4 Changes That Will Make Your Office A Better Environment For Your Staff

Several studies reveal a strong correlation between the office environment and employee output and efficiency. A survey by Peldon Rose, leading office designers in the UK, revealed that 91% of UK workers say their work environment influences their productivity. 59% of these workers also say their companies could do more to make offices better workspaces.

Therefore, creating an inspiring and positive work environment is essential when focussing on how to get the best out of your employees. So, what kind of changes can you make around the office? Here are four tips to consider.

1. Introduce natural lighting

A study by the Lighting Research Centre revealed that having natural daylight in your office boosts employee concentration. Opting for natural light in the workplace over light from bulbs also has a strong link to your workers’ sleep and energy quality.

Research from Northwestern University revealed that employees working in naturally lit and ventilated areas received 173% more light and slept for almost an hour longer at night. Another study showed that workspaces that had natural light and ventilation reported fewer sick days.

These statistics prove that lighting impacts the office environment, and as such, you should consider substituting your artificial sources of office light with natural ones if possible.

2. Secure good office ergonomics

Office ergonomics deals with how well office furniture, equipment, and working conditions interact with your employees.  Since the average worker spends eight hours behind a desk, improper back support or problematic seats can cause employees to feel tired and frustrated throughout the day.

Provide them with the best furniture to give them comfort during working hours. A study conducted revealed that using ergonomic chairs can increase workers’ productivity by 17.5%. You should check out Emotion Office to find out more about various ergonomic furnishing options that suit your taste and budget and are suitable for your staff.

3. Put more plants around

A study discovered that having plants around the workplace increased productivity by 15%. More companies are joining the green revolution to make their businesses environmentally friendly and improve their workplaces’ ambiance.

Aside from having an aesthetic appeal, plants around the workplace also have a positive influence on employees. Studies also show that plants in offices stimulate innovative thinking among employees, who came up with 15% more ideas and solutions than their counterparts in workspaces without plants and will reduce bacteria in the air by up to 60%. 

4. Make Your Office More Colourful

An astonishing 80% of UK workers say colour has an impact on their mood. Karen Haller, a leading psychology expert on colour in the UK, suggests that colour and mental health have a strong link.

Colours provide visual stimulation that can influence our moods and emotions. Many offices have integrated blue into their workspaces because experts consider blue an ‘intellectual colour’ that helps employees relax and focus.

Experts also think green is a relaxing colour that can help reduce anxiety and induce tranquil in workers. You must strongly consider the influence of colour in the workplace to choose what kind of colour scheme to weave into your office design to encourage productivity among employees.

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4 Changes That Will Make Your Office A Better Environment For Your Staff

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