5 positive thinking business tips (and exercises)

Use these 5 positive thinking business tips and exercises to keep yourself and the energy surrounding your business positive.

If the energy is positive, people will naturally be drawn to you and your business. They’ll feel positive about you and feel positive about your business.  This will make them want to stick around and do business with you.

Now, these are not quick-fix, do them once and never think of them again tips, they’re things I encourage you to build into your daily business life for consistent and long-term success.

1. Practice affirmations

The first of my positive thinking business tips is to practice affirmations.  Affirmations are positive statements we say to ourselves.  You are affirming what you want to be true.

Here are a few examples…

  • My business is a huge success now
  • My business income is consistently increasing
  • I’m good at doing business
  • I have all I need to build my dream business

For more affirmations read 21 empowering affirmations for business success

Fill your mind with affirmations as much as you can throughout the day and especially if you catch yourself with negative thoughts.

Repeat them throughout the day to yourself to firmly set these new and positive thoughts.

positive thinking business tips. The more positive you feel about your business, the easier it becomes to attract your ideal clients.

2. Try the 3- step attraction phrases

This is similar to affirmations.  With these phrases we put 3 set statements together that really activate the law of attraction to line up and give you what you want.

These are the statement beginnings…

  1. I’m in the process of attracting…
  2. The universe is lining everything up so that I can…
  3. I LOVE IT WHEN… (think winning the lottery when you say this phrase)

What you do is add your own ending.  The ending you want to attract.

Here’s a full example.

  1. I’m in the process of attracting thousands of readers to my blog every day who are genuinely interesting in my posts.
  2. The universe is lining everything up for me now so that thousands of my ideal readers easily find my blog and keep coming back.
  3. I LOVE IT WHEN thousands of genuine readers come to my blog each day and love my posts.  They love them so much, they join my mailing list, follow and take action on all the tips I share with them.

Give it a go for yourself.

3. Keep a daily journal – A positive thinking business journal

Keeping your focus on what is going well in your business is powerful stuff.  A really powerful daily exercise is to keep a daily journal.  The only rule is that everything you write in it has to be positive.

You can write about any achievements, positive interactions you’ve had throughout the day, sales…

Here’s an example…

It’s been a really productive day today.  I scheduled a new blog post and updated an old post.  I promoted old and new content.

10 new people joined my mailing list and there was lots of positive interaction on social media.

I had two notifications of affiliate sales and received payment for course sales.

This is just a quick example of the kind of thing you can put in your journal every day.  By focusing on the positive things that happened throughout the day, you become a match for more and more positive things to happen.

4. Focus on gratitude

I’ve talked so much about gratitude here on the blog – It’s what I call our super power emotion.  It’s a bit like having a magic tool at your disposal 24/7.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life or business, at any given moment, you can focus on gratitude and push your thoughts and emotions to a super positive place.

The more positive your emotions and thoughts are, the more positive things you attract.

  • What are you grateful for right now?
  • Who are you grateful for in your business?
  • Who are you grateful for in your life?
  • What are you most grateful for in your business?

Try the Gratitude Blast Exercise – Stop what you’re doing, look around you and list 10 things you can see that you are grateful for.  You can swap it for 10 things in your business that you’re grateful for, or 10 people you’re grateful for, anything to keep your focus on gratitude.

Spot it and swap it - Positive thinking business tips.

5. Spot it and swap it – Get a better feeling thought

Spot it and swap it is a fantastic exercise.  Whenever you spot a negative thought or feeling, your aim is to swap it for a better feeling thought.

What you’re going to do is kick start a positive thinking spiral.


I haven’t made any sales today (negative thought)

I have written and published new content. (shifting to positive)

That content has the potential to draw people to my blog and potentially make sales.

The blog post I published had an affiliate link in it.  That will make me money long-term now.

It also had a link to invite people to get my free gift and join my mailing list.  This means that I can build even more of a positive relationship with my readers.

I’ve got so many income streams and the more content like this I publish the more ways people have to buy from me or the affiliate programs I support…

Can you see how this sort of thinking has moved now from a negative, fear-based thought, to a positive, this is going okay thoughts? Remember we’re going for better feeling thoughts rather than giant leaps.

Give it a go in your own business.

Let’s do a recap –  5 positive thinking business tips

  1. Fill your mind with positive affirmations
  2. Try the 3-phrase attraction process
  3. Keep a daily positive journal
  4. Focus on gratitude
  5. Use spot it and swap it.  Get a better feeling thought and emotion

Try out these 5 positive thinking business tips and remember that if you feel positive about your business, then others will too.

P.S. Use the LOA business planner to plan out your ideal business and get the law of attraction deliberately working for you.

Positive thinking business tips and exercises. If you think and feel positive about your business, you will naturally attract positive people to you and your business.

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