Clarity Exercise And EFT Session For When You’ve Got Too Much Going On

Do you feel like you’ve got so much going on that you don’t know what to focus on or can’t focus on anything?

You’re not alone.  Today I have an EFT video and Clarity Exercise that will help you to gain clarity and focus.

EFT video to gain clarity when you have too much going on

In this video, I start off with a grounding round to clear the mind of unwanted clutter or stress talk. Then we do some rounds tapping to gain focus and clarity.

Tap along with me and at the end of this post, I’ll explain how you can request an EFT video.

FREE workbook

If you haven’t already, download my FREE Ideal Business workbook.  I designed this especially to help you gain clarity and focus in your business.


Clarity Exercise To Decide What To Focus On

Step 1: Work out your MUST DO task that are non-negotiable

Step 2: List your daily routine tasks that are essential

Cut out any clutter that’s not a match for your ideal business – Ideal life

Step 3: List all other tasks that you want to work on – Include tasks that have been started but not yet complete.  Watch the video to decide how to find your priority tasks. You’ll compare each item and ask which is most important.

Step 4: Focus on no more than 3 tasks – FInd your top 3 tasks and don’t add another until you have completed one.

Watch the video

I hope you’ve found this post super helpful.  Please do ask if you have any questions.

How to request an EFT video

EVery week, usually Monday or Tuesday I try to add a new EFT video.  If you have a request just let me know.  Just make it clear that it’s an EFT request otherwise I may not realise.  The best thing to do is leave a comment on this Facebook post otherwise just add a comment below asking for an EFT video to help with… (whatever you want).

Add your EFT video requests

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FREE Ideal Business Workbook

EFT video and clarity exercise with download to print out - This is specifically for you if you don't know what to focus on because you've got too much going on.

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