What is success to you?

I know that I ask this question “What is success to you? a lot, but I really want you to get clear about this.

LOA TIP.  What is success?

When you know what success is for you personally, and I’m not talking about a certain amount of money, I’m talking about they way you live your life, being able to manifest this success is so much easier for you.

What is success?

Success means something different for everyone.  Over the years many people have pushed an idea that to be successful, you must live in a big house, have millions if not billions in the bank, drive a very expensive car… Now if this is what you want, that’s wonderful.

However, often when I have the “What is success?” conversation with my coaching clients, they will voice this idea.  On questioning further, I almost always find that success for them personally is something very different.

I know that my idea of success is very different to many of my friends and even my family.

Manifesting success

You may have heard many success Gurus say that you must “Act as if you are already successful.”  You may have even heard me say something along those lines too.

I had a conversation with someone the other day and she said “I want to be able to go out and buy expensive dresses and handbags whenever I want. I have heard that I need to act as if I am already successful and wealthy.  Does this mean I should go out and buy these things now and trust that the Universe will sort it for me.”

I asked her about her financial situation at this current moment.

She told me that she was thousands of pounds in debt.

I asked her how she thought she would feel if she went out and bought an expensive dress and handbag?

She said initially she’d feel excited, but then she said she’d feel guilty and worried as she would be adding even more to her debt.

I explained to her that the law of attraction responds to your feelings.  If by taking this action it ultimately created negative emotions and thoughts, it was not helping her to manifest the success she desired.

Instead, I encouraged her to simply imagine that she could go into any shops she wanted and choose the dress she wanted and handbag she wanted knowing it was already paid for.  I then asked here to imagine wearing the dress and how it would feel.

I asked here how she felt and she told me she felt beautiful, she felt like a million dollars in her beautiful outfit and she felt like she could walk into any room and feel amazing.

This is the feeling this lady needs to get to so that she is a match for what it is she wants.

What do you want?

Dresses and handbags may not be your thing, they’re not really mine, but you can do this exact exercise for whatever you want to manifest.  Focus on they way you’ll feel rather than what it is you actually want.

Okay, that’s all from me today.  I’d love to hear from you.  What would you like to manifest into your life? What does success mean to you?


Wendy Tomlinson

Hi, I'm Wendy, your online life and business coach - I'm a qualified law of attraction practitioner, EFT master practitioner and life skills coach. After years of private coaching, I now follow my real passion for blogging and creating content that will help you create a life and business you love. Please feel free to ask questions, I love hearing from my readers.

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