3 quick and easy ways to reduce stress

Today I want to share 3 easy  tips to quickly and effectively reduce stress in your life.  Now before I share my tips, I want to just talk to you a minute about why this is so important.

3 ways to quickly reduce stress in your life.

As an experienced life coach, I thought I knew how much of a negative impact stress has on our lives.  However,  when I trained as an EFT Master Practitioner back in 2014, I was shocked when I realized just how big a deal it is and I’m not just talking about that high-level stress.  Most of us have a fair amount of stress in our day to day life and it can really mess things up for us.

It can make us feel ill even actually make us very ill.

Make us very negative to be around and feel really negative about life.

And it can seriously BLOCK the things we want to attract and achieve in our life.

These tips to reduce stress quick and easy so they can effectively be used regularly.  Stress isn’t something that we can deal with just once and it never returns, so I would recommend using these tips regularly to ensure you keep your stress levels in check so that you can really get on with enjoying life.

Reduce stress by simple deep breathing

It doesn’t get more simple that this does it?  You can do it anywhere and anytime.  Just a few slow and deep breaths will quickly start to reduce your stress levels and calm your mind.

A positive mantra you can say to yourself as you do this is “Breathe in Positive energy – Breathe out negative energy.”

A quick way to effectively reduce stress. Take a nice deep, slow breath in and out and repeat Breath in Positive energy and breathe out negative energy.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to reduce stress

EFT is a powerful technique that you can easily use yourself.  I’ve included two EFT videos below.

I recommend that you follow the Quick EFT Stress Buster daily (several times a day if needed) if you are feeling particularly stressed.  I actually do this most days even if I’m not feeling stressed as often we’re not aware that we are stressed.

I think of it a bit like brushing my teeth.  I do this in the morning and at night and maybe in between to keep my teeth nice and clean and my breath smelling nice.

I do my EFT daily to ensure my stress levels stay really low and my energy flows without blocks.

EFT Quick Stress Buster (recommended daily)

Stressed out, EFT Session

This session is a little longer and goes into how to use EFT to reduce stress in your life.  This video will get you thinking about what is causing the stress and releasing it.

Listen to hypnosis downloads to reduce stress

Hypnosis takes a bit longer and you will have to buy the downloads but in my opinion, it’s well worth the investment.  I recommend hypnosis downloads (affiliate link) and I’ve been using this company myself for several years now.

The download I recommend to reduce stress is The Complete Stress Management Package

I like to listen to downloads at night when I’m settled in bed. This way it’s not eating into my time during the day.  However, if I feel I really need to work on something I do also try to find time in the morning to listen.

The downloads are incredibly relaxing to listen which is lovely but they also really do help to do the job they are targeting in the specific download.

So those are my top tips for effectively reducing stress in your life.  Give them a try and let me know how you get on.

Also, let me know if you have other ways you like to use to reduce stress.


Reduce stress quickly and easily
Reduce Stress

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  1. Breathing deeply can be really helpful. I have a hard time breathing deeply, so I have to really focus in order to do it, which takes my mind off the stress.

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