3 daily practices for business success

Follow these 3 daily practices for business success each and every day to see consistent results and long-term business success.

Effective daily practices are essential for consistent success in your business.  There may be some people who can build a successful business doing whatever random acts come up each day.

For most of us, it’s consistently doing the things that have a significant impact on our business.

Your three daily practices for business success are FOCUS, PRIORITIZE and REVIEW.

Start your day with focus

Being focused goes a long way to helping you build your ideal business.

  • Start with being super clear about the business you want – Grab a free copy of the Ideal Business Workbook
  • Every day spend time focusing on your ideal business
  • Also, focus on how you want your business day today to be

Keep your focus on what you want and then you are far less likely to get sidetracked by unimportant tasks and distractions.

A great question to ask yourself when faced with any decision is “Does this move me closer to my ideal business?” Try writing this question out and keeping it where you’ll see it during your business day?

Daily practices for business success - Focus, prioritize and review.

Set your priority tasks and do them first

Start off with your ideal business and chunk your goals down to smaller and smaller goals to create your priority tasks for each day.

Start with your ideal business >> What do I need to do this year to achieve my ideal business?

Keep chunking your goals down until you have your priority tasks for the day and always do your most important tasks first – This way you will always end the day knowing you’ve achieved something important that has moved you a step closer to your ideal business.

Review your day

At the end of each business day, take a few minutes to review your day.  What went well?  And what didn’t? Was there anything that distracted you?  Is there anything you still need to work on?

Taking the time to do these reviews is really important in terms of using the law of attraction effectively in your business.

These reviews form a kind of two-way communication channel between you and the Universe.

Something like this.

I’m really pleased with my page views today and the sales I’ve made and I love seeing these increase consistently.

This message is confirming what you want and acknowledging that it’s already showing up.

I was frustrated that I had to call the client back 3 times when we had already agreed a time and then when I finally got to speak with her, she didn’t have all the information needed, therefore the meeting took much longer than necessary.

This is something you don’t want in your business, so just ask yourself, if I don’t want this, what do I want?

I want my clients to stick to agreed times and be fully prepared for out calls.

You acknowledge what you don’t want and confirm what you do want.

Focus on what you don’t want, only for enough time to get clear about what you do want.

When you take even just a few minutes to review your day like this, you set yourself up for ongoing success.

Let’s do a recap of the 3 daily practices for business success

Follow these 3 daily practices for business success, now and for the long-term.

Focus – Prioritise – Review

  1. Focus on what you want – Ideal day and ideal business (long-term)
  2. Prioritise your most important tasks, this way you always complete the tasks that will move you closer to your ideal business.
  3. Review your day – What went well?  Was there anything that didn’t go well?  Make sure you state what you do want after identifying anything you don’t want.

Remember to download the free Ideal Business Workbook to gain super clear focus in your business.

3 daily practices for business success - Start your day with focus, Prioritize, review. Click through for more detail. These practices will set you up for business success now and long-term.

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