5 ways that will help you feel more successful in your business

Do you want to feel more successful in your business right now?

I’ve been chatting with business owners over the past few weeks about the importance of how important it is to feel successful.  more successful now in your business even if it’s not yet where you want it to be.

In this post, I’ve got some tips to help you feel more successful now even if you’re nowhere close to the success you want.

A little law of attraction background

The law of attraction is always, always working in all areas of your life and business.

It responds to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.  For a more detailed explanation and lots of tips watch my FREE 5-part law of attraction video series over on my YouTube channel.

This is the really important part, the law of attraction can only draw to you that which you are a match for – Wanted or NOT.

Why is it important to feel more successful right now?

If you only take one thing from this post, please let it be this.  If you want to BE successful in your business, you need to FEEL SUCCESSFUL right now.

You need to be a match for what you want.

Now, as always I like to give you tips on how to do what I suggest.

And I do know how difficult it can be when things are not going well for you to feel successful.  Believe me, I really do know.

I’ve had many times when I’ve literally sat with my head in my hands wondering what on earth I was thinking. Wondering how I was going to pay my bills, and wondering if I should just quit.

As a law of attraction practitioner, though, I know full well that this kind of thinking keeps me stuck. Stuck in a place I really don’t want to be.  So I always knew I needed to make a shift really quickly.

The key thing I really want you to remember is that you need to BE A MATCH FOR THE BUSINESS YOU WANT.

Daily reminder for business success. Be a match NOW for the business you want to attract. 5 tips to help you feel successful in your business now.

Shift your thoughts to positive

The second you spot yourself thinking negatively about your business or yourself, make a shift to something positive.

Search for a better feeling thought to feel more successful.

Think about all of the things that are going well, the people who support you in your business, existing clients you have or have had in the past, all of the free ways you can promote your business, all of the people who follow you on social media, any money that you’ve made in your business…

Things don’t have to be perfect.  If you commit to this, you will be able to find plenty of things to focus on that are positive.

You can also think about what you want.  Go for a ‘Won’t it be great having my ideal business?”  rather than ‘I want this and I don’t have it.’

Feel more successful now exercise 1

Go ahead and write down 3 things in your business right now that are going well. Get into the habit of doing this daily.  At the end of each business day, ask “What has gone well in my business today?

Think about success, what it means to you personally and how you will feel when you are successful

  1. Start off by getting really clear about what success really means to you.  If you don’t yet have a copy, grab a FREE copy of the Ideal Business Workbook.  This will really help you get clarity about your business and life.
  2. How will you feel when you have your ideal business success?  Write these emotions down and post them where you will see them daily.  This might be – I will feel safe, secure, respected… Just saying I will feel successful is not enough. You can also create positive affirmations by changing the statement to “I AM…” instead of “I will…”
  3. Get those feelings now as much as possible.  It will take effort and practice. It’s worth it.

Here’s an example of how to feel more successful

Let’s say that you will feel financially secure when you are successful.  Write that down and then keep asking “How can I feel more financially secure now.”  What is going on in my life right now that helps me to feel financially secure?”

“How can I feel more successful?”

“What is going on in my business that helps me to feel successful now?”

Here’s a little personal insight.  Feeling financially secure is very important to me.  As a single mum, this is super important.  As I’ve talked about in previous posts, after my divorce and moving from one country to another with my son, I found myself in debt.    Not huge debt but big enough debt to really scare me and stress me out on a daily basis.

One of the things I did that really helped me to feel secure was to start an EMERGENCY FUND.

I did this before clearing my debt.  It simply meant that if anything went wrong in the house or with the car or if there was an extra expense with my son… I didn’t immediately go into panic mode.

I was able to deal with the situation in a calm and positive way.  This definitely helped me to feel more financially secure very quickly and feel more successful.

Question yourself

Questioning yourself is something that I consider to be really powerful.  So keep asking yourself questions like “How can I feel more… Now?”

How can I feel more successful now?

How can I feel more secure now?

Question yourself daily. Just make sure you're asking the right questions. How to feel more successful in your business even if you're a long way from the business success you want.

Choose the beliefs you want and let go of those you don’t

Our beliefs can support us or block us.  They really are that powerful.  Just by simply deciding that you’re going to work on creating positive beliefs will help you to feel more successful.

Sometimes with our beliefs, it really is as simple as deciding you’re not going to believe those things anymore. Sometimes you need a little help.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is in my opinion, one of the best ways to release negative emotions and negative beliefs.

You can find free videos explaining how EFT works and lots of examples.  Take a look and if you would like me to put together an EFT script for a belief you have, let me know and I’ll create a video to add to the series.

Affirmations are also a good way to help change beliefs.  Affirmations are positive statements that we say to ourselves.  The are usually present tense, such as I am… I have…

You may have a belief that you’re not good enough to run a successful business.  You could use the affirmation “I am enough” repeat it, fill your thoughts with it until you believe it.

For more ideas, read Affirmations for business success.

Talk up your successes and leave out what’s not going so well

I always encourage my coaching clients to talk up the successes in their business and don’t talk about anything that’s not going right for them.  Sometimes people question this and say that they don’t want to lie to people, especially their friends and family.

I’m not asking you to lie, I’m simply asking you to focus on anything in your business that is a positive and not the negatives.

You might need to get creative but I know you can do it.

So let’s say a friend asks “How is business going?”

You may be struggling to get clients but you have made a really good start at building your social media followers.  So in this case, you don’t need to say that you don’t have clients.  You can simply say, I’ve been really busy building my social media followers which is really great as it’s basically a free way to get my business in front of loads of people.

By focusing on the positives, you’ll start to feel more successful.  Remember you need the feeling in order for it to happen in your reality.

When you get into this habit it will become easier and easier for you to instantly think of the positives.  The more you do this the easier it becomes for you to naturally attract more success.

Behave like you’re already successful – Behave like you’re 100% committed to your business and it’s success.

I’m not suggesting you go out and start spending millions that you have not yet made in your business.  I’m talking more about things like committing to really putting in the time and energy in your business.  I’m talking about prioritizing your most important tasks rather than spending way too many hours on secondary tasks.

It’s about putting in the extra hour.  It’s about carrying on when you don’t really feel like it.  It’s about pushing yourself because YOU KNOW you’re successful.

If you’ve slacked off during the day and prioritized unimportant things, you’re not going to feel successful.

Compare this to someone who has focused on their priority goals and tasks and put in the time and effort.  Who do you think will feel more successful?

And one final piece of advice to help you feel more successful in your business

Always focus on success.  The success that you already have, however, small that is and the success you’re moving toward.  Believe in yourself and if you can’t yet do that, find someone who does believe in you.    I believe in you.

In your business, always keep your focus on success.

Don’t take my word that all of this will work, instead give it a try.  Do all of the things I’ve suggested and put your all into it and see what happens for you and your business.

For an extra boost, pick up the Law of Attraction Busine ss Planning Pack to give your business a real law of attraction boost.


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