Is there a secret Success Formula? Do you know the secret to success, the exact steps you MUST take to build a successful business?

Today I’m letting you in on this big secret. THERE ISN’T ONE!
There are a million different ways to achieve business success.

People will sell you their system for success, but please remember that it is just that. It’s THEIR success system.

And another success system will be completely different. Why? Because success is different for different people, and you are unique, your way of doing things is unique.

Below I want to share some advice that I hope will help you focus on creating your own version of success and developing your own system that works for you.

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Is there really a secret success formulas for business?
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Your version of success

Get super clear about what success actually means to you. Download the free Ideal Business Workbook

The workbook will help you gain clarity about what success really means to you.

I believe that this is the very first step to real success. I see so many people chasing what I call a false success – Other people’s idea of success and it’s not always what they really want.

So I encourage you to take the time to get really clear about what success really means to you. What your business would be like if you were already successful.

Set clear business goals

Goals definitely give me focus. If I have a clear goal that I want to achieve in my business, and a clear step by step action plan to achieve that specific goal, then every day I know what action I need to do.

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Monthly business goals

Massively effective goal setting

Your big goal may be to become a Millionaire. What are your individual goals to achieve that?

Whilst that is a specific goal, you will need to set actionable goals to achieve that goal.

Prioritize your goals

I used to be someone that was really busy but I wasn’t really achieving very much or moving my business forward.

Then I started prioritizing my business goals EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS DAY.

I focus on a priority task very early in my business day. This means that even if I get side tracked or something goes wrong later in the day, I have always done something that has moved my business forward.

When you’re doing this every business day then you are consistently achieving your business goals.

Don’t grasp at success straws

I’ve done this and I see so many business owners who are not yet achieving the success they want doing this.

This is when you spend time, often hours a day searching for that magic success formula.

I can tell you that this is a massive time and money drain on you and your business and I encourage you to stop this habit immediately and focus on consistently working on your key business goals.

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That Formula For Success That You MUST Follow

I’m sure you’ve seen that sales page claiming that if you follow this formula you will have a 6 figure business. Or a higher claim.

If you want to be successful in business you MUST do this….

But, wait a minute, one person is selling a formula that says this is the way to success but then another person is selling a different formula for success. Who’s got that magic formula?

What I want you always to remember is that you are unique, your own idea of success is unique to you, your skills and experiences are unique.

There is NO one formula for success. These formulas are what has worked for that person and yes, probably lots of other people too.

But there really is no magic in this and there’s no guarantee that it’s the right formula for you.

Years ago I signed up for a network sales company. I loved the products I would be selling (I still years later use some of the products). There was a super clear plan for success and there were plenty of people who were achieving great success with this company.

Was I prepared to follow all of these steps for success? No (nothing wrong with them but they were not going to fit my idea of success). This is what I want you to remember, there formula for success may not give you the life you want.

Another example: When I first started my coaching business I was a newly single mum, a very successful coach told me that I had to sacrifice time with my son now in order to achieve the business success I wanted.

Two things stood out to me immediately – 1. She hadn’t even asked me what my idea of success was for me personally

2. My son was 10 at the time and had just gone through the biggest emotional period of his life. Part of my ideal life was always to be home for my son and to build a business around this that I absolutely love.

I chose to ignore this successful coach’s advice and do it my own way. 7 years on, I’m really pleased I did. Her formula for success would not ever have given me the success I wanted.

Invest in specific training, products, services… rather than success formulas

Rather than investing in these success formulas, I would encourage you to invest in things that will help you build your business in a specific way.

For example, in 2016 I decided I wanted to stop offering private coaching and focus completely on blogging and creating download content.

During that year, I invested my time into building the blog so that it would be able to offer me a full-time income. I invested in training to help me build my blog and learn how to make money from my blog.

Later I invested time to learning how to use Pinterest effectively. Pinterest now drives a massive chunk of my blog traffic. More recently, I invested in a scheduling service and how to use that service effectively.

Each year I decide what I want to focus on that year and over and above my general business tasks and financial spending, this is where my time and money will be invested.

Create your own secret success formula

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. I encourage you to create your own formula for success.

Let’s do a quick recap…

  1. Get super clear about what success means to you – Download the Ideal Business Workbook
  2. Set clear business goals and prioritize your action plan
  3. Don’t grasp at those success formula straws
  4. Invest time and money into things that will help you with specific business goals

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Is there really a secret success formula for business success? 
A warning and tips to create your own success formula for business success.
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