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If the law of attraction gives us what we focus on and we do focus on the things we want to attract into our life, how come we’re not all living the life of luxury with everything our heart desires?

One of the biggest reasons is we get in the way and block success – Block the things we want. 

In today’s success mindset post, I’ve included 2 power affirmations, an EFT script and a couple of little stories to help you see how we get in the way of success.

I’ve also included a little tip if you find you get inside your own head a little too much and overthink things.

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Get out of your own way and allow success.
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How we get in the way and block success

When I think of this problem, two things spring to mind.  1st we sabotage ourselves and 2nd we put up a block stopping the things we want.

Sabotage yourself

Sabotaging yourself – I see this happening all the time and I’ve spotted it so many times in my own life and especially my business. 

I’ll plan something that pushes me out of my comfort zone that will be great for my business, and I’ll get ill or something else happens that stops me from doing it.  

Now you may say that’s coincidence and sure it may be but when you pay attention, you’ll see a pattern.  

I also find myself sabotaging myself when I’ve had a big jump in the money I make in my business.  

Putting up blocks

Let’s say you order a meal in a restaurant and then follow the waiter into the kitchen to check the order goes through okay and then you follow the chef around the kitchen checking he’s making the meal correctly. 

You’re likely to get kicked out of the restaurant, right?  And the result is you don’t get what you want.  You get in the way.

You also get in the way like this.  Imagine you are at the start of a long path.  At the end is what you want. 

It’s already there and waiting for you.  But along the way you’ve got blocks that stop you from reaching the thing you want. 

These blocks often come in the shape of limiting beliefs.  Beliefs that do not support you and are not a match for the life you want.

Example: You want a super successful business.  Your belief is…. People like me don’t make it big in business, I’m just meant to struggle through just making enough.  

These beliefs are NOT a match for the thing you want – The result is a BLOCK that you cannot pass – It must be cleared.

Now let’s have a look at how we can change that.

2 power affirmations

Use affirmations to support you in achieving the life and business you want.

I allow the things I want to show up in my life and business.

I allow the things I want to show up in my life and business.
#Affirmation #lawofattraction #successmindset

It’s safe for me to allow the things I want

It's safe for me to allow the things I want. 
#Affirmation #lawofattraction #successmindset

The first of the affirmations is pretty straight forward but let me explain the second.  

When new things start to show up in our life, even if we want those things, we can often subconsciously think this is not safe.

For example, in the past I had huge money hang ups.  I had a whole suitcase full of limiting beliefs in this area.  

Through lots of mind work, I was able to release many of those beliefs but as I mentioned earlier, when I see an increase in the money I make in my business, I put up blocks and almost go into panic mode. 

This sounds crazy but it happens and I know I’m not alone on this one.  So affirming “It’s safe for me to allow what I want” or in this case “It’s safe for me to make lots of money doing what I love” will help clear the block and allow the things you want.

EFT to help allow and get out of your own way

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques is in my opinion one of the very best ways to help you release negative energy that keeps you stuck, release limiting beliefs, release emotions that keep us stuck and create positive energy that helps you ALLOW the things you want.

EFT script and tips to help you get out of your own way and allow the things you want.

Below I’ve included a short 2 part EFT scripts to get out of your own way and allow.

If you’re new to EFT, you may like to watch a few of my videos to get used to what to do.  It’s easy and you can do it yourself.

EFT videos 

EFT Script 

Side of the hand – Set up – Repeat the set up 3 times

I’m tapping today to get out of my own way and allow the things I want 

Note:  If you can state the specific thing you want 

  • Eyebrow – Release blocks
  • Side of the eye – Stop sabotaging myself
  • Under the eye – Letting go of any beliefs that no longer serve me
  • Under the nose – I step out of my own way and I am ready now to allow… (add what you want)
  • Under the mouth – I release anything that no longer serves me and I allow the things I do want in my life and business
  • Collarbone – I now step out of my own way and allow the things I want
  • Under the arm – I release blocks – I no longer need to sabotage myself and block myself from the life I want.
  • Eyebrow – I am now allowing …
  • Side of the eye – Every day I get better at allowing
  • Under the eye – I now step out of my own way and allow
  • Under the nose – It’s safe for me to trust that the things I want will show up
  • Under the mouth – It’s safe for me to step out of the want and allow the things I want
  • Collarbone – It’s safe for me to allow the things I want
  • Under the arm – I am really good now at allowing the things in life and business I want. 

I recommend that you practice this script regularly.  If you feel that this is very relevant to you, try doing it every single day for 30+ days and see what happens for you.  

If like me, you’ve already done quite a bit of mindset work and mostly, things are going well but you occasionally find yourself getting in the way, just come back to this script when you need it.

Get out of your head and stop overthinking

I wanted to include this here as it’s definitely a way I personally can get in my own way. 

When I get into a work, work, work mode I tend to get in my own head a bit too much and overthink things. 

I have found that switching off and doing different things such as enjoying cooking, going out with friends, singing, dancing, reading… anything that takes me to a different place (mindset wise) and gives me something different to think about. 

I believe this is so important, so please do make sure that you are enjoying different things other than just focusing on your business life. 

Here’s another little story…

When you book a holiday, you tend to be excited about it and you fully expect that at some stage in the future, you will be going on that holiday.

When you get clear about something you want, TRUST and EXPECT it to show up.

Getting out of your own way conclusion

I hope you’ve found today’s post helpful.  Give my ideas a try to help you get out of your own way.

  • Fill your mind with positive affirmations that strongly support you
  • Practice EFT 
  • Switch off and do something completely different


Tips to help you get out of your own way and allow success.  Includes EFT script and Affirmations.
#SuccessMindset #lawofattraction #EFT

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