Can I use the law of attraction for business success?

I have to admit, that this is one of my favourite questions “Can I use the law of attraction for business success?” This one’s a clear “YES!”

Yes, absolutely, you can use the law of attraction to help you create your ideal business, get clients, make sales, get ideas for your business…

Let’s do a quick reminder of how the law of attraction works.  The law of attraction works in all areas of our life and it gives us whatever we are a match for, wanted or not.

The law of attraction responds to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things we say and the things we do.

Yes, You Can Use The Law Of Attraction In Your Business. Here's how...

Here are my top tips for using the law of attraction for business success.

Please note that whilst this post is related to using the law of attraction for business success, you can also apply many of these tips to other areas of your life.

Get super clear about what business success really means to you.

There are 3 steps in the law of attraction process.  Clarity, Raising your vibrations (feeling positive) and Allowing.  When you are super clear about what you want, it’s easier for the law of attraction to draw to you what you want.  BE CLEAR!

Don’t just say “I want to be successful.”  That’s way too vague.  You need to have a clear idea of what success is and how you’ll know it’s showing up in your life.

Think about your ideal day, your work hours, your finances, sales…

Think about every area of your business and get clear about what you want.

Now, imagine that you have your ideal business, write down what you’ve got and remember it’s YOUR ideal business, Your idea of BUSINESS SUCCESS and nobody else’s.

My official titles are Life Skills Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner.  Many people with these titles would consider success to be having a luxury coaching practice with a full client list, that’s not my idea of success though.  

For me, it’s working from home and whilst I do have one to one clients, the biggest part of my day to day work involves writing, which I absolutely love.  Creating courses and helping my online course members.  

I work approximately 7 hours a day Monday to Friday and if I only want to work a couple of hours I can.  

2019 update: I am now a full-time blogger and absolutely love it. Check out my other blogs Life and Business with Wendy and Ideal Weight Challenge.

I am very clear about the people I want to work with both as clients and other professionals I want to team up with, such as the Business Rocks Academy for women in business where I’m a niche expert, how much money I want to earn, how I want to move my business forward each year.


*** And also head over to my Life and Business with Wendy Blog to grab your free copy of the BUSINESS BOOSTER WORKBOOK.

Take a notebook and start writing out everything you want for your business and do remember to make sure it’s really what you want and not some fancy idea of what business success should be.

Raising your vibrations

I’m sure you’ve heard things like “Great Vibes in here!” or “I don’t like the vibes in that place!” And maybe you’ve been around people that just make you feel positive to be near and people who bring you down and make you feel miserable, uncomfortable, afraid…

Vibes are the energy and emotions you’re giving out. At any moment, they are either positive or negative.  They cannot be both at the same time, but they can shift from positive to negative on a moment to moment basis.

Your aim is to raise your vibes to positive as much of the time as possible.  So as we’re discussing using the law of attraction for business success, your aim would be to raise your vibes around your business, so that the enery and emotions connected with your business are positive.


If there are two shops that sell the same things on your street and you need to go into one of those shops 3 times a week.  In shop 1, the owner is always happy, cheerful and helpful, she always has time for you, the other staff are also really helpful and cheerful, there’s a really happy atmosphere in this shop and you leave feeling happy and valued as a customer.

In shop 2, the owner and staff hardly even acknowledge you, they only speak to you to tell you the price you need to pay and that’s it.  They all look miserable and as if you are inconveniencing them by shopping there.  You know we’ve all been in these shops.

So, which shop would you choose to go to 3 times a week?

I know which one I’d be visiting.

Law of attraction for business success - Get super clear about what your ideal business looks like, feels like...
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And the story of that positive shop owner

Let’s call her Alice.  Every day Alice arrives at her shop and smiles as she walks into her lovely shop, she loves what she does, enjoys seeing the customers, thinks she’s got brilliant staff who help her create a brilliant business.  

She sets up the cash register and knows that by the end of the day she’ll have taken plenty of money, her little business is a real gold mine, people are always coming into the shop and telling her what a nice place this is and commenting on how happy everyone is.

Every time a customer comes into the shop, she feels happy, every time she puts money into the cash register she’s grateful, every time she sees her staff being helpful, she’s grateful.

She thanks every customer, whether they spend just a few pence or a lot of money, every customer is valuable to Alice and her staff.  

