How To Make Your Office Memorable

When your clients first come into your office, they should have a few things running through their minds. One of them should be how professional your office is, and how welcoming your team are. Another thought should be about the space itself, and how it will stick in their minds as being a unique, and memorable place. This may not be something that has occured to you before as a business owner, but making an impression with your office is really important!

We’ve put together some simple tips, so that you can make your office a memorable place, both for your team, and for your clients.

Break away from convention

As pretty much anybody will tell you, offices in the 80s and 90s were objectively the worst places in the world. OK, maybe they weren’t that bad, but those same boring white walls, one withering office plant, and the buzz from the artificial lighting above, was enough to drive any sane person over the edge. 2019 is certainly the time to make your office unique, and you should do this in a way that reflects the needs and desires of your team. Following the crowd is a thing of the past.

Think outside of the box

OK, so you’re not really sure how you can make a great impression on people who come into your office, and there are few things that just haven’t been done. You really have to think about what defines your business, and what you can draw from. Perhaps you want to use some landscape timbers to create a piece of art outside your office, so that people know you as that business that you can see from miles away. Whatever it is, make a statement that people can’t forget.

Get your team on board

Sharing your vision with your team is a good idea, as they can bring your ideas into action. Call a meeting, and tell all of your employees what you want clients to see as soon as they walk through the door, and ensure that your team uphold that. Whether it’s a dress code, a manner of greeting people, or just a general vibe that you need to create in your office, do what you can to make it happen. Your team won’t be able to help you, if you don’t tell them what your vision is.

Allow for some fun

Whilst clients will always like to see a professional business that is taking their needs seriously, they are equally going to be put off if they see that your office is authoritarian, and you allow no fun. You need to strike a perfect balance here; you don’t want to have employees chasing each other around with a staple gun when your clients come, but you equally don’t want them to look like robots. Allow for some fun, but tell them that when clients come, they should be on best behaviour.

So, if you want to make your office memorable, why not try out some of these simple tips?

How To Make Your Office Memorable

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