Cheap WordPress Hosting You Can Totally Count On

Now, many of us will already know that cheap WordPress hosting is not always a good option and you’ll probably find cheaper options but the hosting I’m about to recommend to you offers cheap WordPress hosting that I believe you can totally count on. No hidden costs and a First Class service.

Choosing where to host your blog is a total headache – At least it always used to be for me. I am not at all techie so I always used to find this quite stressful and then I’d end up just sticking with what I saw as an easy option. What I realize now is that I’d actually chosen a difficult option and I think many bloggers, business owners are in the same situation.

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Wordpress hosting with outstanding support

Introducing Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host are a UK based business and in their own words are ‘A small team with a big heart’

With years of experience in the industry, Jenni wanted to offer something different – No hidden costs, beautiful free design resources, a friendly community, and website advice going beyond just web hosting.

I am so proud to be recommending Lyrical Host. They are genuinely one of the best business’s I deal with in my life and business.

Scared to change

Each year when I was coming to the end of my hosting contract I would spend hours looking at different hosting companies and I would end up feeling stressed, frustrated and lost as to what to do. So, I would end up sticking with the same old company because at least it was okay. And it was okay but just that. And I didn’t at that time know any better. I felt like a number when I dealt with them and I always felt like they were trying to get more money out of me.

Does cheap WordPress hosting mean a poor service

Yes, definitely in some cases I’m very sure that is the case but that is NOT the case with Lyrical Host. I genuinely do feel that they offer a First Class service. Also, there are no hidden fee’s and I have never once been asked to pay extra for help with technical issues with Lyrical Host – I have had this with other hosting companies.

Blog hosting I am really happy to pay for

I came across Lyrical Host completely by accident. I wasn’t at that stage looking for a new hosting company. But from the very first contact with them I wanted to be with them. I switched before I needed to because I felt straight away this was a business I wanted supporting me.

There are three key things that make Lyrical Host stand out as an outstanding business. Now I’m not going to talk about all the techie stuff because it’s not my thing. What I do know is that they absolutely hold their own against the big companies out there. You can also find all the information you need on the site. I want to tell you about the things that are maybe not so obvious from the site.

And before I start telling you what I love so much about them, I just want to let you know that I have a referral code to share with you that will give you 10% off your first hosting plan and because they’re awesome they’ll give me a thank you commission if you sign up with them. I’ll give you the details towards the end of the post.

I feel like they really care

Do you ever feel like your just a number to a business? I definitely used to feel this way but not now, in fact, I actually feel like I really matter and my business matters. I can tell you I have some pretty bizarre questions sometimes and I feel confident asking them knowing that I’ll get a genuinely helpful reply. Time and time again they have gone way above what I would ever expect. I totally feel like they want the very best for me and my business (blog) And they are genuinely super nice people.

One thing I want to let you know about is their fantastic Facebook Group for members that offers an incredible amount of support and it’s a brilliant community that I learn so much from and I’m definitely not a newbie blogger. I just wish I’d have had them in my corner when I very first started blogging, my life would have been far less stressful. I also believe that I would have been able to grow my blog much faster if I had.

They’re a business I feel proud to be involved with

I really value my money and money has definitely not always come easy to me. So when I give my money to someone, I firstly want to get a service that really benefits me and I also want to feel pleased to be giving that company my business.

I’m currently with a certain phone/internet company that drives me crazy. I hate dealing with them and I am definitely looking to switch to a different company and really hate giving them my money.

In contrast, I’m so happy to give Lyrical host my money. I feel like I get a first class service. It’s great value for money and they are a business that does really good things with their money. They are definitely investing back into the business to give it’s customers more and more and they are a GIVE BACK business supporting wonderful charities around the world. I love hearing about this and it gives me a sense that I too am helping.

My personal favourite is the tree planting they do. Every year on your Lyrical Host anniversary they plant 5 trees to celebrate. This helps to offset carbon emissions our websites create.

Cheap WordPress hosting with outstanding support

They’re constantly working to make their support even better

I already think that the support is fantastic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked about something on the Facebook group and I’ve had a quick reply saying, put a ticket in and well sort that for you, or they offer me information that will help me do it myself. If I can’t work something out they’ll either do it for me or guide me on how to do it myself. They help me to grow my own knowledge and understanding of my blog.

I want to give you an idea of the extra support I’ve received to help me make my blog the best it can be.

I recently took part in some free Domain Authority training. Honestly, I didn’t even know what this was and it’s important. The training was simple and effective.

They changed my sites to https (SSL certificate) for free. It was so easy.

The whole migrating the blogs process was super easy. I have 3 blogs. 2 were migrated and one has been set up whilst being with Lyrical Host – Everything was easy.

They often do social media posts to support their customers.

They have a free resources area for members with things like photo collections for social media, blogging schedules, Monetize your blog (a beginner’s guide), link-building workbook and so much more.

New Ideas To Support Bloggers

I also know that they are working very hard behind the scenes to create some high-value courses. Some of these courses that are planned will be free for members, some will come with a discount for members. The first course which I am definitely super interested in is an SEO course. Now I know there are loads of SEO courses out there but for a non-techie, I just get completely overwhelmed and then don’t take the action needed. I also don’t understand much of the wording and I know that Lyrical Host will make it as easy as possible whilst also being totally effective. I also know that the support will be incredible and no question will be a problem. UPDATE: The SEO Course is now up and running and as expected, it’s brilliant with easy to follow and understand steps that even a non-techie like me can follow without getting overwhelmed,

Affiliate Opportunities

Lyrical Host offers a great affiliate opportunity. I personally only promote businesses, services, and products that I totally believe in. I do totally believe in Lyrical Host and I would be telling you about them regardless of whether they offered affiliate commission or not. However, it is really nice and useful that they do. Affiliate income makes up a fairly big part of my total business income. How great is it to get financially rewarded just for telling people about a business you genuinely love.?

Below I will give you my special Referral code that gets you 10% off your first hosting plan. You get something great and I get some commission too. It’s a win-win.

When you join Lyrical Host, you’ll also be able to become an affiliate and earn money.

Also, when the paid courses I mentioned become available, affiliates will be able to promote these too to earn a commission.

I definitely think that Lyrical Host already offers cheap WordPress hosting so it’s a great bonus that I have a discount code for you to get you another 10% discount.

Get 10% Discount on Hosting

You can use my referral code for Lyrical Host to get 10% off your first hosting plan.

  • Go To Lyrical Host
  • Choose your plan
  • Enter LHWENDY at checkout to get your discount

My advice is go for the longest amount of time for your first payment as possible to get the best from this discount.

That’s it from me but if you have any questions please either ask me (but not the techie stuff) or there’s a Live Chat button on the site where you can ask any questions you have. They really are super helpful.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful.


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Cheap WordPress hosting that you can really count on - No hidden costs, beautiful free resources, a wonderful community, excellent support #Bloghosting

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