How to be Your True Self in Your Business

There are plenty of shows and movies out there where the character just completely changes their character for their career. Whether this is their job (such as The Devil Wears Prada) or even when working towards their own business. Of course, you’re going to face some changes within yourself as you learn new things, it’s just a part of how individuals develop and it’s completely natural.

The problem lies where you just break away from being who you are and your true self. Sure, the idea of being your true self at your business may sound a bit daunting but it helps you, and it also helps with creating a more authentic work place for you and your team.

So why should you be your true self? What are the benefits?

There are plenty of reasons why you should work towards being the most authentic self in your business. Since you built this business from the ground up, you should want it to reflect you, as it is a part of you. Some of the compelling reasons and benefits for working towards being your true and authentic self can include:

  1. Understanding that we tend to fail at being like someone else. This is something that takes a lot of time and energy because you’re hiding behind a mask of who you really are.
  2. Your experience within your business and other work becomes far easier. It’s going to boost your overall experience just welcoming and accepting the person you are and the person everyone is. It also helps in creating less judgment. Being your authentic self is even going to help you with the laws of attraction as your mind will be clearer.
  3. It builds trust within yourself and other relationships. If you’ve ever had an interaction with someone and it made you unsure of who they are and whether you can trust them, then this is how you could potentially make others feel. You want to remove the obstacles of trust and make real connections, this includes your customers, clients, partners for getting industrial supplies, your team, and so many others. When it comes to having a business, you need to build relationships but in order to build relationships, there needs to be some trust.
  4. It improves teamwork among your employees and partners, you want to welcome and embrace everyone on your team. By allowing everyone to be their full selves, connections can be better built.

How can you work towards being your true self

Are you comfortable with who you are? Are there any reasons why you’re wanting to be someone else? It may help to talk to a mental health professional or even a business coach on why you’re wanting to act differently. Self-awareness is a very critical component, and if you’re wanting to work on being authentic within your business then you need to be highly self-aware. Self-awareness and personal development go hand in hand. You need to be self-aware to embrace personal development. It’s important to try and take the plunge, just embrace your vulnerabilities, acknowledge when you make mistakes, admit when you’re unsure of something.


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