Be positive about your business – Even if it SUCKS right now.

Today’s law of attraction business tip – How to talk in a positive way about your business even if it’s not yet the success you want it to be.

As business owners, people often ask us “How’s business?” and if your business isn’t really going the way you want, you may just want to tell them it’s not going great (or give them a death stare, bust into tears…).

As your online law of attraction coach, I encourage you to always speak in a positive way about your business.

People often say to me, but I feel like I’m lying about my business success if I speak positively about it when it’s not going well.

You don’t need to lie, you simply need to focus on what is going well and things you like about your business.

Watch the video first.

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Start off by getting super clear about the business you want and make a plan

I want to recommend two of my downloads, one is FREE and the other is very cheap (currently £4.99) and I’ll explain why I want you to download these specifically.

The FREE Ideal Business Workbook will help you to gain real clarity and focus on your business, plus when you sign up for this, you’ll be added to my mailing list and subscriber community – This with help you stay motivated and you’ll receive regular tips to help you create a successful business that you love.  Get the Ideal Business Workbook

The LOA Business Planning Pack takes this a step further and helps you to create an action plan that effectively gets the law of attraction working for you – With this clear action plan, you will consistently be taking positive action in your business.  At the end of each business day you will be able to say, today I achieved something in my business.  So when people ask you about your business, you’ll be able to talk about these things,  Get your law of attraction business planning pack

Start a success journal

I’ve found a success journal to be one of the best things to do to stay positive about your business as it’s growing.  At the end of each business day or as you achieve each thing during your day, write about it in your success journal.  It could be something as simple as – I created a Facebook group for my business and 5 people have already joined.  Or I received a message from a potential client, I made a sale, I created a product, 5 new people followed me on Instagram… The successes don’t need to be big, just get into the habit of recording your successes in your business (any successes). I remember one day writing I fed my son without burning the food.  Yep, this was a big achievement at the time.  Not because I’m a rubbish cook, but because I was so obsessed with making my business work, I’d forget I’d put food in the oven.

When you get into this habit, your subconscious mind supports you and the universe supports you, so that you have more and more things to write in your journal.

Also, when you’re having an off day, you can look at your journal and see all the things you’ve really achieved over the past week, month, year.  It’s a big motivation seeing it down on paper.

You can even add things like I made £5.00 SUCCESS – By seeing these small figures as successes, you become a match for attracting more money, more sales.  If you instead focus on £5.00 is nowhere near enough I need to make way more sales, you’re coming from a place of LACK and you are a match to stay in that place of not earning enough.

And because you’re in the habit of focusing on your successes, you will find it much more automatic to respond in a positive way when someone asks about your business.

Be positive about your business to create a successful business
Be positive about your business – Always

My goal for this week

My goal for this week is a great way to respond when people ask about your business.

Let me give you an example.

  • Friend: How’s business going?
  • You: Good thanks.  My goal for this week is to create a free opt-in to get people onto my mailing list.  I’m putting together (then you’d go onto talk about what your opt-in is going to be).

This lets people know you’re moving your business forward because you’re working on specific goals to bring people into your business.  It opens up the conversation for them to ask more if they want to and you’re focusing on something really positive.

Other examples would be to say something like…

  • My goal this week is to launch my new ebook, product, service… and briefly, explain what it is (and how it helps people or what it’s benefits are)
  • My goal this week is to learn how to use Instagram.  I’ve heard it’s really useful for driving traffic to businesses like mine.
  • My goal this week is to contact 10 potential customers about working with me.  This one says that you’re out there taking positive action and that you are taking on new clients.  You never know who the person you talk to with pass this information onto.

Role play the situation before it happens

Watch my video on how to use role play in business – If you’ve practiced the conversation when people ask about your business, it will all feel much more natural for you when it happens in real life.

You can stand in front of a mirror or just imagine the person there with you.  I used to practice with the dog.  He was of course always willing to help out, especially if it meant a treat.

This exercise will help you get into the mindset of already being successful in your business.

Make sure you’re also talking positively about your business to yourself

It’s also really important that you talk in a positive way about your business to yourself.  Think of all that mind chatter going on inside your head all day long.   Check in regularly with what it’s saying.  Keep it super positive and supporting you in creating a life and business you love.

If you catch yourself with negative mind chatter going on Spot it and Swap it. You simply swap it for something more positive.

Here are a couple of examples:

I’m not making enough money SWAP IT TO I am making some money (focus on what you have rather than what you want and haven’t got) and I have things in place to bring in more money.

I don’t know how to promote my business, I don’t know what I’m doing – SWAP IT TO I can learn how to promote my business and it’s okay that I don’t know everything yet, I can learn and I can ask for help from people who do know.

Try to avoid swaps like this – I’m not making enough money TO I’m rich and I’m making loads of money.  Your subconscious mind will simply reject this thought.

You’re looking to find a better feeling thought.

Shift your mindset to success

Try using affirmations for business success to keep your thoughts positive, using affirmations consistently really helps to shift your mindset so that your thoughts and that self-talk support you in your business.

You can use EFT -Emotional Freedom Techniques to help release negative emotions, energy, and beliefs and shift your energy to positive.  This is a super easy technique to learn and you can do it on your own.  Check out my EFT videos where you can join in with me and ask if you have a specific video request.

Try Hypnosis downloads.  I’ve found that listening to these downloads before bed or even at the start of the day to be really beneficial.  The downloads get into your subconscious and shift your beliefs when used consistently over a period of time.  Check out the Hypnosis downloads I specifically recommend for business success.

How to be positive about your business – Recap

Keep your focus on the positives in your business and when people ask you about your business, tell then something positive that’s going on.

  • Start off with getting clear and grab those downloads I recommended Ideal Business Workbook and the LOA Business Planner
  • Keep a success journal to focus your attention on your successes and keep you motivated
  • Try using MY GOAL FOR THE WEEK…
  • Practice role-playing the conversation ahead of time
  • Keep your own mind chatter positive
  • Work on your mindset with affirmations, EFT and hypnosis downloads

That’s it, you’ve got so much in your business success mindset toolbox now.  You’ll be ready and prepared with a super positive reply that you can absolutely feel proud of the next time someone asks “How’s business?”

Learn how to talk about your business in a positive way even if it sucks right now.  When you are able to be positive about your business, you add positive energy to the business helping to use the law of attraction to create the business you want.
Stay positive about your business – Create the business you want.

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