My business is a magnet for my ideal clientele. How to use the law of attraction to attract your ideal clientele.

How to attract the clientele you want (law of attraction business tip)

So how do you use the law of attraction to attract the clientele you want?

The first step is CLARITY – Get super clear about who your ideal clientele actually is?

Then you’ll want to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS so that you’re a positive match for attracting your ideal clientele.

And finally, allow it all to manifest – Get out of your own way.

My business is a magnet for my ideal clientele.  How to use the law of attraction to attract your ideal clientele.

Clarity – My ideal clientele is…

Grab a sheet of paper or a notebook and describe your ideal clientele in as much detail as you can.  Make sure this is true for you rather than what would typically be expected.

Think about how they find you, what kind of person they are, how they interact with you and your business, how they like to spend, how you feel dealing with them, how they feel…

You can also add in things like their age, where they live/work/socialize, anything that you feel is relevant to making them your ideal clientele.

Raise your vibrations – Feel great and be a match for your ideal clientele

The easiest way to raise your vibrations is to improve how you feel.  The law of attraction can only give you that which you are a vibrational match for.

You’ll want to feel great about your business, yourself as the business owner and your ability to deliver what your ideal clientele wants from your business.

You’ll want to feel great about your ideal clientele – Think of a giant magnet.  Your clientele will be drawn to you and your business when your vibrations are high – WHen you are a vibrational match for them.

EXERCISE: Thinking of the clientele you already have, make a note of the things you love about them and also the things you’re not so keen on.

For clarity – Make a list of things you love about your clientele and a separate list of things you don’t like.  Now, look at each point on your don’t like list and turn it into something you would like/love.  Then add that to your I love this list.

Example: I don’t like it when I have to chase people for payment (don’t like) – Shift that to something you do like – I love it when people pay me in advance for service/ I love that my clientele happily pay me on time knowing they’ve received a great service.

To raise your vibrations more – Create affirmations. mantras… to support you in attracting your ideal clients by using everything that is now on your do like/love list.


  • I easily attract my ideal clients
  • The people who are attracted to my business are wealthy and happily pay for my services
  • The clientele my business attracts are polite, respectful and enjoyable to work with
  • My business is a magnet to young, wealthy professional couples…
  • My business is a magnet to people who love spending money on their pets and enjoy getting a great service.

Of course, make these statements specific to you and your business.

Also, another great tip to raise your vibrations in this area is to visualize already having your ideal clientele.

Allow – Get rid of any mindset blocks

Mindset blocks such as limiting beliefs stop you from being able to attract the things you want.  In this case your ideal clientele.

What I’d like you to do is really think about your beliefs in this area.

Do you really believe you can attract your ideal clientele? Yes/No

Do you feel like you are good enough/your business is good enough to attract the kind of clientele you want? Yes/No

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been working with clients and they’ve said something like “But what if I’m not good enough at this? What if they think I don’t know what I’m doing?

These kinds of beliefs will only serve to BLOCK YOU from attracting the clientele you want.

  1.  Question any beliefs, thoughts that come up that don’t support you?  Ask “Is this really true?  Look for ways to remove obstacles.
  2. Fill your mind with positive thoughts (affirmations) that support you in creating beliefs that support you.
  3. Try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – This is a powerful technique that you can do on your own to help clear any energy blocks, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs… I have lots of EFT scripts here on the blog that you can take a look at EFT SCRIPTS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS.
  4. Try Hypnosis Download to help you create a success mindset – I love these and even if I’m super tired at the end of a long day, I can just lie back and listen, that’s all I need to do – Check out my Hypnosis Downloads For Business Success post.

Stay focused

I want you to have an ongoing conversation going on with the Universe.  Whenever your ideal clientele shows up, make sure you’re paying attention and celebrating it.  YES, this is my ideal clientele.

If people show up that are not your ideal clientele, simply reconfirm what you do want.  MY IDEAL CLIENTELE…(describe)


Joe opens up a small wine bar.  His ideal clientele is artists, writers, actors (generally creative people) who enjoy mixing with each other and enjoying a pleasant conversation in a friendly environment with nice music playing in the background.

Joe really loves it when his ideal clientele shows up.

One day, a group of football fans showed up and were very noisy but they were pleasant.  Joe was thankful for there custom that day but also reconfirmed who his ideal clients are.

In his mind, he describes his ideal clientele, visualizes them enjoying his bat and affirms that his bar is a perfect place for his customers to hang out.

Attract your ideal clientele

Let’s finish off with a quick recap.

Clarity – Get really clear about who your ideal clientele is

Raise your vibrations – Feel great about yourself, your business, your clientele – Be a match to attract the people you want.

Allow – Let go of any blocks – Try Affirmations, EFT and Hypnosis downloads.

Stay focused on your ideal clients.

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How to use the law of attraction to attract your ideal clientele.

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