EFT For Business Success – More Clarity

This week’s EFT script is to help you when you need more clarity.

There are many times in your business life where you need to gain more clarity.  It might be deciding how to move your business forward, getting clear about the kind of business you want or making a decision about a product, service or who to do business with…

Any time you feel you need more clarity, use this EFT more clarity script.

Before you begin the EFT for more clarity tapping

What I’d like you to do before you start this week’s EFT tapping, is write down what it is you want more clarity on.

Write it at the top of a clear sheet of paper.

I want you to really focus on this for a minute.

EFT Tapping Tips

Tap gently with two fingers (if this feels uncomfortable, you can gently rub the spot)

Take a few nice, slow deep breaths before starting.

Get up and shake your arms and legs, jog on the spot, anything to get your body moving a bit.

As you’re tapping, take it slow and remember nice slow breathing as you go.

Drink water before and after tapping.

You can watch EFT Videos on my YouTube Channel.


EFT Script

Side of the hand – I’m tapping today to gain clarity (explain in your own words where you want more clarity)

Example: I’m tapping today to gain clarity about which way to take my business.  Is it right for me to focus on my blog or should I continue to build my coaching practice? I actually used this a couple of years ago.

Once you declared where you want clarity, keep that in focus as you tap on the following points

Top of the head: I want clarity

Forehead: More clarity

Start of the eyebrow: Super clarity

Side of the eye: More clarity

Under the eye: Clarity

Under the nose: Clarity

Chin (between base of the chin and bottom lip):Clarity

Collar bone (tap around the dip where bones meet): More clarity

Tap wrists together: More clarity

Side of thumb: Super clarity

Side-Index finger: Super clarity

Side-Middle finger: Super clarity

Side-Ring finger: Super clarity

Side-little finger: Super clarity

Side of the hand: Super clarity

As you can see, this is a super simple EFT script. Keep it simple, it’s powerful.

Keep your focus on where you want to gain more clarity.

What to do next

After you’ve finished tapping ( you can do as many rounds as you want), just sit quietly for a few minutes.  Allowing whatever comes to mind.  If it’s related to the area you want clarity, write it down.  If it’s not related, simply let it pass.

You may find that you gain more clarity but still want more.  Just continue this process.

Also, be aware that you may not sense clarity straight away – Just go about your day and the clarity may come to you throughout your day.

Every round of EFT you do will improve your energy flow removing any negativity connected to this issue.

Also, make sure you work through the FREE IDEAL BUSINESS WORKBOOK – this was specifically designed to help you gain clarity and focus.

EFT Script for more Clarity - Use this EFT more clarity script whenever you mean to get clear about something.



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