How to reframe problems in your business for a positive shift

Today we’re going to talk about how to reframe problems in your business for a positive shift.

First I want to tell you a little story.  The other day I was out with my sister.  She was driving and a big 4×4 vehicle pulled out in front of her.  She didn’t have to slam her breaks on or anything but she did have to slow down a little.  The driver switched his hazard lights on for a few seconds.  My sister’s response was “Alright mate, I’ve  seen you!”

I said, “I think they’re saying thank you or sorry for pulling out.”

My sister said “Oh right.  It’s funny how we interpret things differently.”

She’s right.  You can put 100 people in exactly the same situation and you’ll get a whole load of different interpretations of what happened.

So my aim today is to show you a way to be able to look at any situation, any problem in your business and reframe it so that it’s positive.

How to reframe business problems.

Reframe any situation or problem to positive

Imagine that you can take any situation or problem in your business and put it on a picture.  Put a frame around that picture – The frame can be negative or positive.  It’s ALWAYS your choice.

Let me give you an example of reframing.

A few months ago I had a problem with my laptop and it had to be sent off for a few days to be repaired.  I was able to do some of my work from my phone and kindle but not everything.  Initially, I felt really frustrated.

As a law of attraction coach, I know that’s not going to help me or the situation in any way.  So I reframed the situation.  I took off the negative frame and put on this positive frame.

For the next few days, I have extra time, to sort my paperwork out, tidy the house, have some extra chill out time and more family time.  Time for a breather.

Another example: A couple of weeks ago my blog wasn’t working.  I couldn’t get anything up online and I couldn’t even get onto the admin to do a backup.  For someone who is NOT at all techie, I can tell you I had a bit of a meltdown.  After 4 hours I took a deep breath and reframed the situation.

I have this problem.  I know my site is backed up and this is an opportunity for me to learn something new that will help me if this situation arises again in the future.

The problem was still there but with the positive reframe I was able to work on the problem in a calmer and more logical way.

When you do this, you can often feel your energy shift completely.  It’s good for you and your business.

Take a look at where you are in your business now -reframe anything that’s not as you want it

Think about all areas of your business right now.  Hopefully, you’ve got loads of great things going on, but just for a minute think about anything that’s not the way you want it.  Make a list and them work out a way to reframe everything to put a positive frame around it all.


When I was hardly earning any money in my business it would stress me out.  So I reframed the situation.  I was learning how to manage my money starting from scratch. And I was learning to be super resourceful. I can tell you now that the lessons I learned then were needed (for me) and they’ve served me well since.

When I wanted to create online courses or downloads and had no idea how to do it and no money to pay for help, I reframed it to I’m smart and I can find a way to do this myself and I can ask my friends for advice along the way.

A super simple, super positive reframe

Before I finish up today, I want to share a super simple yet incredibly powerful reframe you can do any time something shows up in your life or business.

REFRAME: I have an OPPORTUNITY now to get super clear about what I don’t want.

Here’s a powerful law of attraction question to gain clarity – If I don’t want this, what do I want?

If you haven’t already, grab a free copy of my Ideal Business Workbook to gain focus and clarity in your business.

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Give it a go in your own business.  This is a powerful technique that can really help you create a success mindset for business success.

Wendy x

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How to reframe any business problem or negative situation that arises in your business. This is a success mindset post from Morning Business Chat. Reframing is a powerful technique that I teach in my law of attraction coaching sessions. It's powerful and can really help you to create a super positive success mindset.

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