29 Time management tips to help you save time and your sanity

Today I’ve put together a compilation of my top time management tips.Good time management skills will really make a difference to your day and most probably your sanity. So let’s see if I can help you out a little.

Good time management skills will really make a difference to your day and most probably your sanity. So let’s see if I can help you out a little.

We all have the same 24 in a day, yet the way we each use that time varies greatly. Below are 29 time management tips to help you save time and take back control of your time.

29 time management tips to help you make the most of your time.

Top time management tips

Try out a couple each week and keep adding to your time management skills.

1. Monitor how you spend your time

Most people are not fully aware of how they spend their time.  Click through for an exercise to help you work out exactly what you’re spending your time on and where you can make some changes Read the full post ~Monitor how you spend your time

When it come to time management tips, this one has to be one of my best. Work out where your time goes and that’s half the battle.

2. Plan ahead for the next day

Simple ideas yet incredibly effective.  Simple tasks such as getting your clothes ready the night before, preparing packed lunches the night before… Planning ahead may well save you time and your sanity.  Read the full post ~ Plan ahead

3. Visualize your day ahead of time the way you want it

Taking the time to visualize your day is powerful.  Simply think about your day the way you want it to be.  Think about everything running smoothly, arriving on time, having plenty of time… Check out my tips on how to do it.  Read the full post ~ Visualize your day ahead of time

4. Use a simple to-do list

I love my to-do list but what I’ve found is a lot of people over-complicate their lists and spend way too much time on them. Click through to find out my tips HERE

5. Communicate your plans with others

Seriously this makes life so much easier and when everyone knows what’s going on, things run smoother and you save time.  Read more on this here

6. Allow yourself buffer time

Loads of people really loved this idea when I shared it in the original post HERE Buffer time is that extra time doing your tasks, taking a journey.  When you plan in buffer time you save time.

29 time management tips to help you save time, be more productive and feel more organized.

7. NEVER say “I don’t have time!”

Seriously please don’t go saying this.  Every time you say “I don’t have time!” That’s exactly what you create for yourself. Read more

8. Zone your time

Zoning your time simply means putting your day into specific time Zones.  This could be as simple as before work, work hours, after work.  Click through to read my full post on this.

9. Say “NO!” to overcommitment.

If you regularly overcommit and then feel that you don’t have the time for doing the things you want to do, click here to read my full post.  It can be hard to say “NO!” but when you realize that when you say “Yes!” too many times, you begin saying “No!” to your own goals and dreams.

10. Keep a track of your keys.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I’ve lost of my life searching for lost keys.  Seriously it’s ridiculous.  Read my full post on this here.

11. Use self-talk to help you save time

What you say to yourself has a massive impact on what actually becomes your reality.  Are you saying things like “I don’t know where the time goes… I never have time..?”

Or are you saying things that support you like, “There’s always time for relaxing… I always have enough time… I always arrive on time?”

If you’d like to know more about how to change your self-talk to help you save time, click through to the full blog post Read more

12. Plan ahead for birthdays and special events

This has been a huge time saver for me and I hope it will be for you too.  Simply buy your birthday cards, presents… 2 months in advance.  Click through to read the full post.

13. Switch to online grocery shopping

Oh my goodness me, I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I’ve saved as well as money and my SANITY!  Grocery shopping used to be an after school dash with my son and I can tell you it never ended well.  I put my order in on a Sunday night and it arrives at my door on a Tuesday morning.  If you like the sound of this tip to save time, click through to read my full post.

14. Get your Zzzz

Seriously when you feel like you never have enough time, it’s time to get more sleep.  When you are properly rested each night, you’ll get far more done in far less time and you’ll feel in control.  Does this sound like something you need? Read more 

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15. Save time with positive affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself, such as “I always arrive on time.” These statements help you to reprogram your mind so that you can create more time for yourself, or rather feel like you have more time.

