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Positive thinking power is the topic today. The focus is on positive thinking for business success, how to keep your thoughts positive and how to quickly shift your thoughts from negative to positive.

In my free 5-part How the law of attraction works video series, I explain that the law of attraction responds to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.  Today, I want to really focus on keeping your thoughts positive.

For those of you who’ve seen the hit movie The Secret, you’ll probably recognize this quote from Mike Dooley

Positive thinking power – Check out this amazing quote…

Thoughts Become Things – Mike Dooley

So why is positive thinking power so important in the law of attraction?

Okay, so after studying the law of attraction for almost 2 years with The Law of Attraction Training Center and then since 2011 using my knowledge in my own life and business and also helping people all over the world, what I’ve come to understand is this.

It’s your feelings that are MOST important.

It’s your feelings/emotions that the law of attraction responds to the most.

However, when I say that the law of attraction responds to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do, all of this is also true.
You see, they’re all tied in and all come back to your feelings.

If your thoughts are positive, your vibrations will shift to positive and your feelings will shift to positive.

KEY LAW OF ATTRACTION TIP: The law of attraction gives you what you are a VIBRATIONAL match for. 

I’ll go into this more in a different post, for now, just know that your thoughts really do matter and they generally reflect how you’re feeling and also your beliefs.

Law of attraction and positive thinking.  How to keep your thoughts positive and why it's so important.

Do I need to be positive all of the time?

Of course, positive thinking power is amazing but NO, no you don’t need to be positive all the time.

I’m getting this out of the way right now because I’ve had this conversation with people so many times over the years.  In an ideal world, we’d always be thinking positive.  In reality, my reality at least, that simply doesn’t happen.  Things happen that frustrate me (negative emotion), that make me sad, mad, feeling disappointed, guilty… The list goes on.

In the real world, most of us will experience negative emotions to some degree on a regular basis.  It’s natural.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you catch yourself feeling negative or thinking in a negative way.  I’ve got some awesome and super simple tips for you.

The negative thinking cycle

Have you ever noticed that when you have one negative thought, more negative thoughts just pop up?  That’s the law of attraction in action.  Negative thoughts attract negative thoughts, so very, very quickly, you end up in a negative cycle.

Your subconscious mind thinks these are the thoughts you want, the Universe thinks this is what you want.  Boom! Guess what’s gonna show up in your life?

Okay, so that was kinda the law of attraction on fast forward.  Thankfully there is a delay for most of us, simply because most of us are flitting from one thing to another and the universe gets totally confused about what you actually want.

This is what I want you to remember, thought cycles are positive or negative, each negative thought attracts another negative thought but the same is true for positive thoughts.  Each positive thought attracts another positive thought.

However, if you’ve been in more of a habit of thinking negatively, then your thought default setting (at the moment) will be negative.  So, you will naturally veer toward negative thoughts.

So you will have to consciously and deliberately shift to positive and start that positive cycle going.  You may also find yourself in the early stages being dragged back to negative thoughts, so you’ll need to be strong and persevere.

Keep putting positive thoughts up and replace those negative thoughts, the positive cycle may take a little longer but it will kick in.

Making a shift from negative thinking to positive thinking

Okay, so hopefully you’ve got the idea of how your thoughts work and how they work with the law of attraction.

Key LOA facts

  1. The law of attraction will pick up on your thoughts
  2. Your thoughts play a part in what you are a match for
  3. There is a delay, so just because you think a negative thought doesn’t mean it’s going to show up
  4. The key is to make a shift from negative to positive as quickly as possible

Below are some simple ideas to help you keep your thoughts positive and make that shift when negative thoughts show up.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts that support you in creating the life you want.  Click though to read Positive thinking power and the law of attraction.

AFFIRMATIONS (keep reading even if you’re not an affirmations fan)

Positive affirmations are probably my personal favourite way to keep my thoughts positive.  They’re positive, usually present tense statement.

Here are a few examples…

I am successful

I am smart

My business is successful

I have amazing clients

I am rich

I am… I have… statements are really powerful in affirmations.  So what do you want to be?  Create a few affirmations of your own.


See if you can come up with 10 “I am…” affirmations and 10 “I have…” affirmations.  Share them in the comments below.

These are what I call simple affirmations.  We can also make them longer and more in-depth, such as…

Every day in every way my life gets better and better – Every day in every way my business gets better and better.

My clients always show up on time, fully prepared and ready to get started. They love working with me and tell all their friends how great I am.

I’m so lucky, amazing opportunities are always coming my way.

You can get super creative.  The only real rule is that you need to keep your statements positive.

Some people tell me that affirmations don’t work for them

There are two things I’d like you to try if this is how you feel.

