Prioritize your goals in order of importance

Prioritize your goals in order of importance

What are you currently prioritizing in your life?

I’m a firm believer in making your goals a priority.  I recently wrote about being aware of how you spend your time. I’d also like to make a point that taking time out for yourself to do whatever you want in my opinion also needs to be a goal if you want to live a happy and balanced life.  A simple way of working on your goals is to do what needs doing first then you can thoroughly enjoy your free time.

In the book Eat That Frog, author Brian Tracy recommends doing your most important task first thing.

A simple example is a child who has homework to complete.  I would encourage the child to complete the homework first and then really enjoy their free time.

This is a perfect way to prioritize your goals.

Look at this comparison.

John and Claire have set up blogs to support their individual businesses and they want to increase traffic.

John reads a few blogging articles, downloads a couple of books on blogging and a month later he has posted one introduction blog post.

Claire signs up for a free 30 day blogging challenge  and commits to posting a new post every day for 30 consecutive days to really give her blog a boost.  Claire runs a small shop.  Once she has set up the shop, she gets straight down to writing her blog post for the day.  Of course, if customers come in then she needs to switch to prioritize giving her customers a pleasant experience.  Then she’s straight back to her blog post.  Because she makes this a priority, she soon has a productive blog that is gaining more customers for her growing business.


An upside-down way to prioritize your goals.

I want to share an example of what I call an upside-down way to prioritize your goals.

A would be novelist prioritizes, social media time, meeting friends for coffee in the morning and doing housework.  The novel always seems to take a back seat and 3 years down the road is still just an idea.

If this person was to prioritize the novel goal, even for just 1 hour at the beginning of the day, just imagine what would happen.

Something to think about, right?

What are you prioritizing?


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Wishing you every success in achieving your own goals.


Wendy xx

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