Tips to feel positive about money from Sarupa Shah

Whilst it’s my job to help people create the life they want, I love to learn from other people too.  Today I’m delighted to share an interview with the lovely Sarupa Shah.  I’ve talked about Sarupa before on this blog.  You can read Love these tips to manifest money  and Sarupa was featured in my list of Top people to help you improve your finances.  So let’s hear Sarupa’s special tips for us.


1. Please tell us a little about yourself and your business.

I am Sarupa Shah AKA The Soul Agent. Helping mostly women get the most of out their lives, their business and careers by opening them up to their spiritual power and helping them chart the way to make it in business (or career) and get on with doing all the things they want to do when they are wealthy, joyous and living the dream! I love it because it is truly and deeply spiritual as it is about awakening to the truth you can have what you want, you can be wealthy and you can consciously create your reality and be in service to you and the world at the same time. Many of my clients are philanthropists or have huge humanitarian dreams, big business or big career women even if that isn’t their reality now.


2. On your website, you offer a free ebook called 31 Money Affirmations. I’ve read the book and I love your advice on using these affirmations. If my readers could only use one of these affirmations which would you recommend and why?

Oooo thank you and that is a tough one as I love all affirmations for different times and purposes. I am going to cheat a little and give two hope that is OK. A key one is: I am good enough. I think this is for women the world over as it is within the consciousness of women to not always see this and in fact often deny this as a truth. For money specifically I would say: Money flows to me easily and effortlessly. Say it (say them both in fact) until you believe them and see how wonderful you feel.

Tips to feel positive about money

3. In your experience what is the number one reason people fail to achieve their financial goals?

A lack of value. It is always an inside job. Often blamed on external things, where people will believe they don’t know enough, weren’t ready, weren’t good enough or the economy or someone else etc. Truth is when YOUR value is known, understood and accepted then making money is easy.  This is what I do, change money stories by changing limiting patterns that have kept people’s true value hidden or ignored. To second that as well I feel many are just too scared about money and then they double scare themselves as they won’t do anything about it. Unless you ask for support and that does mean paying for it, which can feel like an oxymoron, nothing is going to change.

4. What are your top three tips you can share with my readers to help them achieve their own financial goals?

  • Use affirmations – daily, and in a way that is fun!
  • Make a plan – get clear on how much you want, and why and how – simple is better than complex!
  •  If you know you are standing in your way and are on repeat with your money story, do something about it. What awaits you is far too much fun to remain attached to fear.


5. How can my readers find out more about you? – sign up to get your free eBook – 31 Money Affirmations and your free 7 part email course helping you become more powerful in business, intuition and manifestation!
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