The Importance Of Keeping Your Business Safe Online And How To Do It

You have gone and invested your time and effort into creating your business and getting it publicly recognized. Now you need to consider and amp up the security and protect your business.

Ask yourself, do you have up-to-date security measures in place that will be sufficient and able to protect your business from cyberattacks and hackers?

If the answer is no, why not?

You wouldn’t leave your office, store or home unlocked and the door wide open. So when it comes to online security why would you leave it wide open and unprotected to online criminals.

It isn’t just risking you losing money, it can incur additional costs and result in you losing the trust with your clients if their personal information gets out. There is a lot to lose.

There are companies available that can help you by offering data protection services, along with you learning and making yourself aware of the threats out there. Here are ways that you can educate yourself and your staff to make your business more protected against online threats.

Phishing Emails

These are the most common and used threats businesses face. A phishing email is an email sent to a business that tries to con you into sharing or providing sensitive information such as banking details or clicking on a link that allows disruptive malware to be downloaded onto your computer.

Generally speaking, these emails are sent to thousands of recipients, so it is unlikely that your business is being specifically targeted. By enabling filtering systems on your email, your email provider can scan incoming emails, filter any emails that look dodgy and automatically move them into your spam folder.

Although phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated, there are ways that you can identify them.

  • Check the name and emails match. It is a big red flag if the name and email ID are different. If the email is from a large organization yet the sending is using a personal provider.
  • There is pressure to comply within a certain timescale. You know when business timescale are needed, however, a phishing email will try to manipulate you into providing information or clicking the link within a set time window.
  • Spelling or grammar mistakes.

Have Antivirus Software On

Most systems nowadays have built-in free antivirus software in place to track down and remove any virus or malware. The majority of these systems update themselves and so depending upon the size of your business this may be sufficient.

However, if you have more specific needs there are a wide range of additional online security and antivirus software available that can increase your businesses protection and keep it safe.

Educate Your Staff

It is vital that you keep your staff aware of the various threats that could compromise your business and make them aware of what they need to do if they identify any threats.

Cybercrime is always changing with new tactics being applied. To give your business the maximum chance of being protected you need to continually review the measures you have in place.

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