Every opportunity she gets, she thanks her staff, Alice knows how valuable good staff are to her business.  When she locks up for the night she smiles and is grateful for a successful day.

Can you see how Alice is sending positive vibes out and her staff and customers pick up on those vibes and respond to them?

Alice is a perfect match for her ideal business.

Be a match for your ideal business.

Law of attraction for business success.

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What if business isn’t currently going too well?

Bottom line is that if your business is not going the way you’d like right now, you’re not a match for it.  Remember that the law of attraction responds to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.

Start working on making shifts and becoming a match for your ideal business right now.

Allow the law of attraction to work for you

Lots of things block the law of attraction from working for you.  To use the law of attraction for business success, you need to let it happen.  There are two things I want to cover in this post.

1st – You don’t always need to know the HOW.  Decide what you want and put it out into the Universe, then start working on becoming a match for it.

2nd ~ Make sure you are constantly clearing negative beliefs as these will form blocks that stop you from attracting what you want.

How to release negative beliefs

The two ways I recommend are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Hypnosis downloads.  

Both are incredibly powerful and the reason I love them so much is that you can use them alone.  You don’t need to keep paying out for private sessions and you can use them when you need them.

For EFT, come and check out how it works on my YouTube Channel EFT Videos Online consultations are available if you want specific advice Contact me.  You can use EFT to clear beliefs, clear negative emotions, clear negative energy and put in positive energy.  This is an incredibly powerful technique to learn.

Hypnosis downloads are as the name suggests hypnosis downloads that you can use in the comfort of your own home.  I need to tell you that this is an affiliate link and if you use the link and buy something, I’ll get a commission as a thank you.  

Yes, this is very nice but I recommend them because I personally use them and find them very effective.  I like to use the downloads mostly at night before I go to sleep, in fact, I usually fall asleep whilst they are on, which is fine.   They help to reprogram my subconscious mind to help me change my beliefs and often behaviour.

The course that I’d like to recommend is 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset.

You can buy individual downloads too for specific things you want to work on such as networking confidence, focus and concentration… Take a look at the 10 step course above first as this, I feel covers so much in one package.

How to use the law of attraction to create your ideal business.

Gratitude and affirmations are law of attraction for business superpowers

Gratitude and affirmations can take you from feeling negative to positive in a second.

Be grateful for anything and everything, even the stuff that’s not going well as this is your signal that you’re not currently a match for what you want and it gives you an opportunity to make a positive shift.

Be grateful for every sale, every new client/customer, every positive comment, your staff if you have them, your accountant, your equipment, the building you work from…

Watch my video explaining more about why Gratitude is a superpower 

Affirmations are positive statements.  They are mostly present tense.  A lot of affirmations start with I am… I can… I have…

For example, I am a wonderful… (Put your profession), I have a thriving business, I can create my dream business.

Let’s say you are a shop owner and business has been slow lately, instead of focusing on that (and attracting more of the same), focus on what you have to offer, the fact that there are people looking for what you are offering, people are shopping…

So your affirmations could be…

My shop a positive place for shoppers to come into.

I welcome every customer.  

I value every single customer.

Every time you feel negative or get a negative thought running through your mind, spot it and swap it for something a little more positive.

Here are a couple of extra videos that you might find helpful in using the law of attraction for business success.

Final word on using the law of attraction for business success

I know I’ve already said this more than once, but it’s so important.  The law of attraction responds to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.

Thoughts ~ Use affirmations to shift from negative to positive.  Fill your mind with positive statements.

Feelings ~ Do everything you can to feel positive about YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS!

Beliefs ~ Use EFT and Hypnosis downloads to shift your beliefs so that they support you instead of block you.

The things you say ~ Make sure that when you talk (even to yourself) that you are saying positive things about your business.

The things you do ~ Just like the positive shopkeeper I mentioned earlier, make sure your actions are a match for the business you want.

Some people think that as business owners, we can just focus on what we want and the law of attraction will bring it to us.  Well, let’s look at a novelist.  A novelist cannot sit dreaming about being a successful novelist and not actually take the action of actually writing the novel.  The law of attraction is powerful, but it’s not that good.

Think of the law of attraction as a life partner.  You do your bit and let the law of attraction get on with doing its bit.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, I’ve tried to cover a lot here but feel free to continue the conversation below in the comments, ask questions specific to you and your business for even more tips.



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Law of attraction for business success. Yes, you can use the law of attraction to help create your ideal business.

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