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Today I want to give you some ideas to use EFT to achieve your goals. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of the most powerful ways I know to release negative beliefs and emotions. Today we’re going to release any blocks to achieving your goals.

In this post, I’ll share a full EFT tapping script to release blocks and I’ve added some ideas to help you raise your vibrations and be a match for achieving your goals.

EFT tapping - Release negative energy to achieve your goals #EFT

If you haven’t done any EFT work with me before then please take a moment to watch this video How to do EFT 

Get clear about your goal

The first step is to get really clear about your goals.  I encourage you to read my tips for successful goal setting.

And I encourage you always to write your goals down and focus on them daily.

EFT tapping to release blocks to achieving your goals

Set up statement in the heart healing position ~ I’m releasing all limiting beliefs connected to achieving my goals (3 times with nice deep breaths in between).

Top of the head ~ Releasing limiting beliefs and achieving my goals
3rd eye (forehead) ~ Letting go of all limiting beliefs and achieving my goals
Start if the eyebrow ~ Letting go of all limiting beliefs that block me from achieving my goals
Outer eye ~ Letting go of any limiting beliefs and negative emotions connected to achieving my goals
Under the eye ~ Letting them all go
Under the nose ~ Letting go
Chin ~ Letting go of any lingering negative beliefs
Collar bone ~ Letting them go, letting them flow
Side thumb ~ Releasing negativity
Side of each finger in turn ~ Soften and flow
Karate chop (side of the hand) Releasing limitations and trusting that anything is possible.

Now back to the top of the head and continue tapping in anything is possible, alternate with I can achieve my goals.

Do as many rounds as needed to feel really super positive about achieving your goals.

EFT – I easily achieve my goals

I encourage you to write your goals down and spend a few minutes really focusing on them, imagining that you have already achieved these things.

Next I encourage you to Tap in the affirmation to achieve your goals – I recommend I easily achieve my goals.

Tap on a specific goal

You can also tap on a specific goal.  For example, if you have a financial goal to make £100,000 in business profit this year.  You can simply tap on that.  Say your goal at every tapping point.  This will really help to release any blocks that you have and raise your vibrations helping you to be a match for achieving this goal.

EFT Tapping to achieve your goals – Recap

  • Start by getting really clear about your goals
  • Tap to release blocks
  • Tap in “I easily achieve my goals”
  • Tap on a specific goal

Love and Happiness


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This EFT script will help you release any resistance to achieving your goals #EFT #goalsetting #EmotionalFreedomTechniques

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4 thoughts on “EFT to achieve your goals | Emotional Freedom Techniques

  1. Good one ma, but my question is, how can i achieve my dream or goal since i don’t believe in myself, sometimes the ideas with come but to make that idea to come to reality is the problem or sometime it look that I don’t have any idea at all so please I need help I really want to achieve my dream.

  2. You need to clear that limiting belief. I recommend that you use EFT and tap on “Even though I don’t believe in myself, I love and accept myself” Or focus on the feeling that you don’t believe in yourself and tap saying “This feeling that I don’t believe in myself, I now let it go” You can follow up with Positive EFT tapping saying things like “I believe in myself”

    EFT helps to release resistance and limiting beliefs and helps to build new positive beliefs.

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