Find your LOA Business Number and let it guide you to success

Are you ready to find out what your LOA Business Number is?

I’m going to teach you how to find your LOA Business number.  I’ll explain why this is so important for you and how to let it guide you to success.

First, let me tell you a little story.  It’s not business related but it will help you understand why knowing your LOA (law of attraction) number is important.

I first learned about my LOA number during my law of attraction practitioners training and it was like a magic light bulb went off in my life.  I was seriously like, this makes life so much easier.

There was a person in my life that I really struggled with, I wanted us to be close but it never seemed to happen.  I almost felt that she didn’t like me a lot of the time but she was someone I needed to spend a lot of time with.

What I realized was my LOA number was much higher than hers (basically I was emotionally a much more positive person) and we were not a vibrational match for each other.

Once I realized that we just weren’t on the same frequency, our relationship actually improved.  I was able to just be myself and understand that we were at different levels.  So if she seemed like she was annoyed with me or didn’t like me, that was okay.  It allowed me to stay true to myself and not feel bad about the relationship.

So let’s take a look now at how your LOA business number works and can guide you to success.

How to find your LOA Business Number

There’s no rocket science here.  And I have to admit, to a certain extent it comes down to guess work and that’s okay. It’s important to understand also that your LOA business number can change.

Think of a scale from 1 to 10 – 1 would be that you feel super negative about your business and 10 means you feel super positive.

You can use the LOA Business Vibes Scale to find your LOA number too.

Where do you place yourself on the business vibes scale? Your vibes massively impact your business and whether people want to do business with you or not.

What I encourage you to do here is be really honest with where you are right now.  If you do feel quite negative about your business and yourself within that business, it’s okay.  It’s just where you are right now and you can change that.

The important thing is to start with your LOA Business Number now.

Why is your LOA Business Number important?

Here’s why.  Once you know your number, you’ll be able to focus on people who are at the same level or slightly higher than you and stay at your level when you’re with people who are at a lower level to you.

NOTE: The people at a lower level may well be your clients.

The energy in your business is really important as is the way you feel about your business.  The more positive you feel, the easier it is to attract the business you want.

When you’re aware of your number and other people’s numbers, it’s easier for you to stay positive and also become more positive.

I warn you though, if you’re anything like me, giving people LOA numbers gets a bit obsessive.  And it’s a good idea to keep this information about others to yourself.  People don’t like being told their number.

So let’s now look at how we can use your LOA Business Number.

Find your tribe of business friends

I thnk we all need business friends.  These are the people who really get what we’re trying to achieve and they’ll support us along the way.  These can be people you know on a personal level or even online.

get the right people and they’ll help you along your road to success.  Get the wrong people and they could keep you stuck.

Here’s an example of a mismatch of business friends

Susan runs a small home-based business, she’s just starting out and whilst she’s very enthusiastic, she currently has a lot of doubt and feels very unsure about her own ability to be successful in business.  Susan’s probably around a 5 on the scale right now.

Jane has been in business for 20 years and feels like it’s a real drain now.  Jane feels tied to the business and profits have dropped drastically.  She’s vocal about how bad business is.  Jane is probably right at the lower end of the scale at around 1 or 2.

Sophie has been in business for a few years and is now seeing good success.  Her business is consistently growing and she enjoys her business on a daily basis, she enjoys talking about her business and talking to others about their business.  She’s always pleased to hear about other people’s successes.  Sophie is probably around 8 on the scale, maybe even higher.

Let’s look specifically at Susan who is in the middle (Number 5).  Susan could easily get dragged down by Jane and she could find herself feeling more negative and more doubtful after spending time with Jane.

At number 5, Susan would do well to seek out other business people who are number 5 (same level) or higher.  Susan would definitely benefit from spending time with someone like Sophie who is at a higher level.

Your tribe should help you stay positive. Try joining groups online where people who are achieving the things you want to achieve hang out.  Try a group out and watch out for the LOA numbers of the people in the group.  Seek out people at your level or higher in this situation.

Find a few really positive role models who are at a higher level

Learn from people who are at a higher level and allow them to bring you up the scale to that higher level.  Whenever you spend any time with them, interact with them or even read something about them, do it with the intention of moving higher up the scale (moving to a higher LOA Business Number).

Sometimes when people are at a lower level, they try to bring other people to their level, so that they feel more comfortable.  Be aware of this, it’s quite a natural thing to do and we often do it without realizing and certainly without being mean.  Always have the intention of staying positive.

Stick with your LOA Business when people around you are at a lower number

Most people who now have a high LOA Business Number also spent time at a much lower level, I definitely did.  And I’m going to be totally honest with you, I still have days when my number drops down quite low.  I tend to be quiet on social media on those days so that my energy doesn’t rub off on others.  Instead, I seek out people at a high level and focus on raising my number again.

A lot of the time, you’ll find your clients may be at a lower level to you and that’s great.  This gives you the opportunity to help them raise their own number.

People who seek you out want you to help bring their number up.  It’s important to also understand that some people want to be at the number they’re at and they’re not ready to move, please don’t try to force them, that’s not how it works.

The important thing for you to remember is that you need to stick at your own LOA number and try to push yourself up higher when you’re around people with a lower number.

You can just simply say to yourself “This person is at a lower number to me and that’s okay.  I’ll stay at my level and hopefully, I can help them to raise their number.”

Also, know that it’s okay for you to be at a higher number.  What I’ve noticed and I’ve fallen into this trap myself, is that when we’re around someone who is complaining about business not going well, it’s easy to get drawn into the negative talk.  This is not helpful to you or the other person.

One phrase I’ve found helpful to say to myself is “That’s not my truth.”

So instead of getting drawn into a negative conversation, shift it to something positive.


Negative – Business is so slow at the minute. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep going if things don’t change.

You could offer advice – share something that is helping you to attract more business “I’ve been attending a local business networking event recently and I’ve managed to pick up a few new clients that way, perhaps you could give it a try.  You’re welcome to come along with me…”


“Are you using social media at all, I’ve found it’s a great way to gain interest in the business?”

If you can’t think of anything positive to share or you start to feel your own number dropping, remove yourself from the situation and seek out others with numbers to match your own.

Let’s do a recap – LOA Business Number

Use your LOA Number to guide you to success.

  • Find out what your LOA Business Number is
  • Find business friends with the same number or higher who you can hang out with on a regular basis
  • When you’re with people who are at a lower level, your priority is to keep your own level high and don’t allow yourself to drop to match their level – Allow them to be where they are and maybe you’ll even help them to move up to a higher number.

The higher your LOA business number, the easier it is for you to attract the things you want in your business.

Try this: Grab your LOA Business Planning Pack. This is a fantastic way to feel really positive about your business now and the business your building on a daily basis.

LOA Business Number - Find out what you law of attraction business number is and use it to help guide you to success.

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