6 Ways to Boost your Confidence

Increase your confidence with these 6 tipsDo you need a confidence boost? These are powerful ways to quickly boost your confidence.

I think we do all need a confidence boost from time to time.  I know I do.  Sometimes we can even be really confident in one area of our life and then lack confidence in other areas or maybe there’s an event coming up that is taking you out of your confidence comfort zone, these tips will help.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as the name suggests free’s you of negative emotions. We can use EFT to release negative feelings/emotions and build in positive emotions, such as feeling more confident.  Below I’m sharing my EFT for Confidence video but I recommend you start off with some de-stress tapping (even if you don’t feel stressed.

Watch and tap-a-long with the EFT to De-stress video first.

Then tap a-long with the EFT For Confidence video below

Confidence Boost #2 ~ Do the Power Pose

The way you hold yourself is important and it certainly sends a message out to other people around you.  In the video below Amy Cuddy explains the effect the power pose has on the way we feel.

I absolutely love this video.  Thanks Amy.

Confidence Boost #3 ~ Hypnosis downloads for confidence

Please note: Affiliate links included here.  I share with because I love the product and want to share it with you.

I love Hypnosis downloads and over the years I’ve used them for all kinds of things to help improve my own life.  You can use them over and over again and listen to them in the comfort of your own home.  I often use them as I’m going to sleep at night.

The download pack I’d like to recommend to you is Quick Confidence Pack

Note: This is an affiliate link and I’m so proud to be an affiliate for hypnosis downloads because I believe in them 100% and I use them in my own life.  I wouldn’t recommend them to you otherwise.

This is a really powerful way to reprogram your subconscious mind and as an added bonus these downloads are super relaxing which is always a plus in my book.

Confidence Boost #4  ~ Affirmations for confidence

Affirmations are positive statements we can say to ourselves.  If you are lacking in confidence, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with that negative self chatter that goes on inside your head.  Boy do we say mean things to ourselves when we lack confidence.

Read this post that I wrote with tips for using affirmations to boost your confidence 

Confidence Boost #5 ~ Visualize yourself confident

Think of someone who is confident, how do they behave, how do the speak, how do they carry themselves..?  How would you behave if you felt really confident.  In your mind put yourself into a situation where you don’t normally feel confident,  Then imagine the super confident you and how you handle the situation.

Confidence Boost #6 ~ Role play your way to more confidence

Role play is not just for kids.  It’s a really powerful way to help your subconscious mind get used to situations were you would normally lack confidence.

You’ve already done your visualizing, so you have a pretty good picture of how you would behave if you felt confident.

If you can, get someone to role play with you or do it alone, ideally in front of a mirror.

Go over it and over it as you want it to be.  The more you get comfortable with this in your mind, the easier it will all feel in reality.

I hope you’ve found these tips to boost your confidence helpful.  

Over to you ~ Do some of these tips appeal to you more than others? If so why? Or do you just love them all?  What are you going to do to boost your confidence?

Love and happiness

Wendy xx

Your level of confidence impacts all areas of life. Here are 6 of my top tips to boost your confidence.

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