How To Make Your Workplace Easier To Clean

Regardless of whether your workplace is an office or a warehouse, keeping it clean is important. A clean workplace is a healthy workplace – allowing dust and germs to build up could put employees and other visitors’ health at risk. Cleanliness is also important for the reputation of your business – clients and applicants could be deterred if your workplace is dirty.

Cleaning can be a real chore. However, by taking certain measures, you can make it easier and less gruelling. Below are just some ways in which you can make your workplace easier to clean.


Clutter can make cleaning much harder. It takes no effort to wipe down an empty desk. However, cleaning a cluttered desk involves picking up every object and cleaning beneath – or taking all the items off and putting them back on again.

Containing clutter out of sight in drawers and cabinets can be one way of dealing with it. However, you may find that you’re clinging onto items that you simply don’t need in your workplace. For instance, there might not be any use keeping onto paper files if you can convert them all into digital copies. Alternatively, if you own a restaurant or hotel, consider whether you’re cluttering up the interior with unnecessary ornaments.

Sort out messy cables

Messy cables are likely to be an office problem. Much like clutter, mazes of cables are hard to clean around. The solution to this may not be simple – while you may be able to relocate cables, a more effective solution may be adding extra sockets if you’re currently trailing extension cables and power packs everywhere.

Provide enough bins

Desks are more likely to accumulate trash if there aren’t enough bins around. Ideally, there should be a bin located beneath each and every desk. This will give each employee no excuse to keep their desk untidy.

Location of bins is also worth considering in workplaces beyond offices. For instance, you may be able to add more bins around a hospital to encourage more staff and patients to adequately dispose of waste, reducing time spent cleaning up this trash.

Choose the right flooring

Certain flooring choices are harder to clean than others. There’s a reason that you never see deep pile carpets in an office – these carpets may be the cosiest, but they’re also the hardest to clean. Short pile carpets are much easier to maintain.

Hard floors are meanwhile suited to many other workplaces such as clinics, restaurants, workshops and factories in which spillages are more common. Surfaces such as epoxy flooring are among the easiest to clean and are stain resistant. Consider investing in such flooring if you want to keep your business clean.

Improve the air quality

Many workplaces have poor air quality. The more dust that accumulates in the air, the more dust that eventually settles. By keeping the air cleaner, you can reduce time spent dusting. Consider improving your workplace’s ventilation by adding extractor fans or buying an air purifier.

Improving the air quality could also help to reduce problems such as mold. Not only is mold an inconvenience to clean, but it’s also a health danger, so it’s important to prevent its growth in any way possible.

Invest in good cleaning equipment

Having decent cleaning equipment will make it much easier to keep your work premises clean. If you own a restaurant, don’t continue to wash up by hand – invest in an industrial dishwasher to save the hassle.

Similarly, make sure that you have the right chemicals for the job. Certain floor cleaners are better for getting rid of stubborn grease and dirt than others and might make cleaning your premises a whole lot easier.

Outsource professional cleaners

A great way to make cleaning easier is to not do it yourself, but to instead invest in an outsourced cleaning company. There are cleaning companies that can be hired to do annual deep cleans, monthly cleans, weekly cleans or even daily cleans. Work out what the most sensible option is for your premises and your budget.

Cleaners may be able to come in while you’re there, or you could give them keys and allow them to clean out of hours. For companies in which security is a priority, the first option may be better. If you think that working around cleaners could be a distraction or an inconvenience, you might be better off letting them clean the office out of hours. 

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How To Make Your Workplace Easier To Clean

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