EFT Daily Goals Boost – Add positive energy to your goals

Use this EFT daily Goals Boost tapping script to clear negative energy (emotional blocks) and add positive energy to your goals.  I encourage you to follow this EFT script daily or at least on a regular basis to keep the positive energy flowing.  This will really help you to achieve your goals.

At the end of this post, you can download a free EFT GOAL SETTING checklist

For those of you who are new to EFT, it stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and we tap gently on meridian points.

As we tap on the points, we improve the energy flow in your body.  As we focus on and say something, we release negative energy and improve the positive energy.

EFT: Tap out the negative emotions and tap in the positives

I like to tap out the negatives and tap in the positives.

Example: Tap out, I’m struggling to achieve my goals or I’m struggling to stay focused on my goals.

Tap in, I can achieve all of my goals, I stay focused on my goals.

If you go a quick search on YouTube, you’ll find absolutely loads of videos, have a play about with them and find what resonates with you.  You can see my EFT video too.

You’ll notice that different people use different styles.  Even on my videos, some points I use are different and the style is different.  Go with whatever feels best for you.

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EFT Goal Boost - Free 30-day checklist to help you achieve your goals using EFT (emotional freedom techniques) - Tapping on meridian points to release negative energy and improve the positive energy.

For this EFT Daily Goals Boost session, I’m going to keep the points and the phrase really simple.  When you’re doing something daily and I encourage you to do it early on in the day, so I totally get that it’s not practical to spend 20+ minutes doing long sessions.

I encourage you to do 3 rounds of this session.

I’ll tell you the tapping points, then we’ll do 3 rounds.  The first is to tap out, the second is shifting to positive and the third is positive.

If you only have time to do one round, do the positive round.

At the end of this blog post, I’ll link to my a download that you can print out with the full script on and a 30-day checklist.

EFT Daily Goals Boost Tapping Points

Tap gently with your index finger and middle finger on the following points. It doesn’t matter which hand you use or which side you tap.

  • Top of the head
  • Forehead
  • Start of the eyebrow (the thick part)
  • Side of the eye
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • Collar bone
  • Under the arm
  • Side of the hand

This is a full round.

Daily Goals Boost Statements

I’m going to give you just one statement for each round.

Round 1 – I’m struggling to achieve my goals

Round 2 – I’m shifting my focus to success

Round 3 – I’m  a real goal getter now.

If you’ve got a bit extra time, repeat round three. You can also repeat round three throughout the day for an extra boost

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