or not, it is always working in our lives.

The law of attraction draws to us whatever we are a match for, wanted or not.

The law of attraction responds to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the thing we say and the things we do.

You can watch my FREE law of attraction video series explaining this in more depth. And also check out my How to use the law of attraction guide.

The law of attraction impacts absolutely ALL areas of our life.  Most people get things by default.  I’d like you to start deliberately attracting things into your life.

Your law of attraction business success challenge steps

Follow these steps for law of attraction business success.  Each step is equally important and it may seem like they’re not that big of a deal, but they all make a big difference.  Give it a go and see for yourself.

Days 1- 3 Print out and work through the Ideal Business Workbook

Okay so focusing on your business, start off by getting super clear about what you want.  Download my FREE E-book Ideal Business Workbook and work through the exercises.  This will really help you to lay the foundations for your own business success and send a powerful message out into the universe.

If you’ve already been sent the Ideal Business Workbook and you’ve lost it but you’re still subscribed to my email list, drop me a message and I’ll send it to you again.

Days 4  (and onwards) – Raise your vibrations

The second step of the law of attraction process is to raise your vibrations.  At any given moment in time, you are always vibrating positive energy or negative energy.  The way to monitor this is by the way you feel.  If you feel positive you will naturally draw more things to you to be positive about, so this is where you want to spend the vast majority of your time.

The way to monitor this is by the way you feel.  If you feel positive you will naturally draw more things to you to be positive about, so this is where you want to spend the vast majority of your time.

If you FEEL positive about your business you’re halfway to business success already.  Watch out for sneaky negative thoughts creeping in, such as “Nobody commented on my blog post, I must be rubbish at this.  I haven’t made enough sales this week, I’m rubbish at this… There’s a recession, my business will fail…”

Make the shift to positive whenever you can.  Things like visualising, affirmations and focusing on your achievements really help.

Keep your focus on what’s already working and what you intend to achieve/ attract into your business.

Day 5-8 and ongoing – Create 10 affirmations that support you in your business

If you’re new to affirmations, read Empowering Affirmations for Business Success

What I want you to do is think about where you want to be and then create a positive statement to support that.

If you want to be a successful public speaker – State (affirm) I AM a confident public speaker, I AM an inspiring public speaker…

If you want to be a successful developer, trainer, sales person…. State I AM a successful… (add your own desire)

If you want to make £100,000 in your business this year, state I MAKE over £100,000 in my business each year.  Add your own figure each year.

Also, think about anything that you feel you are lacking in right now that you want to improve, such as… If you currently lack confidence in yourself or your business, your affirmation could be… I’m confident in my abilities to be successful in business and I’m confident about my business.

Really get creative and play about with affirmations to shift any limitations you currently have and help you to feel really positive about yourself and your business.

Create the business you really want - Join me on the free 30-day law of attraction for business success challenge.

Days 9 – 15 and ongoing – Visualise your ideal business life

Introduce daily visualisations. You can keep this simple or really go to town with this idea.

Visualising is basically daydreaming with a focus.  In this case, your focus will be Your business, Yourself and the life your business allows you.

Ideally, take 10 – 20 minutes a day to really visualise the business you want and really put yourself into that picture. That being said, whenever you get a few minutes relax your mind and daydream with focus.

Ideal times to visualise are when you first wake up, as you’re going to sleep and anytime through the day when you are doing what I call non-focused activities, such as when you’re waiting in a queue, in the shower/bath, walking the dog…

Again, just play around with this idea. Enjoy it.

Days 16 – 20  and ongoing – Focus on your achievements/successes

Write down what you’ve already achieved in your business and also in other business ventures over the years.

This may also include qualifications and skills you’ve gained.

Spend a good amount of time on this list (not just a couple of minutes).

Next, write down anything that you feel is currently going well in your business.  Think about all areas of your business and make a list of everything that’s going well (doesn’t have to be your ideal business).

Once you’ve done this, get into the habit of every day focusing on what’s gone well in your business.

