ROI for each of your business tasks and a twitter hour update

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the importance of knowing your ROI for each of the business tasks you do and I have a twitter hour update to tell you about.

It’s almost a month now since I started the weekday twitter hour #MorningBizChat.  So it’s time for a review.  I really wanted to give this a try and see what happened.

In business, I firmly believe that we must look at the ROI for the things we do.

Not everything I do in my business has to have a return.  Some things I do simply because I want to.  However, as a busy business mum, I do constantly monitor how I spend my time and how the way I spend my time impacts my business.

I have enjoyed the weekday MorningBizChat hours on twitter to a certain degree, but I’ve also found them a little frustrating and if I’m honest an unnecessary time commitment.

Frustrating because, I’d be there online for an hour and maybe get one person interact during that time, some days no-one.

Also, whilst I generally spend the first hour of my business day on social media and dealing with emails, what I was finding is that I felt tied to being on twitter and it hasn’t always been possible for me.  Then I end up feeling unprofessional because I’m not there for the full hour or I miss a day.

Mindset muddle

As many of you will know, I specialise in helping people build a positive mindset.  That doesn’t mean, I don’t have mindset struggles now and then. I just know how to deal with it.

So here’s what was going on in my mind.

“I’ve started it and told people all about it, so I should (that dreadful world) keep going even if it’s not working out.”

Hmm, I did some tapping on this issue (EFT).  If you’re not sure what EFT is, then please check out my EFT Videos

This is the very best way I know to help clear negative emotions and beliefs.  So in this case, I was able to remove any emotion from the situation which allowed me to make a clear decision as to what I was going to do about the twitter hours moving forward.

Here’s what I’ve decided

I’ve been using the #MorningBizChat hashtag on twitter for a few months now and love it.  I definitely want to keep this going.  It’s a way for me and my business friends connect.

The twitter hours, for lots of reasons, are not working for me.  And this was a trial, so I’m not going to continue with them.

Part of me feels a bit sad, but a bigger part of me feels like I’ve had a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I think this is a clear sign I’m making the right decision.

How to use #MorningBizChat

Okay, first of all, did you know that when you use a hashtag # on twitter.  That hashtag becomes a clickable link.

Click on #MorningBizChat now and take a look (opens in new tab)

You can tag me @Sunshinecoach tell us what you’re up to in your business, share business tips, ask a question, just say “Hi” and add the #MorningBizChat

In any business, it’s so helpful to have a supportive community and that’s definitely one of the things I want to create here on this blog and on social media.

So there will be no fixed time to use #MorningBizChat Use it ANY time you want to connect with me and my business friends.

What's your ROI for each of your business tasks

ROI Recap

I really want to encourage you all to look at the daily tasks you do during your business hours and look at the ROI (return on investment) for you and your business.

So think about your time investment and any monetary investment.

If you’re filling your day with things that don’t have a good return on investment (short or long term) then you’ll quickly find yourself with problems.

I love twitter and I will always have a big presence there, but I am also aware that it’s not a top performer with regards to driving traffic to my site which is ultimately what I want.

You can read more about my thoughts on twitter in this blog post Twitter is doing better than I thought.

Okay, so over to you.  What are your thoughts on today’s post?  Are there things you’re currently doing in your business day that maybe aren’t getting a good return on investment?  Let me know in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “ROI for each of your business tasks and a twitter hour update

  1. This is a great, thought provoking post! I am currently looking at ROI for both my blog and my online shops and making some decisions to streamline time. – Trish

  2. I love that you looked at this analytically and emotionally. When things weren’t working for you, you made a change, and you’re still available for your readers. 🙂 I never really considered the ROI for what I’m doing with my blog, but now I think it’s time to sit down and give everything a quick eval. Thanks!

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