  1. Make your affirmations believable to you. A good example of this is someone who is deeply in debt saying “I am rich.”  This is likely to feel like a lie and also feel negative for you.  A better feeling affirmation would be “Every day my financial situation is improving.”  This is still positive and will feel better for you.  Always be aiming for things that feel better to you.
  2. Try the 3 step attraction statements

More to read on affirmations 21 empowering affirmations for business success and I also encourage you to read How to use affirmations This will help you to really make the most of them.


As I mentioned above, you want to be aiming for a better feeling thought.  If you can go from something that feels really negative to something that feels really positive then great.  Most of the time, I can’t and I know my clients would struggle too.

So, go for a better feeling thought.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

I’m not making enough sales, I’ll be out of money soon, I’ll have to close my business.  I’ll be homeless…. (see how that negative thinking spiral quickly does a number on you?)

Let’s flip the switch and find a better feeling thought.

I have made some sales, I have some money left, my business is open, I have a home.

Here are a few more…

I have a mailing list where I am building relationships and can gain new clients as well as keep in touch with existing clients.

I am building my online presence through social media, which is getting my business in front of more and more people.

I have products/services available to sell

I have people around me to support me

Those positive thoughts might be a little slow to come at first but persevere and the cycle will start.


Focus on your achievements

I encourage to keep an achievements journal, ideal daily.  When you put your focus on achievements then you’re creating positive energy – positive vibes around your business.  It really doesn’t matter how small the achievement is, if it’s an achievement of any kind it will help you make a shift to positive.

Early on in my business I started an achievements journal and some days I’d end up writing things like, I posted on my Facebook page, I cooked the evening meal without burning it (trust me when I say this at the time was a huge achievement.  Cooking and running a business doesn’t always work well together.  Just to note, I can do both, just not very well at the same time).

As time went by I’d add bigger achievements such as gaining coaching clients, publishing my first book, launching my first course….

Getting into this habit serves you really well.  It is a daily motivation exercise, it helps you focus on positive aspects in your business and long-term when you look back over your journal, you’ll get a real sense of what you’ve achieved which will really help you push forward to achieve more and more.

Focus on Gratitude

In my opinion, gratitude is the best positive thinking power tool, ever! If you’ve been around me or my blog for any length of time, you’ll have heard me say “Gratitude is our emotional super-power!”

Read Gratitude in business.

It really is amazing and powerful and hugely underused in life and business.

You can be having the crappiest day and if you focus on gratitude, your emotions push up instantly to positive. DING!

It doesn’t matter how bad things are. Everyone has things to be grateful for. They may not always be obvious but they have something.

I’m guessing that even if you don’t yet have your ideal business or even if right now you’re struggling to make ends meet as you build your business, you’ve got so many things to be grateful for.

Put your focus on gratitude.

Again, I highly recommend a daily gratitude journal, but also make living in gratitude a daily, part of your life and business.  As you go through your day, be grateful.

Ideas for a daily journal

This is great for daily positive thinking power – In your daily journal, I encourage you to write three things that you’ve achieved each day and three things that you’re grateful for each day.  Try to make them specific to that day.  So rather than things like, I’m grateful for my business, I’m grateful for my home and I’m grateful for my family – Write something specific.

  • I’m grateful for the sales I’ve made today in my business
  • I’m grateful that I have a nice warm home and warm clothes to wear as it’s been below freezing all day today
  • I’m grateful that my sister called this evening to see how my business meeting went. It was really nice to chat with her.

Pretty soon, you’ll end up thinking “I’ve got so much to write about”.  You can or you can just pick your top three and then just think about the other things. By doing this you’re raising your vibrations and becoming more and more of a match for the life and business you want to attract.

With your achievements, as I said, it doesn’t matter how small just make sure that every day you can write 3 things in your journal.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

This is a real positive thinking power exercise. Abraham Hicks have this wonderful and super simple exercise that I love called Wouldn’t it be nice if…

I love it, my imagination can really go wild.

Here are a few ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice if this week I tripled my sales?

Wouldn’t it be nice if thousands of people were reading and sharing my blog posts every day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I got to work with (add the name of the person you’d love to work with on a professional level)?

Wouldn’t it be nice if my book sales increased?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I got booked to speak at…?

What do you think would be nice?

Use the law of attraction to create your ideal business

The law of attraction is always working.  It’s working in all areas of your life including your business, whether you understand it or not.  You can’t choose whether it works in YOUR life or not.  It just is working.  You can choose to deliberately use this power to attract the life and business that you want. I recommend that you read my Positive thinking for business tips. There are also some exercises to help you fill your mind with messages that support you in creating the business you want.

Check out my law of attraction for business tips to help you to create the business that you want. I also encourage you to read How to stay positive about your business even if it sucks right now.


P.S If you haven’t already got it, download the FREE Ideal Business Workbook – Helping you to gain clarity and focus on your business.

Positive thinking power and the law of attraction

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