What are your business vibes and are they blocking success or welcoming it in?

Your business vibes determine how people feel about you and your business and what you are a match for attracting.

This is the key to attracting the business you desire.

In this post, I’ll explain what your business vibes are and why they are so important to your business success.

I’ll also, share 3 powerful exercises to help you raise your vibes and be more of a match for attraction your ideal business.

1. What are Vibes?

I’m going to keep this super simple, your vibes or vibrations are energy.  You could also say it’s the frequency you’re on.

Let me give you an example: When you buy a new radio and you want to listen to a specific station, you change the frequency until you reach the desired station.

Then if you want to listen to a different station, then you change the frequency again.

That’s pretty simple, right?

Your vibes work the same way.  Your vibes can only be positive or negative at any given time.  They can shift between positive and negative really quickly.  And the way you can tell is by the way you feel.

If you feel positive, then your vibrations will be positive.

Now imagine throwing a pebble into a pond.  The ripples spread out from where the pebble hits and spreads out across the pond.

That’s how your vibrations work too.  Imagine yourself at the center of your business and your vibes spread out around you and throughout your business.  Even if your business spreads across the entire world.

If you feel negative about yourself and your business, the vibes (vibrations that you send out to anyone connected to your business are negative.

The same is true when you send out positive vibes, they spread throughout your business and people feel positive about your business.

Which of these situations do you imagine attracts more success?

Of course, it’s the business spreading positive vibes.

Now here’s a little law of attraction fact for you – The law of attraction can ONLY give you what you are a VIBRATIONAL match for.

Take a moment to really take that in.  The law of attraction can only give you what you are a vibrational match for.

And that, right there is why it’s so important for you to be sending out positive vibes about yourself and your business.

2. Where are your business vibes right now?

You are where you are and that’s okay.  What we need to do is establish where you are on the business vibes scales right now. Only then can you work on raising your vibes so that you are more and more of a match for the business you want.

Where do you place yourself on the business vibes scale? Your vibes massively impact your business and whether people want to do business with you or not.

Where do you place yourself on the business vibes scale right now?  Remember you can judge this by the way you feel.

Be honest with yourself.  If you feel like a complete failure right now and feel like there is no hope for the future of your business, put yourself at a 1.  It’s where you are right now and it’s okay, it a temporary state, not fixed.

If you feel absolutely fantastic about your business and yourself, things are absolutely amazing and getting better every single day, this is the life and business you dreamed of, well you’re nicely placed at number 10.

My guess is that you’re somewhere in the middle maybe even in the negative half of the business vibes scale.  Again, it’s okay.  It’s just where you are right now and it’s temporary. Just write your business vibes number down now.

Because in a moment, I’m going to share powerful tips to raise your vibrations.

First I want to give you an example of how vibes work in a business.

An example of how your vibes impact your business

Follow along with my little story.

In a small village where the people are very busy and work very hard for their money, there are two shops.  These shops are side by side on the main street in the village.  Both shops sell exactly the same every day essentials and the prices in each shop are the same.

The shops are owned by two sisters, Liz and Alice.

Liz, hates working the long hours in the shop and is bored doing the same thing every day.  She feels frustrated and often annoyed witht the customers that come into the shop.  If someone comes in and spends a very small amount of money, she is annoyed that they are so stingy and she feels like they have wasted her time.  She is constanty looking at the clock and waiting for the relief of being able to shut the shop.  

Alice, loves getting up every morning to open up her shop, she greets every single customer with a smile and cheery hello and is always happy to help in any way she can, she loves getting to know the people who come into her shop and feels like she’s helping the people of the village.  She takes good care of the shop and loves it to look nice.  She’s grateful for every single sale no matter how small.

Now, remember that the shops are side by side, sell exactly the same everyday items and prices are the same in both shops.  Which of these two shops would you most like to shop in?

I’m guessing you chose Alice’s shop.  I would.  And so would most other people.  Alice’s business vibes are positive and she’ll attract more and more people to her little shop.

Liz, whilst she may attract certain people, will mostly attract far fewer people and the feel in the shop will be negative.

These comparisons are quite obvious I think. But what about this scenario.

A not so obvious example of how your vibes impact your business

Alice still feels the same about her shop and her business vibes are positive. Alice is confident in her abilities to run a successful business, she believes people like her and they want to spend their money in her shop.

Liz loves her shop and wants it to be really successful, but she doubts herself.  She worries that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing and is quite shy when customers come in, she’s always pleasant to them but she constantly wishes more people would come in and spend more money.  When people come into the shop and only spend a small amount, she’s grateful for it but worries that the people don’t spend enough…

This is a slightly more subtle difference.  On the surface, both sister’s run a good shop and are pleasant to their customers but Alice is far more of a match for creating a long-term successful business.  Liz’s business vibes are still negative and she’ll be blocking the success she desires.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do, all add up to create your vibes.

Work on them and shift your business vibes to positive.

3 ways to raise your business vibes - Your business vibes can block success or welcome it in.

3 tips to raise your business vibes

Keep your focus on what’s already going well

Okay, so you might not have your perfect business just yet, but I’m pretty sure there are a whole load of things that are already going well right now in your business.

When I’ve done this exercise with clients, they are often shocked at just how much is already going well.  But they’d almost been blind to them because they had been so focused on what wasn’t working.

Let’s say your sales target for the week is £2000.  You work 5 days and you’re aiming for £400 daily. You work from 8am until 4pm and by 1pm on the 3rd day you’ve only made £500.  Focus on the sales you HAVE MADE, focus on the money you’ve already made and be grateful for it.  Keep your focus on this rather than the money you haven’t made.

Positive – So far I’ve made £500.  More sales are on the way and I’m ready.

Negative – I’ve only made £500, I’ll never make enough sales (your focus is on LACK)

When you put your focus on LACK or anything else you don’t want, this is what you are a match for.  Shift your focus to what is going well, even if it’s not as you want it.

Try this: Sit down for the next 10-15 minutes and write down everything that’s going well in your business, think about everything you do and all aspects of your business.

Do the ideal business exercise

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Taking the time to do these exercises is powerful – put your focus on what you want.

Use affirmations

Aim for better feeling affirmations (positive statements) rather than big unbelievable leaps.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Liz thinks she’s not very good at running a business.

A Giant leap affirmation would be “I’m fantastic at running a successful business.

Some people might respond well to this kind of affirmation but I’ve done a lot of Muscle Testing over the years and I’ve found that affirmations like this are rejected as lies and can actually make the situation feel more negative.

A better feeling affirmation could be – I’m constantly learning how to run a successful business, I ask for help and seek out the information, people and training I need to succeed.

This is a much better, much more positive affirmation.

It’s believable and you can take positive action to support this affirmation and a new way of positive thinking.

Affirmations like this are more easily accepted by the subconscious mind and when that happens, your subconscious mind will support you in making this a reality.

With the big leap affirmations, what normally happens is your subconscious mind says “This is a lie” puts up danger flags and blocks the things you need to make it a reality.

Let’s do a recap

  • Are your business vibes are positive or negative?
  • Use your emotions to judge where you are on the Business Vibes Scale
  • Raise your business vibes – Focus on what’s going well now, do the ideal business exercise, and practice believable better feeling affirmations.

Keep that image of you at the center of your business and your positive energy spreading out to everyone you come into contact with during your business day.  Also, know that your vibes have a knack of reaching unexpected people who can help you in your business.

Keep your business vibes positive and if you catch any negative vibes going on, just stop and make a shift back to positive.

Are your business vibes blocking success or welcoming it in?

Wendy Tomlinson

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