5 questions to raise your vibrations in business.

5 questions to help you raise your vibrations – LOA Business Success

Today I’ve got 5 questions to raise your vibrations in your business. When your vibrations are positive in your business, you will naturally be able to attract the business you want.

The law of attraction can ONLY give you that which you are a vibrational match for.

Think about the way you feel about your business.  This gives you a good indication of whether your business vibes (vibrations) are positive or negative.

You want to be pushing your vibes high as much as possible.

1. What energizes you within your business?

Think about all the things in your business that makes you feel full of energy?

What within your regular business tasks do you feel drains you?

Make an energize list and a drain list.

Look to see if you can do more of these things that energize you.  If you’re considering outsourcing/delegating work, you’ll want to pass the things that drain you over to other people.

2. Who energizes you and who drains you?

With this one, think about your business and personal life.  Within your business, think about all of the people you connect with in your business day. Who are the people that stand out that energize you?  Who are the people that drain you?  Look at ways to spend more time with the people who energize you and less time with the people who drain you.

In your personal life, this is equally important.  When you’re not working, you want to surround yourself with people that you enjoy spending time with and not people who drain you.

When you are with people who energize you, really acknowledge these relationships, even if it’s someone who adds the odd comment on your Facebook page.  If you feel energized by the interaction acknowledge it and let the universe know you like this and want more like this.3. What’s going right in your business and life?

Your business might not be perfect right at this moment but I’sure you’ll be able to make a really good list of things that are going right already.

I encourage you to keep a success journal.  Take a few minutes each day to note down all the things that have gone well in your business and life.

Another powerful tip that will help you to raise your vibrations: If things start to show up that you don’t want/like, shift your focus to the things that are going right.

4. What are you most grateful for in your business and life?

Gratitude is a real super power emotion – You can be having the worse day and shift to focusing on what you’re grateful for – Immediately you’ll start to raise your vibrations.

I’d also encourage you to be specific about what you’re grateful for – Instead of I’m grateful for my business, say something like “I’m grateful for the money I received through my business today.” or “I’m grateful for the help I received today from…”

5. Who do you admire in business?

Think about other people in business that you really admire?

What is it that you admire about them and why?

Now focus on yourself.  Which of these traits do you already have and what can you do to build on these traits.

Remember you are unique, so you’re not aiming to be this person, instead, work on acquiring the traits that you admire.

Questions to Raise your Vibrations

Use these questions to raise your vibrations and become a match for attracting your ideal business.

  1. What energizes you and what drains you?
  2. Who energizes you and who drains you?
  3. What’s going right in your business and life?
  4. What are you most grateful for? – remember to be specific
  5. Who do you admire in business?

Take your business to the next level with the Law Of Attraction Business Planning Pack – I designed this special pack to ensure every business day you work in a way that allows the law of attraction to give you your ideal business.

One more final tip to raise your vibrations.  As business owners, we tend to be busy people.  This means we sometimes don’t stop to acknowledge everything we’re achieving in our business.  Every single day, take the time to really celebrate your business, yourself and everything you’re achieving.



5 questions to raise your vibrations in business.

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