Clever Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

Security is such a crucial aspect to building a good business in 2022. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your new focus for this year should be to build on the security within your organization and ensure that your employees all know how to work safely and securely even when working from home.

Today we want to discuss a few of the changes and improvements you can make to help keep your business safe and secure all year long.

Secure your server

Now that many companies are working across multiple destinations and from home; it is super important for you to have a secure server to save your information and data. Now is the time to hire some technical professionals who can come into the office and secure your server allowing it to be used without the risk of hacking.

Know how to identify SPAM

SPAM emails should be high up on all of our radars, however many older folk can still be caught off guard by emails that look like they are from a reputable source. It is worth sitting down for a meeting with your staff and letting them know about the types of email they might receive and how to identify SPAM. Learning the difference between a real and fake email can be easier than you think- simply by hovering over the ‘from’ address you can see if the email address is a valid one or not. Anything that looks like this: is definitely NOT a real company email address and should be blocked and reported.

Make better passwords

Passwords are a point of contention for many in the office, with people choosing to create easy passwords purely for the convenience of logging in and out each day. However, forcing your employees to use a password generator and storage system like LastPass will ensure that every password is random and very difficult to hack.

Anti-virus software

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your staff when giving out company computers is installing an anti-virus software first. Anti-virus software does exactly what it says on the tin and will scan your computer regularly for malware and get rid of it before it can destroy or hack into your data. Make sure to choose a good anti-virus software for your computers and make sure that people working from home update this regularly to keep it working at its maximum capacity.

Use a security company

When working in a company that deals with high risk data such as a childcare company or a doctor’s office, there should be a level of security clearance to prevent data leaking. This is where a company providing BS7858 screening can come in handy. It will ensure that only those who need access to data will get it, and there will be a screening process for anyone else who requests access to said data.

Keep your business safe and secure this year with these simple tips and tricks.

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