How to Run a Successful Dental Practice in A Competitive Market

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In a crowded market, it takes some skill to navigate and be successful.

Word of mouth still plays a big part so being the best dentist you can be will still pay dividends. But, the more effort you put into growing your practice, the more money you can make and get ahead of the competition.

None of the items in this article are secrets, but it seems many dentists are content to rest on their laurels. By implementing a strategy as I recommend here, you can make sure you pull ahead of the pack.

Read on to see how you can grow your practice.

How to Run a Successful Dental Practice in A Competitive Market

Get good at marketing

These days marketing is not as simple as putting ads on the radio or telly. It is a digital age and your practice should reflect that. It takes content marketing so your ideal client can find you.

Dental website marketing UK is extremely important. Think of marketing as a funnel. Your social media presence is the wide end of the funnel. It will throw out a net that attracts people and then directs them to your website. The website is there to help potential clients understand that you can help them and turn them into patients.

Learning local SEO strategies is important as you want to come up at the top of the results for Google searches for dentists in your area.

Become a niche specialist

If you can master a dental procedure that nobody in your area is providing, then that gives you a distinct advantage.

Take some time to research new techniques or procedures that patients are looking for and then learn how to do it yourself. An example of this would be a growing trend like vegan dental procedures.

You can use this unique practice as part of a marketing campaign and watch your business take off.

Don’t forget about referrals

It is as old as the dental practice itself. Referrals have always been the best way to grow your business. Yet, many practitioners don’t do much follow up with their patients to refer them to others.

Going back to the marketing section, you should be using your email list to reach out and ask your patients to refer you to friends and family. 

Offering an incentive like a free cleaning or something similar as a reward is a good way to sweeten the deal.

Retention is key

Keeping your patients is vitally important. By using your marketing to keep you in mind, your patients will not be tempted to try their luck with other dentists.

Do everything in your power to make sure they stick with you as they age. Offer incentives to come back by giving them discounts if they perform another service within a certain timeframe. 

Sending Christmas cards around the holidays is a great way to remind them to make a New Year resolution to have their teeth fixed and you will be the one they book with.

How to Run a Successful Dental Practice in A Competitive Market

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