EFT tapping I am successful – Clearing resistance and raising your vibrations

I am successful EFT tapping session, to help you clear resistance, blocks and raise your vibrations to allow yourself to be successful.

This is a powerful EFT and Affirmation session that I recommend you join in with regularly.

Simply watch the video and join in with the tapping.  Tap with me and repeat the statements that I say. Enjoy.

I am successful EFT tapping session

Back this EFT session up throughout the day

I am successful is a powerful affirmation in its own right.  Use it as you go through the day – This will help to reprogram your mind for success.  You can write it down, say it to yourself, shout it out loud, pop it on post-it notes around your home and come back to the EFT video regularly to keep raising your vibes and clearing any lingering resistance.

EFT tapping tips

  • Try drinking a glass of water before and after tapping to help stay hydrated and help with the energy flow.  Pop a post-it note to your glass or bottle with “I am successful on”
  • Get up and move around as you tap, especially during the raise your vibes round.
  • Enjoy it. The more you allow yourself to enjoy the EFT session the better. Your feelings are key to law of attraction success.
  • It’s always time really well spent so go ahead and dedicate plenty of time to EFT.

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EFT tapping - I am successful



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  1. Dear Wendy, Thank you so much for the EFT affirmation “My Business is Successful” and the video to do the EFT. I have been practicing abundance for many years using “Pyra Cards” but the success manifestation has not happened. I have started doing EFT seeing your video and my friend’s help on how to do EFT. My gratitude to you for this selfless act of making this video and the “manifesting success” – 5 part small video series.

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