The 5 Best & Quietest CPAP Masks On the Market

With device manufacturers competing every year to revise designs, streamline production, and create better CPAP support products, it is worth examining the best masks on the market near the end of 2021. Things shift a little from year to year, but generally speaking the same few industry leaders keep innovating their way to the top. They just change order a little from time to time. Today’s top masks are:

  • The Resmed Nasal Mask
  • The Medical Siesta Nasal Mask
  • Oracle’s Oral CPAP Mask
  • The Nasal Aire II Prong CPAP Mask
  • FitLife’s Total Face Mask

The reason this list isn’t numbered is because these masks can be ranked by sales, but most of them are very different in type and fit style. Even within the three nasal masks, there is enough difference in air flow and fitment that one will just work better than the others for you. It’s about comfort so you can sleep, and there is no one way to build the best CPAP mask for comfort because people have too many different sensitive spots and temperaments.

How To Know What Type of CPAP Mask I Need?

There are three common types of mask most users prefer. The major mask types are:

  1. The full face sleep apnea mask that covers nose and mouth, usually ending under the eyes and near the jaw or cheekbones
  2. The nasal only mask, which may fit in a variety of ways depending on airflow chamber size and airway design
  3. Hybrid masks that bring together the best features of each and may provide coverage for nose, mouth, or both

The best fit for any individual is going to be based on where your personal comfort and discomfort spots are. It is also important to have a mask that is sized right, and some people find that their facial shape makes the sizing awkward for one or more mask types. The best thing to do is to try a basic mask of each type to figure out which is closest to a great fit, then tweak your selection within that category until you are sleeping comfortably in your mask.

What Is the Best CPAP Mask To Purchase For First Timers?

Since first timers have no experience to draw from, the best idea is usually to start with either a full face mask or a hybrid. The advantage to starting with a full face CPAP mask is that it has the largest area underneath for air flow. That makes it the style that feels the most like sleeping with natural air flow and no face covering. Hybrids are also popular as first choices because they represent middle ground coverage between a full face option and a nose only mask. FitLife’s total face mask is a great option for first timers if you need a place to start.

Learn More About CPAP Masks

The best way to preview a brand’s fit before trying it on is to read what other people have to say. Check out customer ratings and reviews for top CPAP mask brands and styles to learn more about what people like and why they like it.


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