7 personal business goals to improve your life and business

Personal business goals not only improve your business, they also improve your overall life. Your personal business goals are different to your normal business goals, they focus on your personal development, help you to become the very best version of you and they’ll make a big difference in all areas of your life as well as your business.

There are a whole range of personal business goals you may choose to work on.  I’ve put together a list of 7 that I encourage you to work on.

I’ll give you tips and further reading where possible to help you achieve each goal.

My advice is to pick the goal you think will make the biggest difference, work on that particular personal business goal for a while, until you feel you’ve really improved in this area before you move onto another of the goals.

7 Personal Business goals

Now as I said, try to work on one (or two) goals at a time to avoid overwhelm.  It’s better to make real, long-lasting changes and it takes a few months rather than try to do them all at one, get overwhelmed and then drop them all.

And as with any good advice, these tips will only make a difference to you if you actually apply them.

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1. Improve your confidence

Let’s face it, a lack of confidence really impacts our life and business. Improving your confidence will really show in your business and it will just help you to feel so much more positive in all areas of your life.

One of the simplest ways to improve your confidence is to practice deep breathing.  I know this sounds ridiculously simple but to take a couple of minutes to slowly breathe in through your nose, hold for a few seconds and then slowly breathe out will really help you to feel calm and more confident.  Breathe in confidence and breathe out negative emotions and beliefs.

Take small steps to get familiar with things that you lack confidence in – Example: If you lack confidence in public situations, such as parties, networking events… Step out of your comfort zone for just a very short time.  There’s no rule that says you have to attend the entire event – Make yourself known to the organiser and let them know you can only stay for a short time.  Give yourself a set time to stay, maybe 30 minutes or even less to start.

Role play is a fantastic way to get more comfortable with things and this brings confidence – Example: If you have to make calls to prospective clients about your business or take calls where you need to give information about your business, find a trusted friend or family member to role play with and practice this kind of call.  If this feels awkward with someone you know, get in touch and we can arrange a role play session.  It’s powerful stuff, it’s your chance to get it wrong, get muddled and move onto getting it spot on so that you feel super confident.

Also, read 6 ways to boost your confidence and Improve your confidence in just 15 minutes

2. Get really good at making decisions

So many people waste such a lot of time and energy making decisions and a lot of the time these decisions really don’t impact your life or business very much.

I have 2 really powerful and really simple tips to help you become a really good decision maker.

  1. Download and print out the free ideal business workbook and work through the ideal life and ideal business exercises.
  2. Once you’re super clear about what your ideal life and business are, you can simply ask yourself “Is this a match for my ideal business/life?”  every time you are faced with a decision.  If it’s a match, do it – If it’s not, say “No” to it and move on, staying focused on creating your ideal life.

Another power question is “Do I want this?”

The most simple questions are the best.

3. Be a GET IT DONE kind of person

Wouldn’t it be great if you could honestly say, “I’m the kind of person who gets’s the most important things done.”

In other words, you kick procrastination to the kerb.

Again, know what’s really important to you – Use the Ideal Business Workbook.

Decide on your most important tasks on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis and make it a habit of doing the most important task first each day.

Read do your most important tasks first

4. Leave the past behind and focus on the present

I wasn’t sure when I wrote this sub-heading what to write.  I originally wrote -‘Focus on the future’ and whilst this is great advice, I believe it’s better advice to focus on the present and this is why.

The past is over, we can never go back and change it, the future is yet to happen, but it’s right now in the present that we make a difference.

It’s our actions right now that create our future, so let’s work with that.

If you feel that your past is holding you back now, I highly recommend the Hypnosis download pack – Healing the past You can purchase the entire pack or choose individual downloads.  I love these downloads and they’re really great value.  When I use them, I tend to listen to the download at bedtime.  They’re really relaxing as well as being powerful tools to shift your beliefs.

5. Be responsible

I remember a long time ago being asked the question “Are you taking full responsibility for your own actions?”

Immediately I said, “Yes, of course.”  Later I really thought about the question and I realised I really wasn’t.  I blamed other people for the financial situation I was in at the time, for my marriage ending, for being overweight…

The reality was, I wasn’t taking responsibility for myself, my actions or my life.

So I want you to ask yourself the same question and be really honest with yourself.

Once you acknowledge that you’re not taking responsibility, you’re half way there.

I always like to give you examples, so let me share my wake up with my financial situation.

Back in 2012, I was around £7000 in debt.  I had split up from my now ex-husband and my son and I moved from our life together in Spain to return to the UK with my family.

Prior to moving into my rented home, I had no real experience as an adult in managing my home finances.  I went on to make silly mistakes, paid over the odds for things, tried to keep up with my sister’s who had much more money than I did and generally said yes to far too many things that I should have said no to.

What I realised was that I’d been blaming anyone and anything other than myself.

It was a big wake-up call for me when I realised that actually whilst certain circumstances added to my situation, I was the only one really responsible for my financial situation at that time.

And do you know what? Once I worked that out I felt so empowered.  It’s definitely not about blaming yourself, it’s about acknowledging what’s happened and making positive changes moving forward, taking FULL responsibility.

So are you taking FULL responsibility for your own life and business?

6. Manage stress well

Stress is a part of life and business for most of us but it can really block your success and it makes you feel terrible.

I knew stress was a problem but it was only when I took my EFT master practitioner training that it really hit home.   I realised that most of us have high levels of stress, way too high, but because we’ve become so used to it, it’s only when the levels push up super high that we notice.

When you consistently work on your stress levels, you feel better, calmer, you’re more productive and you’re able to think clearly.

  •  Practice regular EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Try meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hypnosis for relaxation – Read Relaxation Techniques from the Hypnosis downloads team.

Read 3 ways to quickly release stress from right her on the blog.

Even if you don’t feel particularly stressed I highly recommend you spend time working on reducing stress.  It’s a sneaky block to success if not dealt with.

7. Focus on your health and wellbeing

I have a lot of business friends and I have to tell you that the vast majority of us are not prioritising health and wellbeing.  Yes, I’m definitely guilty of this one.

I have to really push myself to leave the laptop alone and get out and exercise.

  • Plan ahead and get organised so that you eat reasonably healthy – Read Meal planning for better work life balance
  • Schedule in exercise or build short exercise blasts into your day – You don’t need to do an hour all in one go

Even if you’re not keen on exercise and love chocolate, paying attention to your health and wellbeing really pays off.

When we feel healthy, we have so much more energy and focus on creating a life and business we love.

Let’s do a recap – Personal business goals

Choose one or two at a time to really focus on. Over the next few months I encourage you to work on all of these goals, they really will make a huge difference.

  • Boost your confidence
  • Get really good at decision making
  • Leave the past and focus on the present
  • Take full responsibility in your own life and business
  • Learn how to manage stress effectively (even if you don’t feel that stressed)
  • Focus on your health and wellbeing

Master all of these over the next 12 months and you’ll see big differences in your life and business.

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7 personal business goals to improve your life and business



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