EFT – Attract Paypal Payments

In today’s Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT script, we’re working on how to attract PayPal payment.

If PayPal payments are a part of your business, this is a fantastic POSITIVE EFT session to really raise your vibrations, helping you to be a positive match for attracting more PayPal payments. It will also work to clear resistance to allow a really good flow of payments.

This is a positive EFT script.  I recommend you do this session often, it’s actually a really great EFT session to do every day as part of your start your business daily routine.  Another really good time to follow this script is when you are actually on your Paypal account.

Let’s do this. Let’s attract more Paypal payments.

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT to attract more PayPal Payments.  Includes full EFT script and more tapping ideas

EFT script to attract more Paypal payments

If you’re new to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) here are a few tips.

EFT Tapping tips

Tap gently with two fingers (if this feels uncomfortable, you can gently rub the spot)

Take a few nice, slow deep breaths before starting.

Get up and shake your arms and legs, jog on the spot, anything to get your body moving a bit.

As you’re tapping, take it slow and remember nice slow breathing as you go.

Drink water before and after tapping.

You can watch EFT Videos on my YouTube Channel. Also, have a read of my EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Guide.

EFT Script

Set-up statement whilst tapping the side of your hand: I’m tapping today to release any resistance to allowing more and more PayPal Payments. I happily attract more PayPal payments now. (repeat 3 times).

  • Top of the head: I’m attracting more Paypal payments
  • Forehead: I love getting notifications of Paypal payments
  • Start of the eyebrow: I love transferring my Paypal payments to my bank account.
  • Side of the eye: I’m attracting more and more Paypal payments
  • Under the eye: I’m open to receiving more and more Paypal payments
  • Under the nose: A flood of Paypal payments now flow to me
  • Under the mouth: Attracting Paypal payments
  • Collar bone (tap around the dip where bones meet): Attracting more Paypal payments
  • Tap wrists together: Attracting Paypal payments
  • Side of the hand: Every day now I’m attracting more and more Paypal payments

Ideally, I recommend that you do this script 3 or 4 times if you can but any is powerful. You could do this full script a few times at the start of your business day and then do some quickfire sessions of just one round throughout the day when you have a couple of minutes (that’s really all it takes) tapping on the points and saying PayPal Payments at each point.

PayPal Payments and gratitude

Gratitude in Business is your superpower emotion to help create your ideal business and I recommend you spend lots of time focusing on what you’re grateful for in your business every day. If you really want to add positive energy to attracting PayPal payments then you can do an EFT round as you look at your PayPal account and tap on every point saying “I’m so grateful for all of these PayPal payments” or “Thank you for all the Paypal payments I’ve already received and all that are coming to me.”

The more you focus your attention on what you’re already grateful for, the easier it is to attract more to be grateful for.

EFT to Attract PayPal Payments – Recap

I encourage you to add this EFT script to your daily routine for a while, maybe a month or so and then go to doing it maybe once a week or so. This will really raise your vibes and make you more of a match to attract more payments.

I recommend 3-4 full rounds of the script included in this post and then the top-up, quickfire sessions throughout the day. That being said, any tapping will be helpful. I know your time is precious but I always believe tapping time is a great investment in your and your business.

Enjoy this EFT session and look forward to receiving more money in your Paypal account.

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EFT Affirmaiton to attract more PayPal Payments
Create your ideal business.

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