Weekly Goal Setting for Business Success

Time to talk Weekly Goal Setting For Business Success – How to set them and how to achieve them.

When you’ve got your business goals planned out each and every week, you’ll know exactly what to work on each day. You’ll also stay super focused on your most important long-term goals because we’re going to tie them all in together.

Start with your big picture

Before you can set your weekly business goals, you first need to get clear about your long-term goals (your ideal business goals).

You can download a free copy of the Ideal Business Workbook – This special workbook will give you real clarity and focus for your long-term business goals.

You can then create your yearly business goals.

From there, you’ll create your Monthly Business Goals. This is all about looking at the big picture, creating a big goal and then breaking it down into smaller and smaller goals.

Your weekly goals should move you closer to achieving your monthly goals and your monthly goals should move you closer to achieving your yearly goals.

An example of creating smaller weekly business goals.

One of my goals this year is to build my Email list up to over 2000 subscribers.

Each month I break this goal down – Something like this – I will have over 1000 subscribers on my mailing list by the end of this month.

Break it down again (smaller goal within a bigger goal) – I will increase my email subscribers to over 800 this week.

This is now my KEY WEEKLY GOAL.

Schedule time to work on your goals

Now’s the time to grab your calendar and diary and plan out your week.

  • Using your calendar, mark out all appointments and time specific events (personal and business)
  • Next, add in specific times where you will work on key goals (I encourage you to do these as early in the day as possible)
  • Remember to schedule in your personal life too.  I’m a firm believer that the most successful people build their ideal life alongside their ideal business.
  • Also, add in the things that are on your to-do list that really need to get done this week.  For example, take the car for a service, book appointment at the dentist

Create your action plan for the week

Setting weekly goals in your business is a complete waste of time without action – Your weekly business goals now need a clear action plan.

What do you need to do this week to achieve your key goals?

You’ll now create even smaller goals within your weekly business goals.

Example action plan

Let’s look at my goal to gain over 2000 email subscribers by the end of the year.

First I broke it down to my monthly goal – 1000 email subscribers

My weekly goal is to reach 800 subscribers.

Now rather than just having this numbers goal, I start asking, what do I need to do this week to achieve my goal of reaching 800 subscribers?

This is my action plan for the week

  • Send out 2 emails to my existing list
  • Update images on the Ideal Business workbook opt-in page
  • Promote the free opt-in offer on blog posts
  • Promote the free opt-in offer on social media

These form a really clear action plan to achieve my weekly goals.  Follow these tips to create your own weekly action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Prioritize your most important business goals

I know I keep going on about this but it’s so important for you to prioritize your most important goals.

We’re all so busy and juggling so many things in life and business.  The key to moving forward and achieving your long-term goals is to prioritize your key weekly goals.  Your key weekly goals are always a smaller goal that moves you closer to achieving your monthly goals/yearly goals and ultimately your ideal business goals.

Every single working day, prioritize your key goals.  If you do this consistently, you’ll soon see the progress you’re making and you’ll be moving closer and closer to your ideal business.

Weekly Goal Setting Checklist

For successful weekly goal setting and achieving your weekly goals follow these steps…

  1. Look at your big picture goals and break your goals down into yearly, monthly and weekly goals
  2. Create your action plan for the week based on your key goals
  3. Prioritize your most important goals

You’ve got this and I’m right here in your corner and supporting you all the way.

Pop over to the Morning Business Chat Facebook group – Share your weekly goals and your progress during the week.

Wendy xx

P.S.  Check out the Goal Setting For Business Success course.

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Wishing you every success.

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Weekly goal setting for business success - How to set and achieve your weekly business goals. It's all about breaking your big goals down so that you're consistently moving toward achieving your ideal business goals.

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