One goal focus – What’s your priority business goal for this year?

What’s your priority business goal for this year?  Do you have one or are you still feeling a little unclear about what you want to achieve in your business?

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What's your ONE priority business goal? Click through for how to decide and how to achieve this goal.


How to decide on your one priority business goal for the year

Make a list of all the things you want to achieve this year.

Starting at the top of the list, simply work through them in order comparing two at a time.  Simply ask “Which goal is more important?”

You can also ask “Which goal will move me closer to achieving my ideal business?”

A little mindset tip to help you decide: Don’t necessarily choose what you think you should.  Allow yourself to be guided.  

My advice is to do some EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping to clear your mind first or spend some time visualizing your ideal business (imagine already having your ideal business).

EFT Tapping script to help choose your one priority business goal

Tap the side of the hand – I’m tapping to clear any resistance to achieving my business goals and I am now open to receive guidance. (repeat 3 times).

Continue to tap on the different points and say the statements

Top of the head – I release all resistance

Forehead – I allow myself to be guided

Start of the eyebrow – I release all resistance

Side of the eye – I allow myself to be guided

Under the eye – I release all resistance

Under the nose – I allow myself to be guided

Chin – I release all resistance

Collarbone – I allow myself to be guided

Under the arm – I release all resistance

Repeat from the top of the head.

Then simply ask for guidance when you do your list and decide on which of your goals is the most important.

What to do once you have your one priority business goal

Once you’ve got your one priority business goal, WRITE IT DOWN.

I recommend that you get yourself a nice notebook.  Write your priority goal on the first page.

Write it out as a SMART Goal

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time based.

Example: I will publish 100 new blog posts by the end of December. This is my goal.

I believe making sure your goal is measurable is essential.  If it’s not measurable, there’s no way of knowing how much progress you’re making or when you’ve actually achieved your goal.

Break your goal down

How can you break your goal down into smaller sections?  Think about what you would need to achieve on a monthly basis, weekly basis…

Example: Based on my own goal to publish 100 blog posts this year, I am aiming to write 2 or more posts every week. If I can write and schedule more than 2 posts weekly, this gives me a little breathing space, for when time is short or I’m away.

So, that’s another SMART GOAL – I will write a minimum of 2 blog posts this week.

This goal will simply be repeating weekly.

For other goals, you have different smaller goals to complete monthly/weekly.

How to stay focused on your one priority business goal on a daily basis.

Every single business day, I strongly encourage you to write you priority goal out fresh.  Write it at the top of a new page in your book and then ask yourself “What will I do today to move me closer to achieving my priority goal?”

Make your list for the day and get on with it.

NOTE: you may not need a list.  Don’t fall into the trap of overcomplicating your goal.

For example, for my blog post goal, today I simply had one thing on my list and that was simply to write and publish this blog post.

Now, of course, I could have written out something like this…

  1. Write first draft of blog post
  2. Edit post
  3. Add image
  4. Check SEO
  5. Publish
  6. Share on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… Blah, blah…

If it’s something you know how to do and you do it often, just get on and do it.  Don’t waste time and effort making complicated lists.

Daily mindset tip

Acknowledge and celebrate your successes, even if they seem really small.

At the end of the day, make sure that you acknowledge anything you’ve achieved that has moved you closer to your goal.

Affirmation – Today, I moved closer to achieving my priority business goal.

I encourage you to add any little notes in your book that encourage you.

Example:  Let’s say I write and publish a new blog post, share it and I get loads of shares and comments on that post. This is really positive so I could make a little note in my book.

This is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Affirmation - Today I moved closer to achieving my priority business goal - Click through for tips to help you achieve you one priority business goal.

Use a progress chart

Some goals lend themselves better to this idea.  I personally use an app called Raise the bar I’ve set my goals and the app will either give me a percentage of my progress or I can see the bar moving based on how many points on my list have been completed.

You can simply create a chart in your book too.  In my book, I have simply written my goal and as it’s a number goal – Publish 100 posts, I have simply written out the numbers 1 to 100.  I will simply tick off each number as I add new posts.

This gives you a visual of your progress which is great to keep you motivated.

Affirmation - I take every opportunity to work on my priority goal - Click through to read my tips on choosing and achieving your priority goal.

Make your priority business goal YOUR PRIORITY

I know this sounds obvious but seriously make sure that every business day, you do something to move you closer to achieving your priority business goal.

Of course, in business, we have a whole range of day to day activities to work on.  Make it your priority to work on your priority goal as early on in the day as possible and work on it for as long as possible each business day.

Grab time anywhere you can to work on your goal.

Make sure that by the end of every business day, you can finish up knowing you’ve done something that has moved you closer to achieving your goal.


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