How to succeed in business even if some people don’t get what you do.

The bottom line is that for some of us in business, not everyone will get what we do.  Here’s how to succeed in business anyway.

I want to tell you about Abraham Hicks.  As a law of attraction practitioner, I’m very familiar with The Teachings of Abraham and most people who study the law of attraction or are even just a little interested in it will have come across Esther Hicks.  Esther, who stands on stage and shares the teachings of Abraham.  I mean this is big in my business.

However, when I first came across a video of Esther Hicks is was baffled.  I didn’t get it at all and if I’m honest I thought it was all a bit weird.

Years later I went on to study the law of attraction and came across Abraham-Hicks again and this time it made sense to me.

What’s the point of this story?

The point of this story is that “It’s okay if people don’t get what you do.”

My family really don’t have much of an idea of what I do, nor do most of my friends.  Most of them have never heard of the law of attraction and EFT just looks weird and most aren’t in business for themselves so they’re not really interested in learning how I can help people achieve their goals in business.

Sometimes to keep things simple when people ask what I do I say “I’m a life coach.” The response to that more than once is…

  • So you’re like an Agony Aunt?
  • NO!
  • So you help people who are screwed up, you know like down and outers!
  • NO! Although I would be more than happy, that’s not generally who I work with.

My clients are people who do know what they want and they fully intend to achieve whatever it is they want.  A coaches job is to bring out the very best in people to help them BE THEIR BEST and Achieve what they want.

UPDATE: In 2017, I gave up my coaching business and now focus completely on creating content, mostly via my blogs and through creating downloads.  Do people get what I do now, more than they did before?  NOPE!

And you know what, it really doesn’t matter.

Find your own path, find your own people, there are millions of paths to success. #entrpreneur #Success Wendy Tomlinson #Quote

Just make sure your ideal clients DO get what you can do for them.

My family is not the people I want to work with and neither are most of my friends.  So it’s okay that they don’t get the full picture.  They understand I help people achieve their goals in life and business and that’s enough.  I share the odd story about the successes my clients have had.  And yes, they do pass this information along to others which is always nice.

You don’t need your family and friends to understand your business to achieve success in business.

What is important though is that my ideal clients know what I can do and it’s important that your ideal clients know what you have to offer them.


How to attract your ideal clients

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Spend your time communicating your message to your ideal clients.

To succeed in business – Take some time to work out who your ideal clients are.  Some people recommend you have a detailed description of your ideal client, down to his or her name, dress size, number of kids, the car they drive…

Personally, I don’t think that is necessary.

Let me give you an example:

My Ideal clients are ready to commit to positive changes to improve their life and/or business.  They appreciate the value of working with me, they are a pleasure to work with either on my courses or one to one and they stay connected with me long term.  They want to create a life and /or business they love and enjoy the journey.  They are willing to put in time and effort into making that happen and they are open to and often already interested in the law of attractions power and techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

I have quite a lot more on my Ideal Client description, but I’m sure this gives you an idea.

Find your people and find your own voice

Find your own people.  Where will they hang out? Is it at networking events, is it on a particular group on Facebook? Is it on LinkedIn?  Do you need to go out to

The best way for me to advise you to be successful in a noisy world is to find your own unique voice.

During my law of attraction training, one of the other students asked: “Does the world need another law of attraction practitioner?” The reply was a clear “Yes!”

It’s YES because of our own unique voice and style.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shop owner, a blogger, a coach, a writer, a fitness instructor… it’s YOU that makes a difference to separates you from all of the other people in your profession.

Be Yourself… Be Unique… Be Successful

You have what it takes to succeed in business.



How to succeed in business - You don't need to follow the crowd to be successful in business - Be yourself, do your own thing...  #Business #success

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