Increase your income – Law of attraction, EFT and Affirmations mix

Do you want to increase your income?

Today’s video on my YouTube channel is a fun yet incredibly effective mix of EFT and affirmations.
Watch it here >> INCREASE YOUR INCOME VIDEO (opens in new window)

Please do take the time to watch the full video and take part in the EFT session (the entire video is under 6 minutes)

Now what I want to do is talk more about the law of attraction, EFT and Affirmations and how they can all work to help increase your income.

In depth look at how to use EFT, law of attraction and affirmations to increase your income.

Law of attraction

The law of attraction works in all areas of your life.  It responds to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.

Watch my 5 part LOA series  which goes into this in far more detail and includes lots of tips.

Specific ideas to help increase your income

    • Thoughts – Affirmations definitely are a great way to help shift negative thoughts to positive.  So my advice is to use affirmations a lot.  Write them down, repeat them throughout the day, use the EFT and Affirmations video I shared above.
    • Thoughts – Spot it and swap it.  Whenever you spot any negative thoughts about income, money, wealth… SPOT IT and then SWAP IT for a better feeling thought.
    • Thoughts – Think about how you’ve managed to earn an income in the past
    • Thoughts – Focus on gratitude.  What income do you already have?  What does that income allow you to have in your life already?  It’s really important to focus on the positives.
    • Feelings – The way you feel about your income now is just as important as imagining what it would be like to have an increased income. [tweetthis url=”” display_mode=”box”]Increase your income #LOA #EFT and #Affirmations mix [/tweetthis]
    • Feelings – Every single time you get any money coming in, celebrate it.  Even if it’s a really small amount.  What you focus on expands.  If you focus on not enough, for example, you’ll attract more lack.  Focus on money coming in.
    • Feelings – Get excited about any money coming in, enjoy the feeling.
    • Feelings – As much as you can FEEL as if your income is anything you want it to be.  What I recommend is focusing on what it would give you rather than a specific figure.
    • Beliefs – Your beliefs can strongly support you or completely block you (and everything in between).  To release any negative beliefs I strongly recommend EFT, see my full EFT playlist on YouTube and I also recommend regular use (daily) of Hypnosis downloads
    • Beliefs – Actually question your beliefs.  Acknowledge beliefs about money and income that you are aware of and ask “Does this belief serve me well?”
    • What you say – Be aware of what you say and also what you take on board when listening to what other people say.  Make sure that what you say is a match for attracting an increased income.  If other people say things that are negative about income, then simply say “That’s not my truth” and focus on increasing your income.
  • What you do – Open yourself up to increasing your income.  What action can you take?  A great question to ask is “What can I do today to help me increase my income?”  If you provide services, you could create a new service, market your business, contact a previous client… You could create a new product… watch the EFT/affirmations video daily to raise your vibrations, be open to new ways to increase your income.


Most people are very closed to how they will increase their income.  Be open to new opportunities to increase your income or for money to come into your life.


I encourage you to focus on the life you want (what would you do with an increased income?) rather than money itself.

EFT to Increase your income

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques,  often called tapping because we typically (although not always) tap on meridian points to help the energy flow in the body.

I love EFT and in my opinion, it is one of the very best ways to help you release negative blocks such as beliefs that don’t support you.  It is also a wonderful technique to help you raise your vibrations and FEEL positive about your income now and as it increases.

You can easily learn and use EFT on your own.

There are lots of videos on my YouTube channel – See EFT playlist

The video I shared at te beginning of this post is designed to help you raise your vibrations around your income – I recommend that you watch this video daily until you get used to the affirmations and tapping points.  Watch Increase your income 

I have a simple way to remember what to do with EFT once you’ve learned the specific points to tap on.

Tap out the negatives and tap in the positives.

EXAMPLE:  Tap on a belief that you’ll never be able to increase your income (limiting belief), then tap in what you want.  So that could be “I’m open to increasing my income” or something like “My income is rapidly increasing now.”

By tapping on the negative belief, you release the BLOCK and allow a change for you.
When you tap on the positives, you are letting your body, the universe, your subconscious mind know that this is okay, you’re allowing it and you’re raising your vibrations to be a match for it.

Affirmations to increase your income

Here are a few I particularly like.

  • My income is constantly increasing
  • My income is rapidly increasing
  • I’m open to opportunities to increase my income
  • It’s natural for me to keep increasing my income

Increase your income affirmations

I really hope these tips help you increase your income.  Take the ideas and tips on board and keep going over the EFT video.  You must do the inner work to see the results you want.


Wendy Tomlinson

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