Law of Attraction Business Tip: Focus on what’s working

What’s working in your business right now? Before you read on, I want you to note down all the things in your business that’s going well right now.

Today’s law of attraction business tip is to focus on what’s working in your business. This will really help you to manifest the business you want.

In your business I encourage you to put your focus onto…

  • The things that are already going well in your business
  • The things you enjoy, like, love about your business
  • The things you want to manifest into your business

Why we need to focus on what’s going well in business

The law of attraction sends to you that which you focus your attention on the most wanted or not.

This is a very basic explanation of how the law of attraction works but it’s super important.

So, what this means is that when you focus on the positive things about your business, then you become a match to attract more things you want in your business. 

The oppositive is also true.  If you focus on the things you don’t want, don’t like in your business, then you become a match to attract more that you don’t want.

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What about the things that aren’t going so well

Here’s my law of attraction power question that will really help you stay positive even when you need to deal with things that you don’t love and are not going well in your business.

Law of Attraction POWER QUESTION – If I don’t want this, what do I want?

Let me give you an example of how to use this question and what to do next.

Jane has an online business, she has 10 different handmade items that she sells from her online shop.  She’s currently making an average of 10 sales per month which covers around 1/4 of her basic living expenses.

She worries constantly about this situation and when she thinks about her business she feels stressed and is often tearful about her situation.

Jane’s focus is mostly on what she does NOT want.

POWER QUESTION: If I don’t like this, what do I want?

Jane could answer: I want to make consistent sales that easily cover my living expenses and have plenty of money to invest back into my business for developing new products.

From this point Jane cou;d start brainstorming ideas for how to gain more sales.

She could…

  • Start a Facebook page or group to showcase my products and build a community around my business
  • Join a Facebook group for women with online businesses to gain tips and encouragement
  • Set up an Etsy shop as well as my own online shop
  • Start a blog and set up a special offer for people joining my mailing list

Can you see how that one question helps you shift to a positive thinking cycle?  The issue for this moment is still the same but your focus is positive.

Your energy is positive and you are now in a positive state to work out what to do and you are more of a match to attract the business you really want.

How can you use this law of attraction technique in your business?  What’s going well in your business?

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Put your attention onto what's already working in your business - This law fo attraction business tip will help you to create the business you want

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