Your Office Needs A Dog – Here’s Why!

If there is one thing that every employer wants for their employees, it’s a safe, happy workplace. You want your staff to feel as little stress as is necessary when they are working for you. Workplaces everywhere are taking on every necessary measure to make their workplace a good one for people to be in, and as the working culture is starting to be less about rules and more about comfort, why not consider adding a dog to the mix?

Office pets have never been much of a thing, but they are now. More and more people are opting to work from home and remotely so that they can stay with their pets and with other familiar surroundings. Bringing a dog into the office can make all the difference to the environment, and while it means that you might have to invest a little in wholesale pet food & supplies so that you’re equipped, a dog can be an amazing addition to the office. It’s something that you might have thought about before, but now is the time to get a new pup to make the rest of the office happy and relaxed. So, why should you choose to have a dog in your office? Let’s take a look:

  1. Dogs have the ability to relax people. The very presence of a dog can help people to feel less stressed and as dogs have a heightened sense of hearing, they often pick up things that help them to gravitate toward those who need a friend. Dogs are amazing listeners, and there are very few people who don’t crack a smile when they see a happy dog!
  2. Dogs are happy. Even the most basic thing can make a dog happier, and that happiness is rather infectious! Seeing a dog bounce around the room begging for treats and pats is nothing short of smile-inducing! They freely share their joy, and they remind us to be happier just by being around. Your dog in the office is going to help your whole employee group mood elevate!
  3. They’re a good way to get your employees moving. If you’re concerned with employee health and wellbeing, then put together a roster with your staff so that you can all take turns in walking the dog one by one. That way, you ensure that your staff are moving around and getting out of the office and away from their screens.
  4. A dog will bring your team together. A dog at the workplace is a talking point. You can bet that the whole team will be brought together and be able to keep it together, too! Dogs are wonderful ice breakers, and you will be able to guarantee a popular workplace when you list in your job advertisements that there is a dog in the premises.
  5. Dogs can give people energy. As dogs are so playful, the whole office becomes a more energetic place to be. A game of frisbee or fetch on a lunch break really gets everyone enjoying themselves – at work, no less!

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