Click through for examples and when to use affirmations HERE

16. Get to grips with simple meal planning

If you’re the person who sorts meals out in your home, this tip can save you so much time.  Keep it simple and make it fit your life.  Knowing what meals I’m going to cook each week has saved me so much time and again, saved me money and my sanity. Click through for my meal planning tips

17. More meal planning tips

Cook in bulk and freeze what you don’t use for other nights. Choose a shopping day and stick with it. Remember to take what you need out of the freezer the night before (or morning for the evening meal). Use a slow cooker. Rotate your supplies so that you don’t get a load of past the sell by items. Keep meals simple and make life easy for yourself.   Get yourself a signature dish and then another, you know the ones you whip up in a flash with your eyes closed. Get the kids helping out… If you like any of these tips come and read the full post ~  More Meal Planing Tips

18. Save time in the morning

Put your alarm clock out of reach so that you have to get up when it goes off.  Get prepared the night before. Follow the same morning routine every day.  Read the full post 3 ways to save time in the morning

19. Keep control of your emails

If you feel like you’re constantly checking, rechecking and dealing with emails, it’s time to take control.  Use folders, unsubscribe, give yourself set times for checking emails.  Read the full post ~ Warning! Are emails taking over your life?

20. Use hypnosis

I know this tip might seem a little weird for some of you but honestly, a simple hypnosis download that you stick on at bedtime to help reprogram your mind and help you build positive habits…  Well, what can I say?  I love hypnosis downloads and my recommendation is if you want to change something and there’s a download available, use it.  Click through to find out which hypnosis downloads I recommend to help you get a grip of your time management.

21 Use your to-do list effectively

I know I’ve already recommended you use a to-do list.  Now I want to recommend you use up to 3. One ongoing list for business (work, school…), one ongoing list for your personal life and one today to-do list. Read the full post ~ Use your to-do list effectively 

22. Use a weekly planner

My recommendation with the weekly planner is to use it to mark down the things you do each week.  So that may include work jobs such as write blog post, send a newsletter, housework jobs for each day ~ Monday ~Kitchen, Tuesday Wash bedding and clean bedrooms… Meals for each day…

Don’t use this as your to-do list (my recommendation)

Read the full post Use a weekly planner

23. When you’re working, work!

This one is so simple yet so many of us don’t always do it.  Whilst I’ve titled this tip ~ When you’re working work! this tip applies to anything you’re doing.  When you’re cleaning the house, do that.  When you’re spending time with the kids, do that… Read the full post ~ When you’re working, work! 

Is it time to say NO to at least some social media time. Social media is a huge time drain for most people. If you want to save time in your day, cutting back on social media could make a huge difference. Check out my other time-management tips.

24. Spend less time on social media

It seems like the world is obsessed with social media.  Now I love social media and I use it a lot for my business.  I’m not asking you to stop using social media.  I simply want you to be aware of how much time you really are spending on it.  Check out the full post Spend less time on Social Media

25. Reduce distractions in your life

Here are a few tips to reduce distractions during work time ~ Switch off phones, close tabs on your computer, use headphones, have set email time and set social media time.

During family time ~ Sit to the table for meals (No TV, phones… at meal times), No phones, emails.. when you’re doing stuff with your kids like homework, playing games… Leave work alone when it’s family time.

Sort out what’s bugging you and declutter.  Read the full post ~Reduce distractions 

This is a great affirmation to help you think differently about time – Time is always on my side.  Pin the image below as a great reminder.

26. Declutter your home

A cluttered home means a cluttered life, means you’re searching for things… But who’s got time to declutter.  Click through for my Declutter tips for people who don’t have much time

27. Visualize yourself more time

It may sound crazy to sit and visualize for even ten minutes a day when you’re already pushed for time.  However, when we visualize having more time, you’re subconscious mind and the law of attraction will get on board and help you make this your reality.  Check out my tips on how to visualize and my top 10 places to visualize when you’re already short of time.

28. Set yourself 15-minute GET IT DONE goals

This is real focus time to really get on with things.  Just pick 1 thing, set your timer and get on with it. Come over to the full post to join in with my 15 minute Get it done assignment.

29. Get the kids helping out

Seriously, if you have kids, get them helping out.  It saves you time and helps them feel like a valuable, contributing part of the family.  Even young kids can do their bit.  Check out my tips to get the kids helping out and find out how I get my son to tidy our entire house 🙂

That’s it.  These are my time management tips to help you save time and your sanity.  I hope you’ve found them really useful.  

Do you have any further time management tips? Go ahead and let me know in the comments below.

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