Tapping for more abundance – LOA & EFT

Today I’m going to give you some ideas for using the law of attraction and EFT tapping for more abundance.

EFT Tapping for more abundanceAlmost every day I have conversations with people or hear people talking about a lack of money in some way. Whether it’s complaining that they don’t have enough money to pay for something, the cost of food, electricity… or not being able to earn enough money.

One of my key law of attraction questions, and it’s a super simple question is “If you don’t want this then what do you want?”

So if you don’t want to feel like you haven’t got enough money, it’s hard to make money… (LACK) then what do you want?

It could be abundance, wealth, success…

Tapping for more abundance

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) to raise your vibrations and feel abundant.

NOTE: If you’re feeling stressed, do three EFT rounds tapping on stress, then tap out the problem, tap on lack of money, not enough money… then tap (until you feel really fantastic) on more abundance.

Abundance is a feeling and the law of attraction responds to your feelings.

3 more tips to increase your feelings of abundance

  • Be grateful for all the abundance you already have in your life.
  • Be grateful and appreciative whenever you pay money out.
  • Deliberately look for abundance in your day to day life.  Tip: Just go to your kitchen and open the cupboards, I bet you’re already far more abundant than millions of people around the world.

Law of attraction note

The law of attraction is working in all areas of our life and responds to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things we say and the things we do.  Please watch the full 5 part Law of attraction video series

EFT tips

  • Drink water before and after EFT to help the energy flow.
  • In EFT, we use The SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience).  The scale goes from -10 the most negative of emotions through to +10 where you feel absolutely fantastic.  With EFT, we want to go to +10 wherever possible.
  • Through EFT, you are improving the energy flow.  I encourage regular tapping for feeling great every day, not just to release a problem.

Use the law of attraction and EFT to attract more abundance

I hope you’ve found today’s post helpful.  If you have any requests for future video’s please let me know in the comments below.

Please share and please comment.  I really love hearing your thoughts on my video’s and the ideas I share with you.

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6 thoughts on “Tapping for more abundance – LOA & EFT

  1. What a great perspective! I love the idea of looking at what you do have and feeling grateful for what you already have!

  2. So happy to see ur all videos
    Thanks 🙏
    I want my own big house
    Please guide me regarding this matter

  3. Thank you. I recommend that you regularly visualize yourself in your ideal home. Imagine showing someone around your home. The more you feel comfortable with this picture in your mind the easier it will be to create it in reality.

    I also recommend using affirmations with EFT. You can tap in the affirmation “The law of attraction is in the process of finding a way for me to have my ideal home.”
    This will help to release resistance and open you up to receiving guidance, allowing what you want.

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