If it helps and many of my clients say it does, write down a few things that have gone well throughout the day.

Day 21 – 23 Write your ideal business story

Write it down as if you already have it.  My Business is…  This is telling your story the way you want it.  So write it down in the present tense and really enjoy the experience.   Add lots of detail.  I’d love you to share a summary of your ideal business (as if you already have it) in the comments below.

Keep this on hand in your day to day business and read it regularly.

Days 24 -27 and ongoing – Be a match for your ideal business

Be a match for your ideal business.  Remember the law of attraction responds to thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things we say and the things we do.

Over the next few days, I really want you to focus on these things and actually keep asking yourself “Am I a match for my ideal business” 

What are my thoughts? What am I feeling? What are my beliefs? What am I saying to myself and others?  What am I doing?


~ Use affirmation (positive statements) to support you, such as I’m so lucky, I am a perfect match for ideal clients, I write fantastic blog posts people love to read, I’m so happy that people enjoy my courses…


~  Do the things you enjoy.  How will you feel once you have your ideal business?  Right, you need to get that feeling now to become a match for it.  Also, focus on the things you enjoy now. For example, I enjoy writing blog posts and I really enjoy it when people take the time to comment, so when I do get comments I really enjoy that feeling.


~ If your beliefs are not a match for what you want, you will block it.  So this is a big area to work on.  If you want to attract more sales but you think getting sales is tough and you’re not very good at making sales, your beliefs are not supporting you.  You are not a match for what you want. If you believe everyone who is successful in business is sacrificing their personal life and that’s not something you’re prepared to do, then you’re instantly sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs. My top three tools for changing beliefs are… 1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Check out my free EFT videos Here 2. Use Hypnosis downloads to reprogram your beliefs. 3. Simply ask “Is this belief true?”

What you say is really important

~ If you want more money coming into your business and you keep saying, I hate being broke, or it’s so hard making enough money, you’re not a match.  If you moan about other people being more successful than you are, or the lack of clients, sales… then you’re not a match for what you want.

What you do

~ If you want your business to be successful and you don’t do anything to actively make it successful then you’re not a match for it.  If you want to be a world-famous novelist and you never find the time to write, you’re not a match for it….

Here’s an example: Jane has set up her own business working from home.  She wants to make a profit of over £3000 a month but is currently struggling to make £300 a month.  Jane gave up a 40 hour a week job to start the business.

On average Jane spends 5-10 hours a week on her business although she still claims she works full time. She goes out for coffee, because she can with her friends 3 times a week, she watches some daytime TV, she does the housework during her work hours.  Jane’s actions do not match what she wants.  It’s almost like she’s saying to the Universe, I want this but I’m not prepared to do my bit to make it happen.

I always encourage my clients to think of the law of attraction as a helping hand rather than a magic wand.

Days 28-30 and ongoing – Be aware and be deliberate

Be aware and be deliberate.  Huge changes can happen in 30 days, it’s true and they may well happen for you.  That will depend on lots of different things.  How fixed your beliefs are, how much you put into becoming a match… What I’d expect to happen is that you become more and more aware of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and do and in turn, you’ll gradually become more and more of a match for what you want.  The Universe has a habit of drip-feeding you what you want.  Make sure that when you see signs of manifesting your ideal business, you celebrate it.

Law of attraction business planning pack

Moving forward, I encourage you to download the Law of attraction business planning pack.

Law of Attraction Business Success Challenge

Enjoy the challenge.  I can tell you with my hand on my heart that my life is 100% better since I started deliberately using the law of attraction in my own life and I continually use it to help me create a business I absolutely love.

Have fun and let me know how you get on.


Fill your mind with positive messages that really support you in creating the business you want – Empowering Affirmations for Business Success.

Law of attraction business success challenge.  Deliberately use the law of attraction to help create your ideal business

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  1. I was first introduced to the law of attraction in the form of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I truly believe it works but as yet have not managed to properly work out how to tune in. Looking forward to doing this series and thanks for the opportunity!

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