EFT to improve focus and productivity in your business day

EFT to improve focus and productivity in your day to day business life.

The ability to improve focus and productivity in your business is essential for long-term success.

Today’s EFT script is designed to improve your energy flow through tapping and improve your feelings and beliefs around being focused and productive.

By following this EFT script, you’ll also be releasing any negative blocks that are stopping you from being focused and productive.

We’re going to jump right in with positive tapping and focus on what we want.

It’s quick and easy and I recommend following this EFT script regularly.  If you can only find time to do one round, do one round.  Ideally, I’d recommend 2 or 3 rounds.

If you feel this is a particular issue for you, then I recommend doing the script 3 times daily every business day, at the start of the day for a good few weeks.

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You can download the printable EFT script below.

Download EFT Script Printable

EFT Tapping tips

Tap gently using your index and middle finger.  If you prefer, you can gently rub the spots mentioned below in the script.

Take a few nice, slow deep breaths before starting.

Get up and shake your arms and legs, jog on the spot, anything to get your body moving a bit.

As you’re tapping, take it slow and remember nice slow breathing as you go.

Drink water before and after tapping.

EFT to improve focus and productivity in your business day

Side of the hand – I’m tapping today to improve focus and productivity (repeat 3 times then take a nice deep breath)

Top of the head: I’m focused and productive

Forehead: I want to feel focused

Start of the eyebrow: I’m focused and productive

Side of the eye: I want to feel productive

Under the eye: I’m focused and productive

Under the nose: I’m improving my focus

Chin (between base of the chin and bottom lip): I’m focused and productive

Collar bone (tap around the dip where bones meet): I’m becoming more and more productive

Tap wrists together: I’m focused and productive

Side of thumb: I feel incredibly focused

Side-Index finger: I feel incredibly productive

Side-Middle finger: I am super focused

Side-Ring finger: I am super productive

Side-little finger: I’m focused and productive

Side of the hand: I’m super focused and productive (take a deep breath)

Take a drink of water, keep your breathing nice and relaxed and go about your business day.

If you find yourself losing focus, take a break, move your body a bit, have something to drink and do another few rounds.

Download EFT Script Printable

Time well spent – EFT to improve focus and productivity

Let’s face it, any time doing something that’s going to help us improve focus and productivity is time well spent.

I admit, that sometimes I rush through my day and don’t do any EFT.  But what I want you to know is this.  No matter how much you have to do, finding time to do some EFT will always be time well spent.

It improves your energy flow and this particular EFT script is going to help you to get more done in less time.


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EFT to improve focus and productivity. Follow along with this EFT script. Being able to focus and be productive in your business is essential, I recommend following this script regularly.

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