Law of attraction exercises for visual learners

Today I have 12 powerful law of attraction exercises for visual learners and communicators.  Whilst these exercises have been created with visual learners and communicators in mind, anyone will benefit from using them.

These exercises will help you to deliberately use the law of attraction to attract the things you want in life.

Law of attraction exercises for visual learners. These LOA exercise can be used by anyone, although they are most suited to visual people.

I recommend reading my post How the law of attraction works which is packed with powerful law of attraction tips and exercises for all.

12 law of attraction exercises for visual learners

Before I share the law of attraction exercises, I want to let you know that the biggest thing that the law of attraction responds to is feeling.  So, the very best thing you can do is enjoy yourself as you try out these exercises.  

I’ve had many, many people over the years tell me they have read that they must do one thing or the other in order to get the law of attraction to work for them. 

Firstly, the law of attraction is ALWAYS working in your life at all times.  The key is always to use this power effectively to deliberately create the life you want.

Secondly, if the activity is something you’re really not enjoying, it’s not helping you to raise your vibration (feel positive) and be a match for the life you want to attract.  So, no, you don’t need to do something you really don’t enjoy.  Okay, let take a look at my suggestions.  Enjoy.

Happy Vibes All The Way Today

1. Create an ideal life script/vision story

Think of the thing you desire and write it out.  You can write about your ideal day, your ideal life, Ideal relationships, ideal business… The list is endless. You can write this out or you can draw it, or a combination of both.

Example: IDEAL DAY.  I wake up in my beautifully decorated bedroom, the sun is shining through my window. 

I stretch, get up and walk over to the window to look out onto my garden, the grass is a beautiful green and the flowers are a wonderful mix of colour, after my shower

I join my family for breakfast in my gorgeous kitchen before heading to my home office, a place of calm where I have everything where I need it ready for a super productive morning…

Try to add all the little details that are important to you.

30 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

2. Create a vision board/dream board

Vision boards or dream boards are a collection of images that really help you to picture your ideal life or ideal business, etc. These are often created on a pinboard but I’ve seen some amazing frames boards over the years.

Here’s a lovely post I found on How to make a vision board.

I have used vision boards in the past but over the years I found that I personally prefer a vision book.


3. Vision Book/Gratitude book

A vision book is very similar to a vision board but you add the images to a book instead that you look at regularly. I have 2.

I have one that I focus on my whole life that I keep by my bed and one where I focus solely on my business which I keep with my business notebooks.

I take some time to look through my books daily and focus on the life and business I am working on attracting/creating. I add images, notes, affirmations…

A gratitude book is where I add images and make notes about the things that I am already grateful for.

Gratitude is a superpower emotion and I personally find that having my vision for what I am attracting into my life/business in the same book as my gratitude pages really powerful. When you do this the subconscious mind assumes it’s all real now.


4. Fall in love with Pinterest

Add a collection of images that you associate with what you want to a Pinterest board. You can title the board “MY LIFE” – Again, you’re sending that vibe out that you already have this.


5. Draw or paint a picture of what you want.

If you love to draw and paint, I encourage you to create a beautiful picture of the things you want. This adds your creative energy to the things you want and this is powerful.


6. Create a fun/enjoyment list

Imagine all of the things you enjoy doing and make a list, plan to do things from the list regularly.

This exercise helps to raise your vibrations 3 times at least. Once, when you are thinking about the things you like to do, once when you’re planning and again when you are actually doing the thing from the list. That’s powerful.


7. Achievements – Gratitude – enjoyment journal (with pictures)

Create an achievements/gratitude/enjoyment journal – Aim to write down 3 things from each category each day. For example, Today I achieved… Today I am grateful for/that… Today I enjoyed… and add pictures, photos, etc whenever you can to give you that visual reminder.

This is very much focusing on things you’ve already done/achieved. This book will serve as a great motivation tool on days when you’re not feeling inspired.


8. A memories board or book

This one works particularly well for children. Add things like day trips you’ve enjoyed, photos of people you love, pets, holiday photos or postcards etc.

This is wonderful to look through to remind yourself of how wonderful your life already is. When you are able to focus on this, you become more and more of a match for attracting more things you love into your life.

9. Positive Affirmations

Add positive affirmations around your home, workplace, anywhere you’ll see them often. You can use a simple post-it note or you can create beautiful framed artwork affirmations.

Fill your mind with Positive Affirmations to help you create the life and business you want. I also encourage you to read HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE AFFIRMATIONS

10. Mirror Work – Affirmations

Stand in front of a mirror looking at yourself and repeat your affirmations. Being able to actually see yourself saying these positive messages is powerful.

11. Give your problems to the Universe

Think of any problems/worries in your life. Imagine turning them over to the Universe.  A good way to do this is to think of the issue, Imagine it as a balloon, then let it go. 

Trust now that the Universe will sort it out.  Take a few minutes to imagine now that all is well and your life is exactly as you desire it to be.


12. Daydream Believer

Daydream – Visualize yourself already having what you want, the life you want, the business you want. The more you are able to put yourself into the picture as this already being real for you the better. You become more and more of a match for having this.


Law of Attraction Exercises for Visual Learners – Recap

I hope you’ve really enjoyed today’s post and I hope you’ll have fun trying out these exercises. Any time you can add a visual image to something you want to attract the better. Get creative and see what else you can come up with.

  1. Create a life script/vision story
  2. Make a vision board/dream board
  3. Create Vision book/gratitude book
  4. Fall in love with Pinterest – Pin your ideal life images
  5. Draw or paint what you want
  6. Create a fun/enjoyment list
  7. Keep an achievements/gratitude/enjoyment journal
  8. Make a memories book
  9. Add affirmations
  10. Mirror work – Affirmations
  11. Give the Universe your worries/problems
  12. Be a daydream believer

Get your copy of the Law of attraction essential mindset guide.

And if you’re a business owner, I encourage you to check out the Law of attraction business planning pack.

Law of attraction exercises for visual learners
Law of attraction

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  1. Good Morning! I have been working at the practices of LOA for a few months now. I tend to get distracted from what my mind wants and it unnerves me. I do well some days but I’m not consistent with it. I just want to be at a place that when those “thoughts” arise, I know how to identify them and move from them.

  2. The best advice I can give you is to focus on enjoying your life. You don’t need to constantly focus on what you want and when thoughts come into your mind that are not what you want, just acknowledge them and let them pass by.

  3. Regina, also try using affirmations throughout the day. Do this from a place of enjoying them rather than as a chore to replace any limiting thoughts that come up.

  4. Thank u so much for taking time out to produce this. I’ve always believed in the law of Attraction even from being little, I always knew every thing in the world had its own energy, I wudnt thow things away unless there was 2 items, as I didn’t want 1 item being alone lol.
    So I’m going to start the affirmations and I will keep u updated.
    Thanks again

  5. Thank you for freely sharing this I will use this to become the best version of me .

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