What To Look For in an Online Tarot Card Reader

Good psychics can deliver an accurate reading whether they’re with you in person or communicating online. However, if you’ve never had a reading before, you may not know how to pick an experienced medium. How can you tell if the person you’re talking to is the real deal? Here are a few things to look for.

What Could You Find Out With a Tarot Card Reading?

One of the best things about talking to tarot psychics is that you can ask nearly any question. The cards are incredibly detailed yet versatile and can deliver a very personal message.

Gain Insight

Tarot cards can reveal hidden forces at work — both external and internal. As the reader explains the meaning of each card, you may gain insight into someone else’s motivations or learn something about yourself.

Obtain Guidance

If you’re completely lost, a tarot card reading can point you in the right direction. Tarot cards are deeply connected to the spirit world, allowing you to connect to different sources of knowledge.

Types of Tarot Card Readings

Different spreads answer different types of questions. Mediums generally ask what you want to focus on before reading to know what spread to use.

Three-Card Spread

The three-card spread is the most basic. As you may have guessed, it contains three cards:

  • The first card represents the past.
  • The second card represents the present.
  • The third card represents the future.

A medium may start with the three-card spread to learn more about you, then lay out a more complex spread to find the answer to a specific question.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a 10-card spread that provides detailed answers to specific questions. If you have an issue bothering you, this is a great spread to get guidance or resolution.

How Do You Know You’ve Found the Right Tarot Reader?

You may not find the right tarot reader on your first try, and that’s fine. Mediums have different styles, and you want to find someone whose personality and technique fit well with you. However, there are a few signs that can steer you in the right direction.

The Medium Doesn’t Brag

People who say they’re the best are often full of hot air. A tarot card reader should be confident but not constantly boasting. Real mediums let their readings showcase their skill rather than bragging about it.

The Medium Has Clearly Laid-Out Policies

Professional readers adhere to a code of ethics. When looking for psychics, ask about their codes. You should get an immediate answer with clearly laid-out points.

The Reading Feels Right

Your intuition is a powerful force that guides you along your personal spiritual path. You should listen to it during your reading, as you’re in the perfect position to tap into your own powers of discernment. If something feels off, don’t go back to that reader — even if you don’t have a concrete reason. Your institution knows something you don’t, and you have every right to trust it.

Now that you know what to look for in the best rated psychics, it’s time to get a reading. With a medium to guide you, there are so many paths to explore.


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